My 9 Personal Reasons For Why Rideshare Drivers Shouldn’t Pickup Homeless People!


With this short review, I plan on uncovering my top 9 reasons for why Rideshare drivers should never pick up passengers who are homeless! First off I would like to say that I personally have nothing against a passenger who may be homeless or experiencing hard times. Especially when it has nothing to do with … Read more

The Importance Of Passengers Being Ready Prior To Ordering They’re Ride!

Man return home from work, opening house door holding laptop computer bag and protective face mask. Protection must have against virus and pollution outdoors. Coronavirus new lifestyle concept

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Is Sharing Your Uber Or Lyft Ride A Good or Bad Idea?

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My Personal Top 11 Reasons Why Passengers Cancel On Rideshare Drivers!


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Passengers Vandalizing Driver Vehicles And How To Avoid This From Happening To You!

Cracked and crazed glass reveals the workings of a thief in the night, during the morning after.

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How to Handle And Deal With Service Animals As An Uber Driver!

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Why Riders Shouldn’t Sit Directly Behind The Uber Drivers Seat?

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6 Common Reasons Why Your Uber/Lyft Rating May Be So Low!

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14 Annoying Statements That Passengers Say To Uber Drivers!

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Rideshare Drivers Getting Angry In Front Of Passengers And How To Cope With It!

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