The Benefits And Importance Of Passengers Grabbing The Drivers Attention First!

With this short review, I’ll be aiming to emphasize the importance and benefits of passengers grabbing the attention of their Rideshare drivers first before getting in their vehicles! We live in a time where anything could happen especially when you’re not paying attention. Sometimes things can happen in the blink of an eye! Especially within the Rideshare industry. That being said, anything could possibly happen when you’re constantly finding yourself in strange, unfamiliar locations or when you’re constantly picking up, dropping off or getting into cars with people you don’t know. I’m pretty sure you guys know that already and that you might agree!

Everyday I find myself hearing about a murder or a robbery that just took place. Sometimes just a few blocks away from where I’m supposed to be doing a pickup! I hear of these things happening so often that it’s starting to feel like the normal now when it shouldn’t be. A lot of it could have been prevented if only there were certain measures or protocols put in place before the crime actually took place! You know, like maybe having more cameras around in the area or trying not to stay in areas where violence is known to happen daily or simply not hanging around people that are apart of that lifestyle. You get the point right? Like I say in almost every review, preparation is key.. not the obstacle ahead!!

Here at #1RidesShareDoc, I’m all about sharing my story and my almost 36,000 rides of personal experiences with you guys concerning this crazy Rideshare industry. With so many things that are needed to be talked about, let’s just say that I’ll never be finished posting reviews concerning the things that these Rideshare companies aren’t talking about. Concerning the things that passengers and future drivers should have been made aware of before making the conscious decision to do business. Companies like UberLyftVia, and Sidecar just to name a few. So since they don’t want to make you aware of these things it’s up to the Rideshare doctor to do the rest. So please allow me, your doctor to prepare you for what’s ahead of you and more importantly behind you!

This review will be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

What Does, “Getting The Drivers Attention” mean?
How Should Passengers Grab Their Driver’s Attention Before Deciding To Open The Passenger Door?
What Are The Benefits Of A Passenger Grabbing The Driver’s Attention First?
What Could Happen When You Don’t Get Your Driver’s Attention First?
My Professional Conclusion

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What Does, “Getting The Drivers Attention” mean?

In your Rideshare doctors book, “Grabbing or Capturing the Driver’s Attention” essentially refers to
the act of a passenger approaching the driver’s vehicle and making their presence known before attempting to open the drivers passenger door. In other words I would say that it means ensuring the driver is totally aware of the passenger’s presence before touching the drivers private property. Yupp, that would be my short definition for what “Getting The Driver’s Attention” basically means!

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How Should Passengers Grab Their Driver’s Attention Before Deciding To Open The Passenger Door?

There are a few ways a passenger could go about grabbing the driver’s attention before deciding to approach the vehicle and attempting to open the driver’s passenger door. But it would first of course depend on the circumstances. Overall just so we nip everything into bud, I’ll give you the basics of what a passenger should do first in any circumstance before getting in their driver’s vehicle. This would also include grabbing the driver’s attention first of course.

You could look at these simple steps as your blueprint to staying safe on the road sorta speaking.
For passengers and for drivers! That being said, I came up with 5 simple steps to what a passenger should do first before approaching and attempting to enter their driver’s vehicle and those steps are:

Step 1: Make Yourself Obviously Visible- When a passenger first notices their Rideshare driver arriving at their pickup location, a passenger’s first responsibility is to make their presence known to the driver. One way this can be done is by walking to the street, the parking lot or wherever the driver is pulling up at. A passenger should never be standing “on the side” or “in the cut” if you know what I mean. A passenger should never be standing in places where it’s really dark, or overly crowded with people.

If this is the case and can’t be avoided, the passenger’s next job should be to find a way to stand out from the dark spots or crowds of people. Using your cell phone’s bright screen, a flashlight or laser and waving it around could be one way to stand out in situations like these. That and safely stepping out into the street!

Step 2: Give The Driver A Sign- After making yourself visible, the passenger’s next job would be to give the driver a sign, especially if the driver hasn’t pulled up to exactly where you’re standing. A popular way of giving your driver a sign that you’re their pickup, is by waiving your hand in the air from left to right like you’re saying hi or bye to someone.

You could also have your cell phone, flashlight or laser in your hand while doing so, which would help enhance your presence to your driver. If the driver still happens to not notice you, then you might have to go the extra mile by walking to them. Try calling them if that doesn’t work for your current circumstance..

Step 3: Approach The Driver’s Door Window- After giving your driver a sign, it’s time to approach the driver’s front right passenger door window and give it a little knock if the driver isn’t looking. You want to do this just to make sure that the driver has noticed your presence. Especially if the driver didn’t pull up directly to where you were standing. It’s almost for sure he or she hasn’t seen you yet! That being said, approaching the driver’s window (on the left side!) could possibly startle them (if they didn’t see you!) or worse.

Step 4: Show The Driver Your App- When a passenger and a driver decide to show each other their Rideshare apps (after making the initial connection at the window), this eliminates the whole “say my name” part 100% or the “are you my pickup” question. It also speeds up the whole entire process of verifying not only who the passenger is, but who the driver is as well.

