The Importance Of Rideshare Drivers Having A Strong Pull-Off Game!

In this short review, my honest intention is to highlight the significance of professional Rideshare drivers mastering the art of efficient pull-offs! Yes it’s an art lol. I think that would be the best way to put it, especially if I’m trying to start this review off right. How many of you ever found yourselves in a bad situation where you just all of a sudden started to not feel good? How many of you ever found yourselves in a bad situation where you simply felt like running away as fast as you can? All of us right? If you ask me, for any person that says they haven’t been in a position or any type of situation similar would be lying. Especially if you’re a damn Rideshare driver lol.. It’s a part of the game!

I know you’ve heard of the statement, “desperate times can sometimes cause for desperate measures” right? It could have been because a passenger was being disrespectful, had a weapon or the passenger or current pick up location the passenger lived in simply made you feel unsafe. But regardless of the reason, these desperate measures that motorist take to protect themselves during those desperate times are very well needed. They can very much guarantee the driver’s safety by the end of the madness taking place! Or at least when you exercise my little “desperate measure” lol!

Here at #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about sharing my story personal experiences with you concerning the Rideshare industry. I believe it’s important for everyone to know about the things that take place within our vehicles as we fulfill our duty to the public. My intention is to uncover, open and discuss the concealed aspects and experiences of RideShare companies that they would prefer not to disclose or openly discuss with the public. You know, companies like UberLyftVia, or Sidecar just to name a few! Let this platform be your shoulder to cry on, your place to vent, or to simply share your experiences, thoughts and/or concerns! Let’s take them and grow together. Shall we begin..

For a better understanding of what I’ll be covering today, this review will be broken down into the following sections:

What Does Having A “Strong Pull-Off Game” Mean?
How Did I Come Up With This Technique?
What Should A Rideshare Driver Do First Before Utilizing This Technique?
If The Street Is A “Dead End”, What Should A Rideshare Driver Do?
How Can This Technique Be Used To Protect Rideshare Drivers?
When Should A Driver Use This Technique?
My Professional Conclusion For Having A “Strong Pull-off Game”!

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What Does Having A “Strong Pull-Off Game” Mean?

First I would like to say that I’m extremely proud to declare that I’m the founder of this helpful Rideshare term “strong pull-off game”. All Rideshare drivers should be constantly mentally implementing this term with every passenger they pick up! That being said, the meaning behind the term “Strong Pull-Off Game”, is meant exactly how it’s read! So a strong pull-off game would be when the Rideshare driver drives off as hard and fast as possible on an unwanted passenger. But not just any passenger! This technique is generally used or should be used on passengers who exhibit characteristics associated with safety concerns, inappropriate behavior, or some other type of potential, unsafe risk.

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How Did I Come Up With This Term/Technique?

First off I would like to say that I wasn’t a bored Rideshare driver sitting around with no rides thinking about how I could hurt or piss off my passengers lol. That damn sure wasn’t the case! Stumbling upon this technique was completely unintentional lol. But this term “strong pull-off game”, is a term that I personally created and found through years (maybe 2) of driving for Lyft! I didn’t even recognize that I was doing it until maybe my 5th or 6th time. But of course I was in a dangerous situation lol. I wouldn’t just leave Ms. Sally who’s walking with a cane while carrying a purse and 4 grocery bags. On second thought, as long as I haven’t found a good reason to. Sorry Ms. Sally.. don’t judge me lol!

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What Should A Driver Do First Before Utilizing This Technique?

When a Rideshare driver is arriving to any pickup location, there’s one thing you should keep in mind as your arriving. That one thing is how do you plan on escaping, if something was to go wrong? If you’re familiar with the area cool. But if you’re not familiar with the area you’re driving in, you’ll need to use your GPS map! As you observe your GPS map, what you’ll be looking for is ways to exit your location in case of an emergency, starting with the road you’re pick up is on. You want to first make sure that the road you’re picking up is on isn’t a “dead end” or a street that’s coming to an end. You want to make sure that the street your pickup is on isn’t a “dead end” because once you leave that passengers address, you have to immediately leave the area.

That being said, if a driver is forced to turn around and drive back towards the address where the passengers were left at, it’s a very strong possibility that the passengers might be a little bit angry lol. So it’s no telling what they’re going to be ready to do to your car when they see you driving back. Since they’re already aware of the street being a “dead end” he/she might be in some trouble! This could really turn into a scary situation if you’re not thinking about this. That’s why it’s crucial that you plan or map out your escape route first, as you’re pulling up to your pickup location.

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If The Street Is A “Dead End”, What Should A Rideshare Driver Do?

Answering this question is going to be very simple and straight to the point. When a driver is pulling up to a pickup location and happens to notice the street being a “dead end”, what the driver should do next is immediately turn that vehicle around. A driver should immediately turn their vehicle around, even when the passengers are already walking towards their vehicle. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it involves picking up and dropping off strangers. So by preparing yourself in advance, you’ll be ensuring you’re in a favorable position when the pull-off time comes. Even when you don’t plan on leaving the passenger behind!

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How Can This Technique Be Used To Protect Rideshare Drivers?

For best results, this technique should be used by Rideshare drivers at least a few seconds before the passenger reaches the driver doors. And that’s for best results! “Best results” meaning a guarantee that the driver leaves the passengers pick up location as safely as when they arrived. Not saying either that it wouldn’t work if the passenger was already at the drivers car door. Exercising the “element of surprise” along with a little speed is the real key! So this technique would still protect the driver, even with a passenger already being at the vehicles doors.

