8 Reasons Not To Spray Your Perfume Or Cologne While Riding In Your Rideshare Drivers Vehicle!

Young woman spraying perfume on her neck

With this really short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why passengers shouldn’t spray their cologne or perfume while riding in a Rideshare drivers vehicle. If you happen to be an Uber or Lyft driver, have you ever found yourself choking to death after one of your passengers sprayed a … Read more

8 Personal Reasons For Why All Rideshare Drivers Should Have And Maintain A Full Tank Of Gas!

Petrol pump filling nozzles, Gas station in a service

With this really short review, I plan on uncovering my personal top 8 reasons for why every professional Rideshare driver should have and maintain a full tank of gas! How many passengers ever ordered an Uber ride that was more than 20 miles in travel distance and your driver had to stop for gas? How … Read more

8 Reasons For Why Your Uber Driver’s On The Phone!

Cropped shot of a man using his phone while driving

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My Top 10 Important Reasons For Playing The Radio For Passengers!

close up hand open car radio listening. Car Driver changing turning button Radio Stations on His Vehicle Multimedia System. Modern touch screen Audio stereo System. transportation and vehicle concept

With this review, I plan on discussing my top 10 important reasons for why Rideshare drivers should have their radio playing for passengers during rides. How many of you guys listen to the radio? All of us for the most part right? Especially if you’re a Rideshare driver or passenger. That being said, have you … Read more

Which Is Better: Completing Short Rides Or Longer Rides?

Shot of a young man enjoying a road trip

With this short review, I plan on covering whether or not it’s better to accept longer or shorter ride requests as a professional Rideshare driver. So if you’re aiming to become a professional rideshare driver by first maximizing your profits, this review is for you. Wouldn’t you just love to learn the basics to maximizing … Read more

Rideshare Drivers Extending Rides For Passengers!

Close-up of an unrecognizable woman using the Uber App on her Lenovo A916 smartphone in a Renault car. Uber mobile app allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.

With this review, I plan on covering what “extending rides” is and what you should know concerning “extending rides” as a professional Rideshare driver. Everyday as employers, employees, business owners, investors and private contractors we find ourselves trying to go the “extra mile” for customers. Who doesn’t want to see their customers happy? I mean, … Read more

Unmatch Rider Why It Works/Doesn’t Work!

Passenger is sitting on the back seat of the car and using smart phone app to rate a driver. Taxi or modern peer to peer ridesharing concept

With this review, I’ll be talking about Rideshare companies unmatching or unpairing riders with Rideshare drivers, what it means and why the rating system doesn’t work! Who really likes working with passengers or drivers they dislike or had a problem with in the past? Nobody for the most part right? Well that’s why these Rideshare … Read more

How To Prevent Yourself From Falling Asleep Behind The Wheel As A Rideshare Driver!

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In this review, I plan on writing about Rideshare drivers falling asleep behind the wheel and how to prevent this from happening to you! We all work or have some form of income that we have to work for every day to maintain our daily lifestyles right? Some people work more than others while some … Read more

13 Reasons Why I Love Driving The Graveyard Shift!

Night drive from car view

With this review, I plan on discussing why I love driving the graveyard or overnight shift as a Rideshare driver and it’s benefits! Everybody has a preference right? Some drivers love driving the morning shift, some enjoy the afternoons, while some others like myself enjoy driving overnight. Now some of you folks might be asking … Read more