The Importance Of Maintaining Good Communication Between The Driver And The Passenger!

With this review, I’ll be addressing the importance of maintaining good communication between Rideshare drivers and passengers. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where something could have been prevented if only there were better communication between both parties? Better yet, I’ll give you an example that pertains to a little bit of what we go through as Rideshare drivers. Have you ever been in a situation where you got lost trying to follow someone else’s crazy directions? If you were to ask me my answer would be all the damn time lol!

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There’s been too many occasions where a drunk passenger has tried to give me directions and ended up getting us both lost. Not intentionally of course! It wasn’t like they were trying to be late for whatever that was that they were doing lol. You get my point so far right? Having a solid way of communicating and sticking to your methods is a big deal! You can’t expect to get what you want without it! We’re not just talking about ordering a uber ride either. Communication goes beyond this Rideshare industry. Maintaining a strong level of communication between yourself and others around you (wherever you go) is a way of life!

At #1RideShareDoc, my focus lies in sharing my story and real-life experiences as a Rideshare driver. I’ve been providing Rideshare services full-time for the past 6 and 1/2 years and I’ve completed almost 36,000 rides. So if you ask me, I feel like I’m the perfect candidate to explain the things that these Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, and Sidecar aren’t talking about. You know not just the good stuff, but the bad stuff as well. Let’s comfort each other by sharing our personal experiences. Drivers and passengers! Let’s relate about those good and bad experiences. Let’s share those thoughts and maybe some friendly advice so we can all grow together. Shall we begin!

This review will be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

What Does “Maintaining A Certain Level Of Communication” Mean In My Book?
What’s The Best Way For A Passenger And Driver To Communicate With Each Other And Why?
When Should The Driver Communicate With The Passenger?
When Should The Passenger Communicate With The Driver?
What Are Some Benefits Of “Maintaining A Good Level Of Communication”?
My Professional Conclusion!

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What Does “Maintaining A Certain Level Of Communication” Mean In My Book?

When I say “maintaining a certain level of communication,” I’m referring to the ongoing communication that’s supposed to be taking place between (you) the Rideshare driver and (them) the passenger. Especially in situations where the driver and the passengers are having a hard time locating one another. Moments like these are when maintaining a good level of communication matters the most. The stronger the communication is between the driver and the passenger, the happier both parties will be once the ride is completed!

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What’s The Best Way For A Passenger And Driver To Communicate With Each Other And Why?

There are three effective ways that a Rideshare driver and/or a passenger could go about when communicating with the other. Especially when one of the parties is having a difficult time locating the other, which is very common! That being said, the best way to communicate with your passenger or driver is by:

(Best Option!) Calling Your Driver/Passenger: When you’re having a difficult time locating your driver or passenger (depending on what side you’re on!), it’s no better way to speed up the whole location process then by giving them a courtesy phone call. I believe that a phone call shows that a person is really serious about whatever that is that they’re calling you for or else they wouldn’t be calling you! I mean who normally calls someone with absolutely nothing to say lol?

Especially when referring to Rideshare drivers and/or passengers locating one another. That being said, (passenger or driver!) calling the other party is a really good way to not only show that you’re not trying to waste anyone’s time, but also you’re trying to approach the entire situation with a little urgency. It’s also the safest way to go about communicating with your passengers if you’re a driver, allowing you to focus more on the road and not so much on your keypad..

(Passengers Option) Leaving A Pick up Note: This option here only pertains to the passengers which I believe is the best option before making the final decision to send a text. Reason being is because the driver can see these pick up notes before they begin driving towards the pick up location. Either before they began driving to the pickup location or after they’ve arrived at your pickup location. Not only that but when a driver opens the pickup note, the passenger gets a notification on their end stating that the driver has done so.

So when a passenger does decide to use this option instead of texting the driver, the driver never has to text back because Lyft or Uber has already done that for them! But if you do decide to respond to the passengers pickup note, you could do so by pulling over to the side of the road and texting them back. You could also respond back to them by calling which I believe again is the best option!

Texting Your Driver/Passenger: The last option for communication which would be a last resort for me and should be for passengers and other drivers as well, is texting the driver or passenger which is done through the Rideshare app. I tend to go with texting the passenger when I’m multitasking with something like cleaning or talking to someone I feel is important. You know, like cleaning up a mess that a passenger may have left behind or talking with a family member who may need my help! Passengers may choose to also text especially if they’re not finished getting ready (which is very common!) or is doing something else that’s very important.

But if this isn’t the case, you should always attempt to make the phone call first which is always the easiest, quickest and most sufficient route to take! Not to mention the fact that it can be hard for drivers to respond to text messages or even read them for that matter. Especially while driving! As a matter of fact, it could not only be dangerous for the driver, but could also cause the driver to get pulled over by law enforcement officers. That’s if they’re lucky! So even if you have to keep the call under 30 seconds because you’re pressed for time or not finished getting ready yet, you should always attempt to call..

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When Should The Driver Communicate With The Passenger?

First I have to say that there’s no wrong time to call a passenger! If something is off or not working right like your car or your GPS for example, call your passenger and make them aware of the situation. Notice how I said call your passenger, not text them lol! I’ll give you a few quick and easy examples starting with the GPS. Say for example you get a ride that’s about 3 miles away, but your GPS isn’t providing you with any type of directions which is common! Moments like these would be a good time to call your passenger. You have to make them aware that you may need some extra time getting to their location or you may need directions.

