Rideshare Drivers Extending Rides For Passengers!

With this review, I plan on covering what “extending rides” is and what you should know concerning “extending rides” as a professional Rideshare driver. Everyday as employers, employees, business owners, investors and private contractors we find ourselves trying to go the “extra mile” for customers. Who doesn’t want to see their customers happy? I mean, they are spending their hard earned money with your company, when their money could have been possibly well spent somewhere else right? Seems fair doesn’t it? But with every “extra mile” a business or organization takes, also comes with it a certain set of rules that the customer should abide by when doing business. Your only supposed to get what you paid for anyway right?

If you understand and agree with those last two statements, you’re also going to agree with what this review will be about. That being said, going the “extra mile” isn’t always a good thing especially when it pertains to the Rideshare industry. Passengers ask drivers to do things that aren’t in our job descriptions all the time. Some things that passengers request from us are ok, while some other requests could really get us fired or put in jail. So not only do you stand a chance at getting in trouble with your rideshare company, but you also stand a chance at getting in trouble with the law when you’re a Rideshare driver. A really good example that I’m always being faced with, is a late passenger needing me to “speed up”..

Another good example could be a really drunk passenger bringing a cup of alcohol into your car and expecting to be able to drink that cup of alcohol while the ride is is in progress. You get my point! Taking those “extra miles” for passengers could cost a Rideshare driver more than just a lovely “repeat customer” and a tip lol. Taking those “extra miles” could potentially cost a driver their entire livelihood! Especially since Rideshare companies are against drivers driving the extra mile, literally. Or so it seems to be, which is what I’ll be discussing and covering later within this short review!

At #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about sharing my story and personal experiences with you concerning the Rideshare industry. Everyday people find themselves being misled due to not being well informed or told the actual truth about something. Well with this wonderful platform being in place, let’s just say I plan on eliminating all of that! I want the world to know about the ups and downs of Rideshare driving. I want people to know the truth about not only what drivers experience, but what passengers experience as well.

Let’s relate about the things that these Rideshare giants aren’t talking about. Rideshare giants like UberLyftVia and Sidecar just to name a few companies. Let’s eliminate these misunderstandings that drivers and passengers are constantly, unexpectedly experiencing, due to these Rideshare companies not making us aware. Let’s share our expectations of what we really want when it involves driving on the road for money! Who’s ready to speak up and share those valuable experiences? If that person happens to be you, then what are you waiting for? Let’s begin!!

This review will be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

What Exactly Does “Extending Rides” Mean?
Who’s Normally The Reason Behind Rides Being Extended?
How Are Rides Being Extended?
Why Do Passengers Believe Drivers Are Supposed To Extend Their Rides?
What Should Passengers Do When Needing To Extend A Ride?
Are There Any Moments When A Rideshare Driver Should Extend The Ride?
Who’s Held Accountable For Rides That Are Considered “Extended” And Why?
How Do Rideshare Companies Feel About Drivers Extending Rides?
What Are The Consequences For Drivers Who Continue To Extend The Rides Of Passengers?
My Professional Conclusion For “Extending Rides”!

What Exactly Does “Extending Rides” Mean?

“Extending a ride” basically refers to a Rideshare driver taking the passenger anywhere other than where the app originally directed the driver to go. “Extending a ride” also refers to a Rideshare driver taking longer then what the Lyft or Uber apps original E.T.A (Estimated Time Arrival), originally stated to the passenger. Lastly, “extending rides” also refers to the driver driving more miles than what was expected before they actually ending the ride.

In other words, the passenger didn’t pay a certain dollar amount for the driver to head towards a different location or drive any extra miles or extra time. With that being said, this would all be considered as the Rideshare driver “Extending” the passengers ride or making the ride longer than what it was supposed to be!

Who’s Normally The Reason Behind A Ride Being Extended?

Rides that are extended tend to have nothing to do with the Rideshare driver in any way, shape or form! We’re just messengers relaying back to the passenger in physical form (driving), what they supposedly originally ordered in their apps. All we’re supposed to know and focus on is following traffic laws, tracing lines and following directions from our GPS. Things only get altered around or changed when a passenger decides to say something! Remember when I spoke about going the extra mile at the beginning of this review?

Well in cases like these, the passenger has to say something for this “extra mile” scenario to take place. Yep, passengers are usually the reason behind drivers driving longer than what they’re supposed to drive. Either that, the driver possibly missed a turn or the drivers car breaking down. But other than that, usually it’s the passenger!

