How To Increase Your Chances Of Earning A Tip As A Rideshare Driver!

With this review, I plan on discussing what “tips” are, how to earn them and the importance of passengers tipping Rideshare drivers! When you’re working hard on the job and your boss says to you “great job”, the feeling you might experience from those words being spoken might be a feeling of excitement right? As a matter of fact, you might experience a feeling of greatness right lol? Well what if your boss decided to reward your dedication and extra efforts by giving you a raise or a bonus for the day, instead of just saying those kind words of encouragement? Wouldn’t that make you feel a lot different? I mean it’s no better way to show someone your appreciation than by complimenting and gifting them right?

Even though the boss could have given you a massage instead of saying “great job”, I’m pretty sure you would have just preferred the better option by taking simple gifts or cash since we’re all adults. I’m pretty sure the driver’s family would appreciate it as well. Here at #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about helping old and new drivers/passengers like yourself learn everything there is to know about rideshare driving from a personal experience point of view. Please allow me to share my personal story and my 36,000 plus rides of experiences! Let’s discussed the things that these Rideshare companies aren’t talking about. Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia and Sidecar, just to name a few!

With this review, I will be covering the following details concerning passengers tipping their rideshare drivers:

What Are Tips?
What Can Tipping Do For The Driver?
Why Do Passengers Tip Or Not Tip The Driver?
How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Tips
Is It Okay To Accept Cash Tips?
My Professional Conclusion For Increasing Your Chances Of Earning A Tip As A Rideshare Driver!

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What Are Tips?

You know I have to give you my own personal definition for the word “tip” right? Ok so a “tip” is when a person (the customer) gives someone (the worker) extra money or payment as a gesture of appreciation for a job or service that they felt was performed exceptionally well. That being said, tipping a driver for a job well done is when you pay a driver more than what the bill required, because you felt as though the service provided exceeded your expectations. In other words, your driver earned it!

It’s a simple way of showing your driver that you appreciate them and the service they’ve just provided you with. It’s a good way to show the driver that they simply did a good job getting you home safe or wherever you needed to be. I mean who doesn’t want to be reminded (especially when the job was completed well) of their hard work or service that was just completed? You get my point..

Businesswoman paying for a taxi drive. Paying with a cash

What Can Tipping Do For The Driver?

Tipping your driver (especially before the ride is completed) can actually help your ride go a lot smoother in a few ways! One of the greatest things tipping your driver can do instantly is influence them to continue driving the car the way they were already driving which has to be good, safe and smooth (in their mind) because you just tipped them during the ride. Tipping them after the ride is okay too because they can take that positive energy and influence to their next ride.

Tipping your driver can also help relax your drivers nerves and their mind, especially if they were having a bad day or a bad week. I’m talking about myself when I say that! Even something as small as $1 can do the trick for your fellow chauffeur! Or at least for me it can. Just remember any small amount to you, could go a long way for your driver. So don’t be shy.

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Why Do Passengers Tip Or Not Tip The Driver?

When A Passenger Doesn’t Tip The Driver:

Let’s begin with some reasons why passengers choose not to tip their drivers. The most common reason I found for a passenger not tipping the driver at all (or at least for me anyway!), all is surrounded around navigation/GPS. Yupp, that’s really petty right, but now you know how we feel. Maybe because the GPS told the driver to go a route that the passenger wasn’t used to taking for example, they felt as though the driver didn’t deserve a tip. Speeding or even driving too slow for another example, is another popular reason why the passenger may choose to not tip you (which is very understandable). I wouldn’t tip the driver either.

But other stupid reasons why a passenger may not tip you could be because of the smell of your car, the size of your car, your race, they’re having a bad day or for something as stupid as them being late for whatever they were doing or had scheduled. That’s right, it’s the drivers fault that the passenger is running late! And the last most infamous reason why a passenger may choose to not tip the driver is simply because (in their words) “I ain’t got it” lol, which then the driver should respect.

