Rideshare Drivers Dealing With Passengers Not Having Baby Safety Car Seats! Are Drivers Supposed To Have Child Safety Seats?

In this brief review, I’ll be discussing the issue of passengers neglecting to possess or bring car safety seats for their babies and young infants! I’ll be also answering the question concerning Uber drivers providing safety seats. As professional Rideshare drivers, we all face this same, common issue everyday. So now it’s time to relate about this serious safety issue as Rideshare drivers and hopefully bring a stop to this madness. As rideshare drivers, we’re faced every day with adult parents that don’t feel it’s necessary for them to bring a child safety seat, even though they know it’s the law. As a matter of fact, when your bringing a child into this world and you go to those birthing parenting classes, they teach you about these things for the safety of your baby..

But for some reason these parenting adult riders forget what they’ve learned in their parenting class the moment they order their UberLyftVia, or Sidecar ride. Or maybe they simply don’t care what they’ve learned in parenting class because they don’t feel like safeties a big deal. It’s not like they’re the ones driving right? But either way practicing proper safety is always a big deal, no matter who’s driving and no matter how the parenting adult passenger feels. I mean, when do babies not need a car seat? See how crazy that question sounds? That being said, if a baby is riding around in a 2,500 pound object containing steel, metal, explosive liquids, gases and other materials, they’re supposed to be safely secured within a child safety seat, period!

Here at #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about sharing my story and my 6 years of personal experiences with you, concerning Rideshare driving and providing professional Rideshare services! I have all kinds of experiences to share with you guys including the good, the bad, highs and the lows. I want everyone to be aware of what we go through as Rideshare drivers and Rideshare passengers. We all experience the same thing, just through different eyes, ears, and noses lol! I want to discuss the things that you don’t typically hear drivers or passengers talking about.

I also want to discuss the things that you don’t typically hear Rideshare companies talking about or explaining. Companies like UberLyftVia, and Sidecar, just to name a few. So with all that being said, I need you guys to allow my trials and tribulations to become your lessons and blessings in disguise. Everything that I’ve experienced by completing over 34,000 rides, has gotten me to where I’m at today. So let me lead you on your road to success, that way you won’t have to experience some of the things I’ve had to experience. And if you do, you’ll know how to professionally handle it!

This review will be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

What is a child safety seat?
Why are child safety seats important?
Should Uber Drivers Have Child Car Safety Seats?
The benefits of a passenger providing their own safety car seat!
What happens if you don’t have a car seat during an accident?
What are some reasons why parenting adult passengers feel baby seats are unnecessary?
Who suffers the consequences at the end of the day?
What to do when a passenger doesn’t have a car seat?
My professional conclusion for passengers not having car seats

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What Is A Child Safety Seat?

A child safety seat, is a small chair designated for babies and infants. The sole purpose of this safety chair, is to protect babies from serious injury or death if a motor vehicle accident or collision happens to occur. These child safety seats also go by the name booster seat, child restraint system, car seat, baby seat, infant safety seat or child seat. But they all are referring to the same thing, which is a child safety seat!

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Why Are Child Safety Seats Very Important?

I think this might be a silly question to ask. Even though this might be the case, I still have to provide an answer for those who may not know. But using child safety seats are very important because it gives a baby or child a chance at surviving a serious car accident. Especially a serious multiple car collision type of accident. As a matter of fact, when a child is in a booster seat (appropriately fit for their size!) during a bad car crash, the safety seats can actually help reduce the chances of the baby encountering serious injuries or death, by up to 80%! Keep in mind that the leading cause of death among kids in the US, are by motor vehicle injuries.

Lyft rules and regulations concerning child car safety seats
It’s not just a Lyft rule either. It’s state law!

Should Uber Drivers Already Have Child Car Safety Seats?

Again, should uber or rideshare drivers in general already all have child car safety seats in their possession? Sorry to repeat this question, but I’ll tell you why I did! Asking this question or making this type of statement is like asking a person, “Are strangers supposed to care for other strangers children, as much as the actual parent does”? Anyways, the simple answer to this question is HELL NO and here’s a few reasons why:

1st: Again, we’re not your children’s parents nor do we want to be treated like we’re your children parents! Especially when you don’t already have kids, like myself!

2nd: It’s not sanitary to allow multiple children who have no relation to each other, share the same safety car seat. It’s disgusting when you take into account what children do when their parents aren’t looking!

3rd: If the car seat is damaged in any way, shape or form by the passengers child, the car safety seat would be an extra bill that the rider would have to pay.

4th: Last but not least, Rideshare companies don’t require their drivers to have or provide car safety seats to passengers with children or small babies.

Mother carrying her young son to/from their car in the removable part of his carseat

The Benefits Of A Passenger Providing Their Own Safety Car Seat!

There are a few great benefits that adult, parenting passengers get to enjoy when providing their own safety car seats for their babies.

1st: You get your title back for being the “Most responsible parent of the year”!

2nd: Your guaranteeing your baby a safe, comfortable, enjoyable ride.

3rd: You’re saving yourself and your pockets from receiving a hefty fine from law enforcement.

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What Happens If You Don’t Have A Car Seat During An Accident?

In the case of a serious car accident taking place, if the parent just so happened to not have had their baby strapped into some sort of child restraint system, then the parent including the driver could both face moving violations. You both could be facing fines of up to $50 a piece, not including court cost when you decide to dispute the charges. The “Child Passenger Safety Law” is strict in Maryland, in which it should be and it varies from state to state.

