8 Reasons Not To Spray Your Perfume Or Cologne While Riding In Your Rideshare Drivers Vehicle!

Young woman spraying perfume on her neck

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Which Is Better: Completing Short Rides Or Longer Rides?

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Why Riders Shouldn’t Sit Directly Behind The Uber Drivers Seat?

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6 Common Reasons Why Your Uber/Lyft Rating May Be So Low!

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14 Annoying Statements That Passengers Say To Uber Drivers!

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How A Rideshare Driver Should Handle Big And Tall Passengers Who May Not Have Enough Space!

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Drivers Being At The Right Or Wrong Pick Up Address!

Mercedes-Benz Coupe parked on the street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, USA. Trees, Road and Sidewalk are in the image. Canon EOS 6D (full frame sensor) DSLR and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS lens.

With this review, I plan on discussing Rideshare drivers arriving at either the right pickup address or the wrong pickup address, why this happens and how to prevent this from happening to you. It’s time to get some sort of understanding from these unaware passengers concerning why they don’t see their driver! How many of … Read more

Rideshare Drivers Extending Rides For Passengers!

Close-up of an unrecognizable woman using the Uber App on her Lenovo A916 smartphone in a Renault car. Uber mobile app allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.

With this review, I plan on covering what “extending rides” is and what you should know concerning “extending rides” as a professional Rideshare driver. Everyday as employers, employees, business owners, investors and private contractors we find ourselves trying to go the “extra mile” for customers. Who doesn’t want to see their customers happy? I mean, … Read more

Unmatch Rider Why It Works/Doesn’t Work!

Passenger is sitting on the back seat of the car and using smart phone app to rate a driver. Taxi or modern peer to peer ridesharing concept

With this review, I’ll be talking about Rideshare companies unmatching or unpairing riders with Rideshare drivers, what it means and why the rating system doesn’t work! Who really likes working with passengers or drivers they dislike or had a problem with in the past? Nobody for the most part right? Well that’s why these Rideshare … Read more