When A Passenger Does Tip The Driver:

When a passenger does decide to tip the Rideshare driver, nine times out of 10 it’s because you’ve done the exact opposite of what drivers do when they don’t get tipped by their passengers. Or you at least asked a few questions before starting your navigation/GPS for example to avoid all the reasons why the passenger may not want to tip you. So be sure to always ask questions before starting any ride.

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How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Tips?

the turquoise car is washing in soap suds

Start By Preparing Yourself And Your Vehicle:

Starting with your vehicle (because this is the first thing passengers notice before stepping in), the most that you can do to prepare your vehicle before picking up a passenger would be to simply clean it inside and out. A simple water hose job will do the trick for the outside to save you a couple dollars. If you’re really short on funds, then I would suggest focusing on cleaning the inside of your vehicle more than the outside, even though you still want to clean the outside as well. Cleaning the inside of your vehicle is actually more important. The reason why is because the passenger has to sit, smell, touch and look around the interior of your vehicle,l the entire time you’re driving them to their drop off destination.

Close up of hairdresser arms cutting and combing male hair

Next of course and needless to say would be you (the driver), making sure that your clean, well kept and smelling fresh before stepping into your vehicle and starting your work day. If you’re a gentleman, your hair and face should be cut or shaped up, along with some casual clothing to finish you off. Casual clothing should also be worn for the ladies, as well as having their hair done and any facial hair shaved away if present. Sorry but some women do have facial hair, which is not an issue (for me anyway!). It’s okay to have it if that’s your prerogative! Just be sure to shape it up to a professional look before starting your work day.

Senior man opening car door for you. Here is your seat.

Having Manners And Being Polite:

Being polite can also take a Rideshare driver a long way when it boils down to earning your tips. That being said, make sure you’re greeting your passengers by name, with a pleasant tone and maybe even a warm smile to go with it, to help increase your chances of getting tipped. This would definitely aid you or any driver in creating a warm welcome for your passengers. You’ll be amazed how many people’s days you could change, just by doing this simple gesture which could then earn you more cash tips.

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Helping The Passenger With Their Belongings:

If you have the energy, time or patience you could also try helping the passenger with their belongings like their heavy items bags or suitcases. Especially if you’re servicing older passengers. This is most definitely a common way that I’ve went about earning my tips. Works almost every time I would say. It just doesn’t work all the time of course because some passengers just don’t have the money in which I fully understand.

Joyful and careless car driver raises his hand in thanks for giving way. Traffic rules and politeness concept

Asking Questions When Needed:

Be sure to ask questions before you start any ride as I mentioned earlier, especially if you feel lost or if you don’t know which direction to head first because of a GPS connection issue. Asking questions (related to the ride) is a sure way of showing your passengers that you care period, which could then earn you that good old tip!

Paris, France - December 13, 2016: Man pressing home button on the Apple CarPlay main screen in modern car dashboard. CarPlay is an Apple standard that enables a car radio or head unit to be a display and controller for an iPhone. It is available on all iPhone 5 and later with at least iOS 7.1.

Playing Music Of The Passengers Choice:

Sometimes I find this a bit annoying (especially if I had a long day), but it definitely goes a long way when it comes to playing music for your passengers. Especially if they have their own music that they would like to listen to. I very well know that it can be frustrating to care about what a stranger wants to listen to. But it can definitely increase your chances of getting tipped. And you never know, you might like the music they’re playing. Or so I’ve found lol! And if this is the case, technically it’s a win win for both parties!

Happy taxi driver transporting a couple of passengers

Starting A Positive Conversation:

A lot of times passengers will start a conversation with you without you having to say one word. I mean passengers are real people and not just paying customers right? That all being said, having a conversation with one of your passengers can do a lot for you and for them. Especially if the topic is right and is presented at the right moment. I’ve learned so much from completing my almost 36,000 rides (at the time of this writing), that I can’t begin to give you any examples of an inspiring conversation.

All I can say is that I’ve been inspired by thousands and made plenty of friends and new business connections along the way, all from having these positive conversations. I’ve been helped by many strangers when it boils down to daily life and/or making daily decisions and I’m pretty sure a lot of my passengers would say the same thing vice versa. So even though your parents told you never to talk to strangers, it’s most definitely suggested in the case of being a Rideshare driver. Especially if you’re trying to earn that extra money!