How Are Rides Being Extended?

Regardless of the reason why passengers extend the rides that they order (which I will be covering within the upcoming section), passengers are constantly extending their own rides. “Extending a ride” can be done in 3 ways. One method of a passenger “extending their ride” is done when the passenger gives driving instructions to the driver, which 9 times out of 10 deviates from the rides original intended course. Passengers who choose to give different directions to the driver can easily extend the duration of their ride beyond its original E.T.A (estimated time arrival). This has the potential of impacting the overall journey of the ride, especially when it deviates from the Uber and Lyft drivers app.

The second way “extending a ride” is done is by the passenger asking to make a “short stop” lol. “I promise I’ll be in and out”. “I’m only grabbing two items”! Yea that’s what all the passengers say! That being said, passengers who choose to make unexpected stops can easily extend the duration of their ride beyond it’s original E.T.A. But regardless of this fact, passengers are determined to convince drivers to just make the stop, knowing damn well we’re not supposed to. Oh, and also knowing damn well that the driver is going to be the one held accountable when the ride is completed, not them. Especially if the passenger decides to dispute those extra charges.. The driver is really gonna be in hot water now!

The last way “extending a ride” can be done, actually adds on to the first two ways a ride typically gets extended. So I guess this last way could be considered a result of the first two, which either way would fall back on the Rideshare driver at the end of their work day! With that being said, the last way “extending a ride” is done, is by the driver driving for an even longer period of time, equalling more miles and added time which wasn’t originally calculated for that ride’s E.T.A.

So the first two ways concerning the passenger providing directions or the passenger needing to make a “short stop”, does go hand in hand with the ride ending the way it’s going to end. This all goes hand in hand with those famous stupid excuses “I promise to be in and out” or “I’m only grabbing 2 items. I rest my case now when referring to how these rides are being extended.

Why Do Passengers Believe Drivers Are Supposed To Extend Their Rides?

The first overall reason why rides are constantly being extended can be answered with just five words. Those five words are, because a passenger requested it! But the reasons why a ride is being extended doesn’t stop there. That’s just where it all begins, literally! Right now, I am prepared to give you guys a short list of some common excuses why a passenger may feel as though a Rideshare driver is supposed to do exactly as they say. In other words I’m about to explain to you why a passenger believes a driver is supposed to extend their ride, which is also what a passenger is basically asking their driver to do.

Passengers don’t see it this way though of course! Instead passengers look at extending rides like it’s something they’ve already paid for or already included in the package. That’s why I believe that the average passenger will continue to cause drivers trouble. So without further ado, the following reasons why passengers believe driversare supposed to extend their ride include:

(#1. Reason!) “I Paid For This Ride”!: Just because a passenger pays for a ride doesn’t necessarily mean that the passenger is supposed to control the wheel! In other words, when a passenger pays for a ride, they’re only paying for what they put in the app (as far as the location information goes!) and not what they’re telling themselves they can do! So next time when you pay for that ride, make sure you put in the app everywhere that you’re trying to go. That way you can actually get what you paid for!

2.) “It’s Only Up The Street”!: It doesn’t matter if your “short stop” was only across the street ok! If that location information was not already loaded in the app when you order the ride, then you don’t get to make that stop. That’s unless you decide to add that stop during the ride, which is very easy to do. But if you’re not willing to add that stop, then I guess you’re more willing to take that bop. Nice right lol? Some people enjoy walking..

3.) “The Last Driver Did It”!: Just because your last driver did whatever you needed them to do, doesn’t necessarily mean that your next drivers gonna do the same. They don’t call Rideshare drivers private contractors for nothing! We’re looked at as private contractors because we all work independently and not as a team. That being said, some people follow rules while some others don’t. But that’s just life right?

4.) “I Didn’t Know”!: If you didn’t know, now you know. But don’t feel bad! There’s a first time for everything right? Not to mention the fact that the option for a passenger to add a stop never goes away.. Well, as long as the rides taking place! So in other words if the driver hasn’t ended the ride, you could still add a stop or modify the drop off address. Yep, now you know guys lol..