I’m basically reassuring my Rideshare drivers that this technique will always work. Again, exercising the “element of surprise” and a good pull off speed is what it really all boils down to here. When a driver is able to leave a passenger’s pickup location safe, the driver has successfully accomplished protecting themselves without hopefully having to make a report, a phone call or even worse becoming physical. If that’s not an easy way for a Rideshare driver to protect themselves from a bad situation, then I seriously don’t know what it is!

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When Should A Driver Use This Technique?

There are actually a few moments during a work day where a Rideshare driver might find it useful to use this “strong pull-off game” I keep yapping about lol! Let me provide you with a few good examples. I need all of my future Rideshare drivers to be prepared to pull off as hard and fast as possible, when these types of situations present themselves:

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Passenger Doesn’t Have A Child Safety Seat: If a driver happens to notice a passenger or parent bringing a baby to their car without also carrying a child safety seat, then exercise that strong pull-off game we’ve been talking about and leave! Especially if you happened to notice this from a distance, before they actually make it to your car door. Now you could ask them if they have a car seat, but I’ve had some bad experiences with that!

So let’s just say that it’s better to be safe now than sorry later when it comes to an angry passenger. I’ll say one more thing too.. No passenger and I do mean no passenger likes the word , “NO”. I’ve had my car door kicked from telling a “passenger who didn’t have a child safety car seat“, “NO, I can’t take this ride”. I’ll let you marinate on that one..

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Passengers Really Drunk: This is something that I feel like we all go through as Rideshare drivers, when it pertains to “picking up drunk passengers“. That being said, if you happen to notice a really drunk passenger walking towards your car looking out of it or discombobulated, exercise that “strong pull-up game” we’ve been talking about and immediately leave their drunk butts lol.

Especially if someone’s helping them walk to your car or you we’re lucky enough to notice them throwing up before they made it to your car door. Again, it’s better to be safe now than to be sorry later, when you’re cleaning up that passenger’s green puke! I’ve had some nasty experiences with this one guys..

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Passengers A Minor: If a driver happens to notice a minor walking towards their vehicle without their parents accompanying them, immediately exercise that “strong pull-off game” and leave! Parents are always calling rides for their “underage children or passengers“, regardless of their child’s age or the age requirements that Uber and Lyft put in place. So talking to a parent concerning their child needing to be 18 or over would be useless and a waste of the drivers time. The average adult passenger doesn’t care, period!

They’ll try to tell you every reason in the book why you’re supposed to take their child to their after school program, babysitter or wherever their child has to be lol! But that’s because all the parents care about is getting their child where they have to go, without them having to personally take them. DRIVERS PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND! So if that’s all that child’s parents want to care about, then all the Rideshare driver should want to care about, is pulling off as fast as possible, without question.

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Too Many Passengers: If a driver happens to notice more than four passengers walking towards your vehicle and your not in “XL” vehicle, you know what to do next right? If you did know what to do, tire marks should be what the passengers are walking up on and not your car lol. Now sometimes spotting when there is going to be too many passengers can be a little hard to notice, especially when they’re loading up the car one by one! The passenger might say something like, “oh there’s more people coming” or something similar once they’re in your car.

In cases like this, sometimes it can be hard to avoid picking up more passengers. But most of the time it isn’t! Again, it’s all about timing and also paying a little attention lol. So when you do find yourself in cases like this, you could try asking the passenger before you unlock your doors, if there’s any more people coming? Lord knows that’s what I do lol! Especially if I notice their lights still on and their front door still open after them leaving out. Pay attention to the signs and you’ll never have to pick up more passengers than you’re supposed to..

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Bad Neighborhood: Even though this should be a no brainer, some drivers should still be reminded that they don’t have to wait or pick up a passenger when they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Especially when doing pickups in very unsafe, drug infested, murderous locations. Passengers should already be outside in dangerous cases like these. That being said, if you happen to pull up to a house where you see 20 hoodlums and drug addicts standing outside selling and using drugs and not your passenger, please exercise that “strong pull-off game”, make like a tree and leave immediately!

Don’t wait until one of the guys comes to your car and asks you if you need anything or if you’re good? It could be a crack house or crack neighborhood for Christ sakes! REMEMBER THAT! I’ve had this happen to me countless times before recognizing that I was supposed to have been pulled off. You wouldn’t want to get yourself involved in any illegal criminal activity or seem like you’re involved with any illegal criminal activity because that will get you in trouble and/or pulled over quick.

Especially if police happen to notice you from a distance communicating with the hoodlums, just before exiting using your “strong pull-off game”. The police might assume you’re in a hurry to get high or something lol. Congratulations because you have just made yourself guilty by association!

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My Professional Conclusion For Having A “Strong Pull-Off Game”!

So in conclusion to this short review, I would like to say that there are plenty of moments where a Rideshare driver might find this “strong pull off game” necessary to perform. Regardless of the situation a driver is trying to get themselves out of, it all boils down to the element of surprise! The drivers element of surprise should include a fine mixture of perfect timing and speed. That’s what the “strong pull-off game” is actually made up of lol. You just have to be able to recognize when and how to properly execute it, which I’ve already covered in this short review.

You should also understand now the importance of implementing this technique as a part of your game plan, before picking up any passenger! Your safety should always be your top priority, not your passenger. This might sound selfish but when you’re safe, the passengers are safe. Or at least when they’re in your vehicle! Anything outside of your vehicle should never be your concern. Especially when it’s making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. This Rideshare industry is more dangerous than most people know!

I think that sums it up for this review guys. I could have rambled on forever when it comes to having this “strong pull-off game”! What do you guys think about my technique when it comes to leaving passengers that make you feel unsafe? Do you think I’m being too hard on the passengers? Do you have a different approach that I should have mentioned instead of making this review all about having a “strong pull-off game”? If so, please feel free to leave those thoughts, suggestions, comments, and concerns at the bottom of this review and I will be sure to respond back to you promptly.

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