If the passenger isn’t able to provide you with directions, then you may need to cancel the ride which you’ll be able to make them aware of during the conversation. Nice example right? Ok so another example could be the Rideshare driver getting into a car accident before arriving to the passengers pick up destination. That being said, making your passenger aware of your unfortunate accident around the time it took place could give the passenger that small window of extra time required to request another ride. Hopefully, they can still make it to where they have to go within the time frame that they originally planned for!

My last example (which is just as common as the first two!) would be a driver driving to a pickup location and having a very hard time locating the passenger. That being said, instead of waiting the 5 minutes so you can cancel and collect that $2 cancellation fee, you could call the passenger and make them aware of the fact that you can’t find them. Just imagine how much your passenger would appreciate you when everything is all said and done! That being said, these are just a few common examples of when a driver should call a passenger. Regardless of these examples, a driver should always call their passengers when they’re not sure of something!

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When Should The Passenger Communicate With The Driver?

I have to say again that there’s no wrong time to call not only your passengers, but your drivers as well. If you feel like you don’t know something or if you feel like something isn’t right, say something! So for example, if you notice your driver not moving on the Uber or Lyft map and it’s been a little over 5 minutes, call your driver and ask them if they’re having any issues or if they may need some assistance. They just might appreciate your call. I know I would!

Another popular example could be your driver arriving at the wrong pickup location or supposedly arriving at the right pick up location, but you can’t seem to locate them. That being said, instead of you waiting until you’re running late for whatever that was you were doing for the day, you could give your driver a courtesy call and see what the heck the problem might be. You may be able to help them out, you never know.. That’s why making a phone call is so important!!

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What Are Some Benefits Of “Maintaining A Good Level Of Communication”?

Maintaining a decent level of communication between a driver and a passenger is vital to the Rideshare industry. Without communication, no Rideshare app would even exist! That being said, here are 7 big reasons why I feel as though communication between the driver and the passenger is so darn important:

1.) Verifying The Pickup/Drop-Off Addresses: Establishing communication between both the driver and the passenger ensures a shared understanding. So when both parties are on the same page the likelihood of mixing up addresses significantly decreases. It’s always better to know by asking versus guessing right? Especially when a driver or passenger isn’t sure of something like an address!

2.) Taking Care Of Special Needs: Some drivers may have already noticed that some passengers require a certain level of accommodations before, during and/or after a ride is completed. Drivers too!That being said, reaching out or communicating with your driver as a passenger (or having someone else reach out!) allows your driver to prepare themselves and address those needs accordingly.

3.) A Guaranteed Comfortable Ride: When a passenger is able to openly communicate what they may need like maybe a preferred route they would like to take or a preferred song they would like to hear, the driver has the ability to enhance the passenger’s comfort and enjoyment during the ride.

4.) Customer Service: When problems come up,  having an open line of communication established between the driver and the passenger prior to the problem allows not only the driver to feel more comfortable, but the passenger as well. Especially when it boils down to actually addressing the problem and taking care of it.

5.) Address Any Issues: Unexpected things happen on the road all the time. Especially when you’re a rideshare driver! But in the event of an unforeseen delay, a road closure or any other potential disruption on the ride, having a good line of communication established can empower the driver to promptly update the passenger, effectively managing the passengers expectations!

6.) Building Trust: When there’s good communication between the driver and the passenger, this can completely change the atmosphere inside the vehicle. This can create a more open, friendlier surrounding, increasing the driver’s chance of receiving a 5 star rating. Maybe even a cash tip!

7.) Safety And Security: Having a strong line of communication in place between both parties allows the driver and the passenger to both feel more safe and secure. It’s no feeling like knowing (for sure!) you’re in the right car as a passenger and it’s no feeling like knowing for sure you have the right passenger as a driver. That being said, confirming identities obviously allows everyone in the vehicle to feel even more safe before, during and after the ride is completed.

See how important communicating between the driver and the passenger really is? So if you don’t like talking with passengers as a driver or with your drivers as a passenger, then you might want to start getting used to it now! Your rides could become not only more enjoyable for everyone, but more safe as well. Hopefully I got that point across by creating this short list..

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My Professional Conclusion!!

In summary, I would like to say that communication between the driver and the passenger is the foundation of Rideshare driving. It’s the glue that helps keep the foundation of Rideshare driving together. Without communication UberLyftVia, and Sidecar would never exist! Communicating between the driver and the passenger not only creates a smoother connection on both ends, but it also creates a better experience overall! Just remember to make a phone call and not a text message.

Phone calls go through faster most of the time, explaining things tends to go a lot easier and it’s a lot safer on the drivers end to respond back when possible! So if you weren’t the type to communicate with your driver or passenger in the past, please start to do so now. This Rideshare industry needs it. Let this short review become your little reminder!

Bringing this article to a close, would you guys happen to have anything to say concerning communicating between a driver and a passenger? Do you guys think communication is important? Would you happen to have something to add to my short list of why it’s important to communicate when using these Rideshare services? Do you disagree or would like to add on to anything that I may have said? If you do, I would love to hear what’s on your mind! Feel free to share your stories, thoughts, comments and concerns at the bottom of this review and I will be sure to respond back to you as soon as possible!

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