5.) “I Tip All My Drivers”!: Whether you tip all of your drivers or not for doing what you wanted them to do isn’t the point. The point is that you follow the rules and stop looking for ways to get over on Rideshare company! Which only gets the driver in trouble, tip or not! Do you think the Rideshare company really cares about you tipping the driver in response to them extending the ride? Especially when they don’t receive one penny from that driver’s tip? I’ll let you think about that one..

6.) “I Always Give My Driver’s Directions”!: It’s okay sometimes to give your driver directions, especially if you know a shorter route. But if you don’t know a shorter route (which most passengers don’t!) or if you’re not sure (which most passengers aren’t!), please refrain from giving your driver directions. This is one of the biggest reasons why rides are continuously being extended. The reason is because the GPS is trying to give the driver directions in hopes of helping them avoid a major car accident, traffic jam or flooded road, while the passengers is simply focused on knowing what they know..

7.) “Your Being Very Petty”!: Just because your Rideshare drivers are deciding to follow the rules, doesn’t make them “petty” people or evil drivers. It would make them individuals who genuinely care about their job, nothing more if you asked me!! That being said, the only one that’s being petty in situations like these is the self entitled passenger who ordered the ride. The passenger is being petty by requiring the driver to do something that wasn’t originally agreed upon when they first accepted the ride. The passenger is being petty by asking the driver to drive more miles or more time than what they originally paid for. Do you still think the driver is being petty?

What Should Passengers Do When Needing To Extend A Ride?

When a passenger is needing to extend their ride, a passenger would first need to do the following:

1.) Add A Stop While Ordering The Ride: When a passenger needs to make a stop, this information can be added to the app while the passenger is ordering their ride. This information can be added either while the passengers ordering their ride or while their ride is being completed. But this information has to be added to the ride before reaching the drop off destination or before the driver actually ends the ride! If the driver were to end the ride beforehand, the only option a passenger would have is to order a new ride!

2.) Leave A Note For The Driver: When a passenger knows they might need their ride a little extended (especially if they’ve already added a stop!), the passenger should try adding a pick up note stating that they may need some extra time or miles. Doing so can actually help the driver more because leaving a pickup note for the driver is the same as leaving a pickup note for the Rideshare company! Not only would the driver get a heads up, but the company would get a heads up as well! All which could potentially work in the drivers favor! Now the driver has less to explain!

3.) Rate The Driver With A Comment: If your driver did decide to extend your ride as you’ve asked them to, you could always leave your driver with a five-star rating. Not only that, but you could also leave them with a nice comment. A comment stating that the driver did exactly as you asked them to do and that there were no problems! When a passenger leaves a rating or comment for a driver, it can be advantageous for the driver, just like when a passenger leaves a pickup note. That’s because Rideshare companies would receive and have access to that same information. Now the driver would again have less to explain! All which could potentially work in the drivers favor!

4.) Call The Driver: I have to say that this particular option is more for my older folks or people who may be a little computer illiterate. That being said, if a passenger is having trouble adding a stop while ordering their ride, the passenger could always call the driver and give them a “heads up”. This would also mean that Lyft or Uber for example, would also have access to this “heads up” information!  That’s because when a passenger calls the driver or vice versa, all calls are being recorded. All which could again potentially work in a drivers favor. Now the driver would again have less to explain!

Are There Any Moments When A Rideshare Driver Should Extend The Ride?

To answer this question fully, I would have to say yes and no! But I’ll start with the proper answer first, which is “no”. There should never be a moment when a Rideshare driver should believe it’s ok to extend a passenger’s ride beyond its original ETA! I’ll give you two good reasons why. It’s against company policy first and foremost. Not only that, but passengers can dispute those extra charges and get a refund, which would all fall back on the driver at the end of the day. Now you (the driver) have not only went the extra mile for nothing, but you’re also about to be facing consequences for doing what you weren’t supposed to do in the first place. I’ll elaborate on these consequences shortly!

I also answered this question with “yes” because of a few reasons that I’m pretty sure anyone would understand. Well, any and everyone but the Rideshare companies of course! They’re not the ones constantly coming face to face on a daily basis with these random strangers. That being said, sometimes a ride is being extended because the driver had no other choice! Circumstances where the driver might not have no other choice but to extend the passengers ride might be situations that involve accidents, road closures, emergencies, law enforcement, wrong drop off addresses entered by the passenger or just an intimidating passenger.

