Passengers Vandalizing Driver Vehicles And How To Avoid This From Happening To You!

Cracked and crazed glass reveals the workings of a thief in the night, during the morning after.

With this review, I plan on covering Rideshare driver vehicles being vandalized by passengers and how to properly prevent this from happening to you. It’s absolutely impossible to please everyone right? Especially if a person is already having a really messed up day. Why throw gasoline on a burning house? Who said that 2 wrongs … Read more

10 Stupid Questions Passengers Ask Rideshare Drivers!

Mexican driver looking at the directions of a passenger while on a ride-share service car

With this short review, I plan on uncovering the top 10 most stupidest questions passengers ask their Rideshare drivers on any given day on the road!! They say that when you have a question and/or you need to know something, you’re supposed to ask it right? They also say that it doesn’t matter how smart … Read more

How A Rideshare Driver Should Handle Big And Tall Passengers Who May Not Have Enough Space!

Tall woman executive getting out of luxury car while talking on phone in downtown New York City

With this really short review, I’ll be covering how a professional Rideshare driver should accommodate or handle big and tall passengers as well as what a big and tall passenger should know and do when ordering a Uber ride. No matter what the reason is, sometimes we all could use a little extra space or … Read more

Drivers Being At The Right Or Wrong Pick Up Address!

Mercedes-Benz Coupe parked on the street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, USA. Trees, Road and Sidewalk are in the image. Canon EOS 6D (full frame sensor) DSLR and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS lens.

With this review, I plan on discussing Rideshare drivers arriving at either the right pickup address or the wrong pickup address, why this happens and how to prevent this from happening to you. It’s time to get some sort of understanding from these unaware passengers concerning why they don’t see their driver! How many of … Read more

Rideshare Drivers Extending Rides For Passengers!

Close-up of an unrecognizable woman using the Uber App on her Lenovo A916 smartphone in a Renault car. Uber mobile app allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.

With this review, I plan on covering what “extending rides” is and what you should know concerning “extending rides” as a professional Rideshare driver. Everyday as employers, employees, business owners, investors and private contractors we find ourselves trying to go the “extra mile” for customers. Who doesn’t want to see their customers happy? I mean, … Read more

Unmatch Rider Why It Works/Doesn’t Work!

Passenger is sitting on the back seat of the car and using smart phone app to rate a driver. Taxi or modern peer to peer ridesharing concept

With this review, I’ll be talking about Rideshare companies unmatching or unpairing riders with Rideshare drivers, what it means and why the rating system doesn’t work! Who really likes working with passengers or drivers they dislike or had a problem with in the past? Nobody for the most part right? Well that’s why these Rideshare … Read more

How To Prevent Yourself From Falling Asleep Behind The Wheel As A Rideshare Driver!

Close-up of overworked mid adult businessman yawning while driving his car back home at night.

In this review, I plan on writing about Rideshare drivers falling asleep behind the wheel and how to prevent this from happening to you! We all work or have some form of income that we have to work for every day to maintain our daily lifestyles right? Some people work more than others while some … Read more

13 Reasons Why I Love Driving The Graveyard Shift!

Night drive from car view

With this review, I plan on discussing why I love driving the graveyard or overnight shift as a Rideshare driver and it’s benefits! Everybody has a preference right? Some drivers love driving the morning shift, some enjoy the afternoons, while some others like myself enjoy driving overnight. Now some of you folks might be asking … Read more

How To Increase Your Chances Of Earning A Tip As A Rideshare Driver!

Only a human arm and hand can be seen as an unrecognizable person adds paper currency to a tips jar on a coffee shop checkout counter.

With this review, I plan on discussing what “tips” are, how to earn them and the importance of passengers tipping Rideshare drivers! When you’re working hard on the job and your boss says to you “great job”, the feeling you might experience from those words being spoken might be a feeling of excitement right? As … Read more

Welcome To #1 RideShare Doc!

Cartoon African American Doctor

Welcome to #1 RideShare Doc! Welcome ladies, gentlemen, passengers and future Rideshare drivers! My name is Mr.Hassan and I’m so happy to have each and every one of you here. I’ve been doing Rideshare driving for companies like Uber, Lyft, Via and Sidecar (just to name a few) for the past 6 years and I … Read more