19 Tips To Keep In Mind, Before You Sign That Dotted Line As A Rideshare Driver!

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In this review, I’ll be covering 19 essential tips that every aspiring professional Rideshare driver should consider before signing that dotted line. Who doesn’t like having a heads up before getting themselves into something serious? In other words, who doesn’t like being prepared for what’s ahead of them or for what’s about to come, when … Read more

Rideshare Drivers – How To Deal With Road Rage Motorist!

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With this review, I’ll be covering road rage motorist and how a professional Rideshare driver should deal with these types of situations! Have you ever found yourself frustrated or angry because of the way one of your fellow motorists were driving? All of us if you ask me! Especially if you’re apart of the Rideshare … Read more

Rideshare Drivers Dealing With Passengers Who Are Running Late!

Stressed out businessman in taxi.

In this review, I want to discuss how a Rideshare driver who encounters a passenger running behind schedule should handle such situations. Let me first start by saying that we all have busy lives. Well, some of us.. And having a life in my opinion means that you might have things to do, places to … Read more

Rideshare Drivers – Phone Connection Issues And How To Deal With Them

Men who drive a car while looking at the smartphone

In this review, I’ll be discussing the challenges of phone connection issues that professional Rideshare drivers may encounter and providing effective strategies for overcoming them. Jumping right in, being an independent contractor and working on your own terms can give you the greatest feeling in the world. Or at least for me it does lol! … Read more

The Importance Of Drivers Taking Breaks and Meditation

Young asian woman praying to Guanyin Bodhisattva decorative statue in car blessing for a safe journey on road

With this short review, I’ll be covering the importance of Rideshare drivers taking breaks and the importance of meditation. You ever went to work and felt like you lost your mind after you got off? How about while you’re at work or as soon as you arrived lol? All of us come close to losing … Read more

The Advantages Of Drivers Providing Refreshments To Passengers

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In this short review, I’ll be examining the pros and cons of Rideshare drivers offering refreshments to passengers, while highlighting it’s advantages and disadvantages! How many of you ever walked into a place and immediately wanted to walk back out after being in the place for approximately 2 seconds? How many of you ever walked … Read more

Rideshare Driving – Working When, Where and How You Want!

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With this review, I’ll be exploring the freedom and flexibility enjoyed by Rideshare drivers, as they have the ability to work according to their preferred schedule, location, and work style. Have you ever found yourself wanting or not wanting to do something pertaining to your job or career? Each and every one of us right? … Read more

Rideshare Drivers Setting Goals/Game Plans And Why It’s Important!

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In this review, I’ll be delving into the significance of Rideshare drivers establishing goals or game plans and why it’s important! Setting goals or a game plan to succeed (especially as a Rideshare driver!) should be a crucial part of our everyday life right? I mean who wants to walk through life without having any … Read more

Rideshare Drivers Picking Up Underage Passengers!

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This article will focus on the topic of drivers transporting underage passengers or minors. Everyday as Rideshare drivers we’re forced to enforce rules and regulations that are required to be followed while using these Rideshare apps. The problem is no one else can enforce these rules on the front line other than the Rideshare drivers … Read more

Rideshare Drivers Dealing With Passengers Not Having Baby Safety Car Seats! Are Drivers Supposed To Have Child Safety Seats?

Black and white Child Car Seats Icons Images, Stock Photos

In this brief review, I’ll be discussing the issue of passengers neglecting to possess or bring car safety seats for their babies and young infants! I’ll be also answering the question concerning Uber drivers providing safety seats. As professional Rideshare drivers, we all face this same, common issue everyday. So now it’s time to relate … Read more