What driver wouldn’t want to easily, swiftly and peacefully get an intimidating passenger out of their vehicle without getting physical? Especially if all they were asking for was for you to take them where they asked to go (which really isn’t hard pic all!). That would be an easy way of keeping the peace right? That being said, I strongly wish that these Rideshare companies could also understand these types of situations from this point of view! It could save a lot of drivers from being verbally disrespected or worse! 

Who’s Held Accountable For Rides That Are Considered “Extended” And Why?

In case I haven’t made the answer clear already, the drivers are held responsible for when a passenger decides to extend their own ride. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it! Reason being is because Rideshare companies don’t look at situations like these as the passengers fault or responsibility. Moreso because they feel as though it’s the driver’s job to enforce everything. Especially since we’re considered to be “private contractors“. So as private contractors we’re told to enforce all the rules ourselves. Now I’m not trying to take the Rideshare companies side when I say what I’m about to say. But think about this for a sec. How could a Rideshare company personally enforce any rules when they’re not the ones riding with you in your vehicle? Scary isn’t it?

Do you understand now why these companies hold the already abused Rideshare drivers responsible for the passengers careless decisions? Now I’m not trying to take the Rideshare drivers side when I say what I’m about to say next! But I just want there to be some sort of understanding coming from both ends and not just from the companies end. That being said, how could a Rideshare company expect the driver to enforce every rule in the book when the driver is always physically by themselves with these passengers? Just imagine for a second trying to enforce rules on your own to four grown adult men sitting behind you that you’ve just met! I’ll let you marinate on that thought..

How Do Rideshare Companies Feel About Drivers Extending Rides?

Rideshare companies disagree 100% with drivers extending rides for passengers. Rideshare companies believe that drivers are supposed to enforce the miles and the E.T.A of every ride being accepted due to the fact that it goes hand in hand with what the passenger originally paid for. When a ride is extended it gives the Rideshare company more work to do when referring to the adjustments of the passengers new charges. Especially if the passenger were to dispute those new charges! Now you’re really going to look bad as a so-called professional Rideshare driver! You understand now why drivers get in trouble when trying to go the extra mile for their passengers? Rideshare companies don’t have anyone else to take their anger out on!

What Are The Consequences For Drivers Who Continue To Extend The Rides Of Passengers?

I would like to say something first before answering this question. With every negative or positive action comes a negative or positive result. That’s just another part of life right? Like when an individual goes to jail for example, they may have done something wrong or may be waiting to be proven innocent. It’s sad but it happens right? Well the same concept applies when it comes to an individual being a private contractor, Lyft or Uber driver. The only difference in the consequences is that these particular consequences come in the form of warnings or write-ups, suspensions, fines or chargebacks and/or permanent deactivations.

Either way, there’s always going to be a response that follows every decision being made. To sum up what I’m trying to say, whenever an individual engages in negative actions, they will inevitably face negative consequences. Especially as a Lyft or Uber driver. With that all being said, let’s just say that I happen to know from first hand experiences what some of those consequences for Rideshare drivers extending a passengers ride could actually include. Jumping right into those consequences for a driver extending a passenger’s ride, those consequences could include:

1.) Receiving Warning Messages:

When a Rideshare company believes a driver is guilty of extending rides, they tend to notify their drivers in the form of text, email and in-app warning messages. Consider all of these 3 different types of warnings messages as your one write up. They’re just being a little extra by letting you know in three different formats. Oh and when it comes to the in-app messages, when logging into your app you’ll see a warning message that states that your rides have been going off route and that this isn’t allowed while driving on their platform.

This is also how your other messages might read as well. But the only difference is that when it comes to those in-app messages, they’ll be prompting you to push a button that may say something like “ok” or “I agree”, if you would like to continue driving. I guess this is their form of getting you to admit guilt before you get back to your next ride. Do you see why I call these warning messages write-ups? They just changed the process from being a signature of agreement, to a “button signature” of agreement. Oh and when a driver continues to extend the rides of passengers that they’re picking up, the punishment doesn’t stop there!

2.) Getting Temporarily Deactivated (Suspended!):

After the driver has been warned a few times, if the Rideshare company still believes a driver is choosing to extend the rides for passengers or go against company policy, the next step would be for the company to “temporarily deactivate” or what I like to call “temporarily suspend” the driver for an indefinite period of time. I was suspended for almost 2 days when they accused me of ignoring their company policy. Yep, they suspended your Rideshare doctor for going the extra mile lol. All for their customers mind you! Oh and when a driver continues to extend the rides of passengers (after being warned and temporarily deactivated), the consequences or penalties don’t stop here either!

