8 Reasons Why Gas Cars Are Better To Work In Versus Electric Cars!

Human hands holding electric plug and gasoline nozzle

With this short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why driving gas cars for work are much better than driving an electric car (EV) and why every Rideshare driver should be utilizing one. Everyday as professional Rideshare drivers we find ourselves in situations where things could be improved. When I … Read more

8 Personal Reasons For Why All Rideshare Drivers Should Have And Maintain A Full Tank Of Gas!

Petrol pump filling nozzles, Gas station in a service

With this really short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why every professional Rideshare driver should have and maintain a full tank of gas! How many passengers ever ordered an Uber ride that was more than 20 miles in travel distance and your driver had to stop for gas? How … Read more

The Importance Of Rideshare Drivers Leaving A location After Canceling Or Completing A Ride!

Warsaw, Poland - April 30, 2019: View on Uber car (Skoda) with inscription on the street before sunset

With this really short review, I plan on covering the importance of Rideshare drivers leaving the drop off location after canceling or completing a ride. Everyday as Rideshare drivers we find ourselves picking up and dropping off strangers who we barely know. Everyday there are passengers who find themselves getting picked up and dropped off … Read more

Rideshare Drivers Picking up Passengers Who May Have Opportunities To Offer!

Opportunities Image and Stock Photo

  Introduction: This article explores the unique encounters Rideshare drivers have with riders, where unexpected opportunities and meaningful connections may arise during their journeys together. That being said, I want to start this short review by saying I love meeting new people and making new connections with them. Maybe that’s why I stayed a part … Read more