8 Reasons Why Gas Cars Are Better To Work In Versus Electric Cars!

Human hands holding electric plug and gasoline nozzle

With this short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why driving gas cars for work are much better than driving an electric car (EV) and why every Rideshare driver should be utilizing one. Everyday as professional Rideshare drivers we find ourselves in situations where things could be improved. When I … Read more

8 Reasons Not To Spray Your Perfume Or Cologne While Riding In Your Rideshare Drivers Vehicle!

Young woman spraying perfume on her neck

With this really short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why passengers shouldn’t spray their cologne or perfume while riding in a Rideshare drivers vehicle. If you happen to be an Uber or Lyft driver, have you ever found yourself choking to death after one of your passengers sprayed a … Read more

My 9 Personal Reasons For Why Rideshare Drivers Shouldn’t Pickup Homeless People!


With this short review, I plan on uncovering my top 9 reasons for why Rideshare drivers should never pick up passengers who are homeless! First off I would like to say that I personally have nothing against a passenger who may be homeless or experiencing hard times. Especially when it has nothing to do with … Read more

My Top 10 Important Reasons For Playing The Radio For Passengers!

close up hand open car radio listening. Car Driver changing turning button Radio Stations on His Vehicle Multimedia System. Modern touch screen Audio stereo System. transportation and vehicle concept

With this review, I plan on discussing my top 10 important reasons for why Rideshare drivers should have their radio playing for passengers during rides. How many of you guys listen to the radio? All of us for the most part right? Especially if you’re a Rideshare driver or passenger. That being said, have you … Read more

Is Sharing Your Uber Or Lyft Ride A Good or Bad Idea?

Three tired teenager kids travelling by car in Cotswold, United Kingdom. Shot with Canon R5

With this really short review, I plan on covering my top 3 reasons on why “sharing rides” with riders might be a good idea and 6 reasons why sharing a ride could be a bad idea for both the Rideshare driver and the passenger. Regardless of how we get there, we all have to get … Read more

Rideshare Drivers Getting Angry In Front Of Passengers And How To Cope With It!

A furious man driving, as seen from behind the wheel. Shot using a very wide fisheye lens focused on the driver's face.

With this short review, I plan on covering how a Rideshare driver could go about controlling their anger or frustration when faced with a difficult or angry passenger! How many of us have ever found ourselves unintentionally getting angry, pissed off or frustrated while working on the job for whatever reason? I’m not just asking … Read more

How To Increase Your Chances Of Earning A Tip As A Rideshare Driver!

Only a human arm and hand can be seen as an unrecognizable person adds paper currency to a tips jar on a coffee shop checkout counter.

With this review, I plan on discussing what “tips” are, how to earn them and the importance of passengers tipping Rideshare drivers! When you’re working hard on the job and your boss says to you “great job”, the feeling you might experience from those words being spoken might be a feeling of excitement right? As … Read more

The Importance Of Rideshare Drivers Leaving A location After Canceling Or Completing A Ride!

Warsaw, Poland - April 30, 2019: View on Uber car (Skoda) with inscription on the street before sunset

With this really short review, I plan on covering the importance of Rideshare drivers leaving the drop off location after canceling or completing a ride. Everyday as Rideshare drivers we find ourselves picking up and dropping off strangers who we barely know. Everyday there are passengers who find themselves getting picked up and dropped off … Read more

The Importance Of Maintaining Good Communication Between The Driver And The Passenger!

Hispanic driver on a rideshare app. Handsome man driving a young woman passenger to her destination

With this review, I’ll be addressing the importance of maintaining good communication between Rideshare drivers and passengers. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where something could have been prevented if only there were better communication between both parties? Better yet, I’ll give you an example that pertains to a little bit of what … Read more

The Benefits And Importance Of Passengers Grabbing The Drivers Attention First!

A Woman With a Protective Face Mask is Rushing to the Work Place. Young Woman is Standing in the Street and Hailing for a Taxi with Raised Arm During a Corona Virus Time.

With this short review, I’ll be aiming to emphasize the importance and benefits of passengers grabbing the attention of their Rideshare drivers first before getting in their vehicles! We live in a time where anything could happen especially when you’re not paying attention. Sometimes things can happen in the blink of an eye! Especially within … Read more