The Benefits Of Knowing Where Everything’s Located As A Rideshare Driver!

In this review, I’ll be exploring the benefits of knowing where everything is located as a Rideshare driver! How many of you guys love to hang out and have fun? All of my readers for the most part right? How many of you guys love traveling or discovering new places to hang out at? Hangout places like restaurants, clubs, bars, parks, amusement parks, or malls, just to name a few. If you do, my next question is what if you could know where everything’s located while traveling or going out, as far as the examples I’ve provided so far? Wouldn’t that help make your life a little easier? Or if not easier, just a little bit more simple??

As a matter of fact, consider the example of you knowing exactly where you are going when you’re venturing out for any purpose. Wouldn’t this prior knowledge make your life more simple and the task of where you’re going more easier? I don’t know about you, but for me it would and I’ll explain more on that shortly. Knowing this kind of information would always come in handy, even if you were just trying to impress or help someone out! I mean, who said you had to be going to the place that you’re recommending to someone else? You could help that person even if you were just giving them directions to get there!

So with all that being said, I’m pretty sure you readers can guess what I’m about to cover with this review, if you haven’t caught on already. This review will be all about drivers knowing where everything is located, simply by being everywhere all the time, as a Rideshare driver. This knowledge can be gained over time as Rideshare drivers engage in the process of picking up and dropping off passengers. This is actually another great benefit of working with Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, and Sidecar just to name a few. With every ride you complete comes more knowledge on places to be and/or places to not to be.

Here at #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about sharing my story and my real life personal experiences with you concerning this Rideshare industry. That’s why I created this platform. I want everyone to know what happens when passengers and drivers are out on that road by themselves. The good stuff and the bad stuff! I don’t want to waste my experiences! I want to talk about the situations that these Rideshare companies, the drivers or the passengers aren’t talking about. Let my website be your venting space, advisor and a place you can visit for common understandings. Let me assist you toward becoming the best, safest Rideshare driver or passenger you can be! Let my experiences and lessons become your blessings.

Oh and for the record, I’m not trying to convince anyone to become a Rideshare driver with this review. I’m only trying to make folks aware of the other benefits of being a rideshare driver that you normally don’t hear people talking about. Shall we begin!

That being said, this short rideshare review will be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

What Do I Mean By, Knowing Where Everything Is Located?
Why Is It Good To Know Where Everything Is Located When Traveling Or Going Out?
My Professional Conclusion For Knowing Where Everything Is Located!

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What Do I Mean By Knowing Where Everything Is Located?

When you’re a Rideshare driver constantly driving on the road, let’s just say that you find yourself on any and all streets, highways and back roads at all times! When I say any and all streets at all times I mean you’ll find yourself in places that you’re familiar with and places where you’re not familiar. That being said, if you were to drive in areas you’re familiar with and areas you aren’t so familiar with more than you usually do, wouldn’t that make you the perfect “go to” person for questions concerning that particular location? For me personally I would definitely say so.

If you visit the same places that you aren’t too familiar with more than enough times, wouldn’t you know something about it or how to get there if someone asked you for directions? You would maybe even start to remember the names of those places too right? Especially if you keep visiting those particular places or locations long enough! I can’t tell you how much I remember from completing my little 32,000 rides! That being said, I feel like I’m an expert on the road when it comes to recommendations and/or giving out directions.

As a matter of fact, knowing where everything’s located would make you the perfect driver or person to date. You would be a perfect driver or date for your family, friends or to a beautiful woman that you’ve just met. Just think about it!

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Why Is It Good To Know Where Everything Is Located When Traveling Or Going Out?

How many of you readers ever went out with some friends or by yourself and knew exactly what the place was and where the place was located? How many of you readers have ever gotten an idea of a place to visit thru someone you’ve already known or maybe just met? How about getting an idea of a place to visit from overhearing someone else’s conversation? If you ever found yourself in a similar circumstance, just imagine being in a position where you’re constantly able to get tips and ideas through talking and also ease dropping on random passengers conversations!

Wouldn’t you consider this a great benefit to indulge in when it comes to being a UberLyftVia or Sidecar driver? I know I would. Why would a Rideshare driver want to waste these ideas of things to do and/or places to go? Now to get more into details concerning the benefits of knowing where everything’s located when traveling or going out, I’ve decided to make a short list of some examples. That being said, knowing where everything is located (old or new!) could come in handy for the following situations:

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Wanting To Try Out New Places Or Hangout Spots:
You ever found yourself wanting to try out a new club or restaurant, but didn’t have any idea of where to start or go first? Well let’s just say that you wouldn’t fall short on ideas of places to go while being a Rideshare driver. You’ll be taking plenty of passengers to places you’ve never been or wouldn’t have imagined going on the regular basis. And since you get to check it out first hand before going and see it personally, you’ll not only know a little bit about the place you’re visiting, but you’ll also possibly know the directions already on how to get there!

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-Wanting To Surprise Or Impress A New Or Existing Girlfriend/Boyfriend To A Nice Dinner: You ever found yourself trying to surprise or impress someone, but didn’t know where to start? Have you ever had a person or loved one tell you what they’d like to eat or a place they would like to visit and you didn’t have the slightest idea of how to provide that to them? Well this would go right out the door driving for Uber because the more locations you pick up and drop off at, the less possible this problem would become.

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-Having To Give Out Directions To A Friend, Stranger Or Passenger: You ever found yourself having to give directions to a family friend, stranger or passenger who doesn’t know their way to or from a certain destination? I don’t know about you, but I can say for myself that I have. That being said, it’s the greatest feeling for me to be able to give someone precise directions on how to get where they’re trying to go. Keep working as a Rideshare driver and you will gain the same benefit as well!

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-Giving Out Good Recommendations Of Places To Visit: Has someone ever asked you for a good recommendation on a good place to eat or a nice place to go clubbing? Well let’s just say that as a Rideshare driver, you’ll have plenty of people asking you for recommendations which you will have. Especially after you complete your first thousand rides. But if you don’t have any ideas due to you just starting your career as a Lyft driver, don’t worry about having recommendations for your passengers. As time moves forward, I can almost promise you that the more you drive, the greater your ideas and recommendations will be.

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My Professional Conclusion For Knowing Where Everything Is Located!

Even if you have to make your own, every job comes with benefits right? I don’t care if it’s sneaking and taking a bite to eat when you need to, taking a nap or talking on the phone. So to bring it back to this Rideshare industry conversation, one of the major benefits (which a lot of people don’t talk about) is knowing the streets, back roads and highways. You really get to know (over time) where everything’s located. You also benefit from taking passengers to places where you’ve never been, which could be used as good ideas later on when you’re out doing things for yourself. Say if someone needed to know how to get somewhere and they happen to run into you. You would be in a great position to direct them in the right direction.

With that being said, I hope I got my point across when it comes to the benefits of knowing where everything is, as a Rideshare driver. That marks the end of this review guys! Do you have anything to add to this review that I should have mentioned? How about a simple disagreement or concern that you might have, over something that I might have covered? If you do have anything on your mind that you would like to say, please feel free to leave your remarks in the comment section below. I really appreciate you guys taking your time to read my short review. Take care of yourselves out there and drive safe!

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