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Special Occasion Accommodations

This might be taking “earning tips” a little too far, but imagine for a second it being Halloween and your customers have just approached your car wearing Halloween costumes. You then decide to surprise the passengers with a Michael Myers Halloween mask, along with a Halloween bag filled with all sorts of candy. How do you think your passengers might react to this pickup? I’ll tell you. From my personal experience, with joy and bundles of laughter is how the passengers would more than likely will react. In a situation like this, I would most definitely be ready to ask for a tip instead of waiting for one lol. And I would ask the passenger for sure, if they actually found my accommodations and efforts amusing! Sounds like somebody just earned themselves a tip in which I’m pretty sure the passenger would agree lol.

Another example of something you could do and  have ready when it comes to offering “special occasion accommodations”, is having a “baby on board” sign ready for passengers who have small children. So imagine for example you pull up to a pickup and you see a woman walking towards your car, holding a car seat and a small baby. You then exit your vehicle, greet the passenger and proceed to ask if they needs any assistance. After clarifying if they do or don’t need assistance, you can then  hop back in your vehicle and hand the passenger a baby on board sign for them to put in the back window of a vehicle. You can’t tell me the passenger won’t feel special or notice that you’re going the extra mile for her and her babies safety. Sweet right? Or at least that tip better be lol..

Close up of unrecognizable woman holding full picnic basket while traveling by car.

Providing Refreshments:

I had to stop doing this 6 years ago when I first joined Rideshare driving due to passengers allowing their children to leave their trash in my doors, on the floor and/or in the seats. But if you do decide to hand out refreshments to your passengers such as candy, water, or whatever else you might have in mind, keep in mind that some people are very disrespectful and they’ll leave the leftovers for you to clean up. Just imagine going the extra mile to try to earn your tip and they not only don’t tip you, but they also leave the empty water bottle behind, along with the candy wrappers for you to see. A real good way to show your driver you appreciate them right? So are you still wondering why I stopped providing refreshments for my passengers thousands of rides ago? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the patience for this kind of foolishness. Especially from adults, sorry!

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Is It Okay To Accept Cash Tips?

The short answer to this question is yes and no! If you’re comfortable with having cash on you while driving strangers around in your car all day and/or night, then by all means have at it. Let these ride share companies tell it (UberLyftVia, Sidecar etc.) you’re not supposed to for safety purposes. Very understandable right? I mean who wants to get robbed for some petty cash while driving and trying to earn some petty cash? Petty situation right?

That all being said, you could say that accepting cash tips from your passengers is totally up to you. Personally, I love all forms of money. Especially since I’m about maximizing my time and profits. So if you’re handing me any forms of cash other than what the rideshare company is paying me, I’m damn sure accepting it. Putting the money in your trunk, sock or in your shoe could be a good idea of a place to put the money just in case a passenger does try to rob you.

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My Professional Conclusion For Increasing Your Chances Of Earning A Tip As A Rideshare Driver!

So in conclusion, I would like to say this. Put yourself in the Rideshare drivers shoes instead of being a passenger for a second. Imagine you’ve just finished completing a superb service for your passenger, including driving safe and having a clean, fresh smelling vehicle. You’ve been driving all day so all you feel like doing every time you complete a ride is stop and going home. Now you’re feeling tired and worn out. But in the midst of feeling tired and worn out, you then receive a tip for $5 dollars from a previous passenger who just exited your vehicle. I don’t know about you, but when I get a tip I usually get a boost of energy and determination to do more rides. But that’s just me I guess.

Now that we’re nearing the end of this review, I would like to know what’s on you guys minds. Do you agree that a job well done should be rewarded? Do you feel like it should be mandatory for passengers to tip drivers? Is there something you’d like to add that should have been mentioned within this review? Whether you have something nice to say or not, if it pertains to the Rideshare industry I would love to hear it! Please feel free to leave your stories, thoughts, comments and concerns at the bottom of this review and I will be sure to respond back to you promptly.

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