Welcome To #1 RideShare Doc!

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Welcome to #1 RideShare Doc! Welcome ladies, gentlemen, passengers and future Rideshare drivers! My name is Mr.Hassan and I’m so happy to have each and every one of you here. I’ve been doing Rideshare driving for companies like Uber, Lyft, Via and Sidecar (just to name a few) for the past 6 years and I … Read more

About Mr.Hassan – Your RideShare Doctor!

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A Little Background About Mr. Hassan, Your RideShare Doctor: This review will be about me (Mr.Hassan), your Rideshare doctor! I’m the proud owner of #1RideShareDoc and thank you for visiting my world of Rideshare driving. At the time of writing this review, I’ve been working as a rideshare driver ( Lyft/Uber/Via/Sidecar etc., but mainly with … Read more

How To Avoid A Fight From Happening Between An Uber Driver And A Passenger!

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With this review, I plan on uncovering 10 important reasons for why a fight with a passenger would be more likely to happen in a Rideshare drivers vehicle. I also plan on uncovering 9 good ways for a Rideshare driver to avoid verbally or physically fighting with a passenger. I know they say that the … Read more

8 Reasons Why Gas Cars Are Better To Work In Versus Electric Cars!

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With this short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why driving gas cars for work are much better than driving an electric car (EV) and why every Rideshare driver should be utilizing one. Everyday as professional Rideshare drivers we find ourselves in situations where things could be improved. When I … Read more

8 Reasons Not To Spray Your Perfume Or Cologne While Riding In Your Rideshare Drivers Vehicle!

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With this really short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why passengers shouldn’t spray their cologne or perfume while riding in a Rideshare drivers vehicle. If you happen to be an Uber or Lyft driver, have you ever found yourself choking to death after one of your passengers sprayed a … Read more

8 Personal Reasons For Why All Rideshare Drivers Should Have And Maintain A Full Tank Of Gas!

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With this really short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why every professional Rideshare driver should have and maintain a full tank of gas! How many passengers ever ordered an Uber ride that was more than 20 miles in travel distance and your driver had to stop for gas? How … Read more

8 Reasons For Why Your Uber Driver’s On The Phone!

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With this really short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why a Rideshare driver may be on their phone or electronic device before, during or after a ride is completed! How many of us have ever gotten into a Rideshare driver’s vehicle only to realize that the Rideshare driver was … Read more

My 9 Personal Reasons For Why Rideshare Drivers Shouldn’t Pickup Homeless People!


With this short review, I plan on uncovering my top 9 reasons for why Rideshare drivers should never pick up passengers who are homeless! First off I would like to say that I personally have nothing against a passenger who may be homeless or experiencing hard times. Especially when it has nothing to do with … Read more

The Importance Of Passengers Being Ready Prior To Ordering They’re Ride!

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With this short review, I plan on uncovering the importance of passengers being ready for their pickups prior to actually ordering their ride. That being said if you’re a Rideshare driver, have you ever wondered why passengers order their Uber or Lyft rides prior to actually being fully ready to take the ride? Oh and … Read more

5 Reasons For Why Your Uber Driver Is Sitting Still Or Not Moving At All!

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With this short review, I plan on covering my 5 top reasons for why your Rideshare driver is sitting still or isn’t driving towards a passengers pickup address! Now let me say first that there may not be a reason or excuse for everything. But I can promise you for certain that there are a … Read more

My Top 10 Important Reasons For Playing The Radio For Passengers!

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With this review, I plan on discussing my top 10 important reasons for why Rideshare drivers should have their radio playing for passengers during rides. How many of you guys listen to the radio? All of us for the most part right? Especially if you’re a Rideshare driver or passenger. That being said, have you … Read more

Which Is Better: Completing Short Rides Or Longer Rides?

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With this short review, I plan on covering whether or not it’s better to accept longer or shorter ride requests as a professional Rideshare driver. So if you’re aiming to become a professional rideshare driver by first maximizing your profits, this review is for you. Wouldn’t you just love to learn the basics to maximizing … Read more