3.) Getting A Chargeback:

This is the next disciplinary action taken against a Rideshare driver’s account when it pertains to the matter of “extending rides”! A chargeback is basically when a business or company forces an employee or private contractor to pay back money that the company feels as though wasn’t properly earned for whatever reason. But in cases like these, chargebacks happen because the companies feel as though you’re taking money that you weren’t supposed to make. So when you have the company constantly making you aware of not taking money that you weren’t supposed to make sorta speaking, that’s when more problems arise!

On top of having continuous passengers continually requesting for a refund of the difference between what they got charged and what was supposed to be charged, that’s when the chargebacks on Uber and Lyft drivers come into play. The even worse part is that these Rideshare companies wait until the small chargebacks equal hundreds of dollars before actually charging the driver’s bank account a large lump sum of cash. Using myself for an example, I was charged $252 total for extending rides. Keep in mind that this was all because I was trying to please the passengers. You know, by making stops that weren’t on the app, taking longer routes that the passenger said would be shorter and by overall listening to the passenger. The consequences drivers could face get much worse too!

4.) Getting Permanently Deactivated (Termination):

After a driver is warned more than a few times, suspended and charged for extending rides, there’s only one more disciplinary action in the Rideshare book for a Rideshare company to take against the driver. That one last disciplinary action the company would take against the driver would be to permanently deactivate the drivers account. In other words fire or get rid of that particular driver! Oh, and they do this in the most inhumane way possible.. When a Rideshare company fires a driver for whatever reason, the Rideshare company terminates the driver through emails and text messages which gives the driver the most messed up way possible to really respond or explain themselves.

Especially if the driver isn’t a good writer or if they’re not good at explaining themselves without being face to face. After sending your email response back to the company, that’s when they’ll respond to your email with a pre-written termination letter. Now if that isn’t inhumane, then I don’t know what is! It’s like they already have made their minds up before receiving your response. That being said, the least they could have done is call the driver, giving him more of a chance to not only speak up for himself but to also get more of a clear understanding of the circumstance as a whole!

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My Professional Conclusion For “Extending Rides”!

In conclusion I would like to conclude this article by speaking about what I spoke on earlier within the introduction of this review, which was concerning going the “extra mile“. Going the “extra mile” for passengers can be a good thing, from the customers standpoint. As a matter of fact, it could be a great thing! Just not when you’re a Rideshare driver. The fact that drivers get written up, suspended, charged and/or fired for going the extra mile for a passenger says it all! It simply says and shows that these Rideshare vampires don’t care about their passengers as much as they say they do. Not to mention the driver who’s actually carrying out these rides..

So if anything, drivers who decide to extend a ride upon the request of a passenger, actually demonstrates that the driver cares more about the passengers than what these blood suckers actually do! This in itself would be my main reason why I would feel as though passengers need to be more acknowledging. Especially when it involves a ride being extended, which is easy to accomplish and would only take a minute or two to complete. This could be easily done by the passenger either adding a stop before or during the ride, not trying to give the driver poor backseat directions or directions at all or by overall not asking the driver to do anything special or extra that the app isn’t already stating for the driver to do.

Oh and if the passenger did ask the driver to do something other than what the Uber or Lyft app was stating for them to do and your driver actually follows suit, as a “grateful passenger” you should provide this information to Uber or Lyft. This information could be provided to them in the form of a pickup note, 5 star rating or feedback within the app. Either before or after the ride is completed depending on which route you chose to take. And if a passenger doesn’t know how to show their appreciation by taking these simple steps, then that passenger shouldn’t request for the driver to do anything other than what the drivers app is telling them to do.

You know, getting the passenger from point A to point B safe and sound and at the estimated time of arrival, which was provided when the ride was ordered and accepted. I think I’ll rest my case now guys!!

But before I end this short review, I want to know what you guys think when it comes to Rideshare drivers extending rides for passengers who request it. Do you agree that Rideshare drivers should willingly extend the ride when a passenger makes the request or do you think that the passenger should follow the rules like everyone else? Do you think drivers should be held accountable for extending a ride for a passenger? If you’d like to be heard or have anything you’d like to say, please feel free to leave those stories, thoughts, comments and concerns at the bottom of this review and I will be sure to respond back to you promptly.

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