My Top 10 Important Reasons For Playing The Radio For Passengers!

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With this review, I plan on discussing my top 10 important reasons for why Rideshare drivers should have their radio playing for passengers during rides. How many of you guys listen to the radio? All of us for the most part right? Especially if you’re a Rideshare driver or passenger. That being said, have you … Read more

My Personal Top 11 Reasons Why Passengers Cancel On Rideshare Drivers!


With this review, I plan on covering my top 11 reasons why passengers cancel on Rideshare drivers, what exactly is a canceled ride request and how to prevent this from happening to you! Has anyone ever experienced trying to plan something in advance only to encounter an unexpected turn of events that completely derailed your … Read more

The Benefits Of Knowing Where Everything’s Located As A Rideshare Driver!

difficult or impossible choice, all roads lead to Rome, lost directions

In this review, I’ll be exploring the benefits of knowing where everything is located as a Rideshare driver! How many of you guys love to hang out and have fun? All of my readers for the most part right? How many of you guys love traveling or discovering new places to hang out at? Hangout … Read more

19 Tips To Keep In Mind, Before You Sign That Dotted Line As A Rideshare Driver!

Close up (macro) shot showing fingers of a male hand, holding a pen, poised to sign on the dotted line of a legal document or contract.

In this review, I’ll be covering 19 essential tips that every aspiring professional Rideshare driver should consider before signing that dotted line. Who doesn’t like having a heads up before getting themselves into something serious? In other words, who doesn’t like being prepared for what’s ahead of them or for what’s about to come, when … Read more