So you’re not only verifying your presence to the driver, but you both are also verifying who you both are to one another. A simple but very important, critical step that every driver and passenger should know and put into practice!

Step 5: Get In The Vehicle- This probably has to be the easiest step to follow because all the other important steps to follow were already covered and knocked out the way. Now all you have to do is approach the back right passenger door of a driver’s vehicle and get in. Notice how I said the back right passenger door of the driver’s vehicle and not the back left.

That being said, I don’t believe that no passenger should ever think it’s a good idea to sit directly behind their driver, even if it’s only one person coming along for the ride. Especially if it’s at night and your driver’s a women! If you haven’t figured out why that’s not a good idea, I’ll be digging further into my personal reasons within a separate review. Sorry for now guys..

Now sit back and enjoy the ride!!

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What Are The Benefits Of A Passenger Grabbing The Driver’s Attention First?

It’s about seven benefits that a passenger gets to experience when they choose to make their presence known to their Rideshare drivers. These benefits are:

1.) Safety: When a passenger decides to make a driver aware of their presence, the passenger is immediately reducing the chance of not only getting into the wrong vehicle, but also making sure that the driver is ready to receive them. Rideshare drivers  must be prepared, vigilant and on alert for passengers who are approaching their vehicles at all times, particularly in bustling or congested locations.

2.) Helping Drivers Who Are Disabled: Some drivers might have certain disabilities that may affect their communication skills. Having said that, when a passenger decides to get the driver’s attention first, this could help provide an opportunity for the driver to make any necessary adjustments or arrangements to accommodate the passenger the way they should be accommodated.

3.) Increasing The Communication: When a passenger chooses to initiate contact between them and their driver, it also opens up a window for the passenger to express any other specific wants or needs they may have for the ride, before getting in the car.

4.) Helps With Avoiding Errors: When a passenger chooses to gain their driver’s attention first and the driver reciprocates that same attention back towards the passenger, this can sometimes aid the passenger in confirming that they indeed have located their designated driver. So the chances of a passenger making a mistake or getting into the wrong car becomes slim to none!

5.) Establishing Confidence: When a passenger opts to capture the driver’s attention first, it significantly contributes to cultivating mutual trust. It’s a commendable approach to demonstrate sincere and positive intentions, reassuring the Rideshare driver that there is no ill intent or harm intended.

6.) Common Courtesy: Viewing it from another perspective, a passenger’s choice to engage the driver’s attention first before boarding the vehicle can be looked at as an act of common courtesy. This gesture not only displays respect for the driver’s vehicle but it also signifies recognition of their role in offering a highly professional transportation service to the public.

7.) Ensuring Crime Prevention: It could also be looked at as a way of preventing potential crimes in the future from taking place. Or at least when it pertains to passengers and drivers. That being said, by making your driver aware of your presence before trying to enter the vehicle, you would be ensuring that you’re not catching them off guard or projecting an intimidating presence, stopping any possible misinterpretations or criminal activity from taking place. When there’s no threat to the driver or passenger, there’s no reason.. or at least it shouldn’t be..

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What Could Happen When You Don’t Get Your Driver’s Attention First?

To be totally honest with you guys, I don’t know what could possibly take place if you don’t get your driver’s attention before trying to get into their vehicle. Reason being is because I don’t know what that driver has in their car! But I do know for sure what I have in my car and what could possibly happen if you startle me or choose to not get my attention first. Now I can’t tell you exactly what that might be for personal reasons which I’m pretty sure any adult would understand. But I can’t tell you this much.. I wouldn’t be a happy camper at all lol. Especially if you’re attempting to get in my car and you’re not even the passenger I’m supposed to be picking up.

Now I’m mad lol! Just kidding.. But do you understand now why making your presence known to your driver and verifying who you are first is so important? I once heard of this college girl getting kidnapped, raped and killed from not getting in the right person’s vehicle. That being said (depending on the driver in that vehicle!), a passenger could be putting themselves in grave danger getting in the wrong vehicle or attempting to get in without any type of verifications. I think I can rest my case for now for this particular subject matter..

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My Professional Conclusion:

In summary, I would like to say that it’s always important to communicate with your Rideshare drivers and the same goes vice versa! That being said, a passenger should always attempt to get the driver’s attention first before trying to step into their vehicle. It’s a really good way to not only make sure that you have the right driver, but to also make sure the driver feels safe and not surprised or startled. It’s a sign of good faith sorta speaking. Understand that drivers are just as much human as passengers! So if you would be startled by a stranger walking up on your vehicle in the dark and pulling your door handle, then why would you think that your driver wouldn’t be either? Trade shoes if you have to.. Let’s help prevent these misunderstandings and work on this thing together!

Now that I’m nearing the ends of another great review, what do you guys have to say about passengers grabbing the driver’s attention and verifying who they are? Do you think that this is just as much of a big deal as I think it is? Do you think there should be more steps to what a passenger should do first before getting into a driver’s vehicle or do you think that what I’ve stated already within this short review was good enough? Well whether you agree or disagree, Lord knows I would love to hear what’s on your mind! Please feel free to leave your stories, comments, thoughts and/or concerns at the bottom of this review and I will be sure to respond back to you promptly..

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