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What Are Some Reasons Why Parenting Adult Passengers Feel Baby Seats Are Unnecessary?

It’s time for me to vent. Sorry in advance guys! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, there are a few excuses these so-called parenting adult passengers say when pertaining to them not having a child safety seat for their infant. These so-called parenting adult passengers say things like:

-“I Didn’t Know We Needed To Bring A Car Safety Seat”: This has to be one of the biggest lies riders say, when I confront them about not having a child safety seat. If you didn’t know that your child is supposed to be safely secure at all times while riding in a motor vehicle, then in all honesty you shouldn’t be a parent! I wonder what else you didn’t know you were supposed to have, when it pertains to keeping your child safe.

-“I Don’t Have Anywhere To Put It”: If you didn’t have anywhere to put your infants safety car seat (then in all honesty!), you also don’t have anywhere to put your baby. Or at least when it pertains to you riding in my vehicle, especially if I’m supposed to be a professional Rideshare driver. It’s never worth the risk!

-“I Didn’t Have Enough Hands”: If you don’t have enough hands to carry your child and your child’s safety car seat, then you also don’t have enough hands to carry your child. In other words, your child should have been left in the care of a babysitter or a responsible adult who actually cares about safety. Not with you!

-“But Our Other Drivers Didn’t Care About A Car Seat”: Never compare your current driver with your previous drivers. It’s very, very disrespectful! Especially since we’re not related in any way, shape or form. We’re private contractors for christ sakes. That being said, you ever heard the statement, “2 wrongs don’t make a right”? Well in this case, “50-100 wrongs don’t make it right either”! Excuses, excuses..

-“But We Only Going Up The Street”: The moment you step into a motor vehicle, you stand a chance at being involved in a car accident. And it doesn’t have to be your fault either! So with that being said, it doesn’t matter if you were only going across the street! Accidents don’t occur when, where and how you want them to, PERIOD! It’s always a surprise party we’re only a few motorist get the invitation!

-“Your The First Driver To Say Something”: There’s a first time for everything! Especially when the passenger comes into contact with the Rideshare Doc! I guess I’m just special or I simply care too much. Maybe a little bit of both lol! They do say that leaders are supposed to lead from the front..

-“You (the driver) Are Doing Too Much”: I feel as though I’m never doing too much, when it pertains to my passengers staying safe before, during and after our ride is completed. Especially when it pertains to the kids. They’re innocent for Christ sakes! So when could you possibly be doing too much? I just want your child to be safe and to be able to exit my vehicle, in the same condition they entered my vehicle in. Now that isn’t too much to ask for right lol?

-“You (the driver) Must Not Like Making Money”: If a passenger could only see how some of us Rideshare drivers live, then they would understand that we all pretty much like money. We all hustlers out here got damn it. And how does a driver not liking money, have anything to do with you irresponsible parents not having child booster seats? There’s a big difference between caring about money and caring about your child’s safety and well being! So I guess in this case, I guess I would have to say that I don’t like money that much lol. All money isn’t good money you know..

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Who Suffers The Consequences At The End Of The Day?

We all should know the answer to this question! But if you don’t know, I would be happy to remind you. That being said, any decision that we make as adults, directly affects the children at the end of the day. It doesn’t just have to be child booster seats either. Really anything that involves safety is our responsibility first, not the child’s. Oh, and it also affects your driver and could actually cost your driver their career as a Rideshare driver. Especially if an accident were to take place! Infant safety seats are more important and serious than these parenting, adult passengers think or realize!

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What To Do When A Passenger Doesn’t Have A Car Seat?

If a rider doesn’t have an infant safety seat for their child, then you have the right to cancel the ride and leave the pick up location. Now sometimes this can be easier said than done. Especially when they’re already in your vehicle. So what I’ve learned to do is to simply be extra vigilant when my passengers are walking towards my car. So for example, if you see a lady or man walking towards your car holding baby materials, then you could kindly ask them if they’re bringing a child with them and if they are bringing a child with them, to bring a car seat.

Another way you could go about it (which also involves you being extra vigilant) is paying attention to whether or not your passengers are carrying babies, as they walk to your car. If they’re carrying babies while walking towards your car and you don’t feel like even mentioning them having or bringing a car seat, you could simply leave them by exercising that good’ole “strong pull-off game” (which I’ve discussed how to do in previous articles lol!), and save yourself the headache. Take it from me because I’ve actually had my car door kicked because of a passenger not having a car seat. But I’ll share that story in another chapter of course!

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My professional conclusion for passengers not having car seats!

So in conclusion, I would like to say that there should never be a bad time to bring a car safety seat for your infant child! Whenever your child or baby is riding in a motor vehicle, they should be properly strapped in and secure to some sort of child restraint system. The same goes for adult passengers having to wear their seat belts at all times, whether they’re sitting in the front seat or not! This is not something that you should practice just because it’s the law. This is something you should practice because it could cost your baby, your rideshare driver and you your life if you don’t. And just so we’re clear, it’s never your Uber or Lyft driver’s responsibility to provide a child safety seat, nor do Rideshare companies require drivers to have them! So please be mindful.

Now that I’m nearing the end of another great review, it’s time to hear what you guys have to say about this! Did you enjoy what you’ve read or have any suggestions of what should have been mentioned that I could add to this review? How about any disagreements to something that I mentioned within this review? If you do have something to add, please leave your remarks at the bottom of this review in the comment section and I will be more than happy to respond!

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