5 Important Facts Why Rideshare Drivers And Passengers Should Use Tolls!

In this comprehensive review, I’ll be covering five compelling facts or reasons that emphasize the importance of Rideshare drivers and passengers utilizing toll roads. By exploring the advantages and highlighting their significance, I hope to shed light on the importance of drivers using tolls. They say that there’s no shortcuts in life right? Well, maybe when it comes to getting a good education or getting a good job. But in this case which involves Rideshare driving, if you truly wanted to take a shortcut, there’s definitely a way to go about doing that. It doesn’t require any skills or special techniques either! Imagine having a way of finishing the same job that you do everyday, but with half the labor.

Wouldn’t that make your job a lot easier? You’re still working hard, while getting paid the same dollar amount. You’re just not putting in the same effort that used to be required! So taking shortcuts isn’t so bad after all and could come in handy, which is what I’ll be covering with this review. We all deserve a little break sometimes right? Especially us drivers lol. Who wants to drive all the way around the Marlboro bush just to reach a destination that was a straight shot? Now we’re all mad right?

Here at #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about sharing my story and personal experiences with you concerning the Rideshare driving industry. I want everyone to know what we go through as drivers and passengers. I want the world to know through my personal 6 plus years of experience, what these Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, and Sidecar don’t want you to know or want you to think about. Having a full disclosure pertaining to what your paying for should be a given. But since it’s not, that’s what your RideShare Doc is here for. Let me help prepare you for what’s going to be in front of you and more importantly behind you!

For a better understanding of what I’ll be covering today, this review will be broken down into the following sections:

What Are Tolls?
How Do Tolls Work?
Do Rideshare Companies Allow Drivers To Use Tolls?
5 Important Facts On Why RideShare Drivers And Passengers Should Use Tolls
Can Using A Toll Ever Be A Bad Thing For A Driver Or Passenger?
My Professional Conclusion For Drivers Using Tolls

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What Are Tolls?

A toll is a specified fee that motorists are obligated to pay when needing to drive a quicker route or take a shortcut. These special toll routes that motorists pay for consist of tunnels, bridges and shortcut roads. When taking this approach, drivers are literally shortening up they’re travel times. That being said, what Rideshare drivers or passenger wouldn’t want to arrive at they’re drop off destination slightly earlier than usual or earlier than what was planned?

Cars waiting at highway pay toll peage

How Do Tolls Work?

The process of using a toll route will vary from state to state, but in general the process is quite simple! You might have noticed toll signs before while driving past an interstate or highway, but never really paid them any mind. You generally see these types of signs when entering a highway, just before getting on the entrance ramp or when you’re literally a few miles away from approaching the toll. Approaching a toll is different for everyone since everyone has different payment methods! Depending on the state you are driving in, they’ll be either more payment options available or less payment options available.

When you’re approaching a toll station, the lane you’re supposed to be in will depend on your chosen payment method. There are three different payment methods available for drivers to take advantage of. This also means that there are three lanes to choose from when approaching the toll station. Each lane is labeled with a different payment method so drivers will know exactly which lane to drive in and/or which booth to approach. The following payment and/or lane options available for use are:

Paying Highway Toll. Men in the Car Paying the Toll. Highway Systems.

1.) Cash Payments: Cash payments are pretty much always accepted except when no one’s in the booth. When someone is present, it’s recommended that drivers have exact cash. Toll booth operators dislike having to break large bills like $20’s, $50’s and $100’s. It also again has to be a toll booth operator available for you to use this option.

A driver is paying the toll charge at a motorway toll booth with his debit card. He is inserting the debit card into the slot to pay the charge.. (Cars and defining toll booth features have been altered)

2.) Credit Card Payments: Credit card payments are also acceptable and can actually be a better option than making cash payments. The advantage of making a credit card payment lies in the fact that no physical presence is required for drivers to make their payments. With the availability of an electronic toll collection system, drivers can conveniently make their payments at any time! However it’s important to note that the availability of a electronic toll collection system may vary from state to state.

Kearny: EZPass EZ Pass Cash lane for toll to bridge on New York City, NYC, prices, lane restrictions, Hertz truck

3.) Ez Pass, SunPass, or FasTrak Payments: An electronic toll collection system is also in place for this option as well! This option which includes EZ Pass, SunPass or fast track payments also offers a convenient alternative to cash payments. Once you have set up your EZ Pass account, you simply need to make sure there’s enough money available. The amount you put in your account depends on how frequently you use tolls each month. Once your account is ready, you can freely navigate through toll roads without any interruptions or needing to interact with toll booth attendants. Payments are seamlessly processed through your account, providing a hassle-free experience.

Do Rideshare Companies Allow Drivers To Use Tolls?

Rideshare companies such as Lyft and Uber, encourage their drivers to go the extra mile when it pertains to providing a superior ride experience for their passengers. So as long as it relates to driving and enhances the overall journey, drivers are allowed to take any actions that contribute to accommodating their passengers. Whether it involves finding ways to reach the drop-off destination more efficiently or making the ride more enjoyable, Lyft and Uber fully support initiatives that prioritize a passengers satisfaction.

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5 Important Facts On Why RideShare Drivers And Passengers Should Use Tolls:

1.) Less Gas Usage: Now this first fact actually only benefits the driver! That being said, one of the biggest benefits a professional motorist gets to experience when using tolls routes is using less fuel. Drivers are able to keep more money in their pocket, while at the same time getting the passenger to their designated drop off destination on time. This is because toll roads typically offer shorter routes (or short cut routes!), which goes hand in hand with decreasing the typical mileage usage. Less mileage usage equals less money spending on the driver’s end!

2.) Flexibility And Choices: When a driver chooses to take the route of a toll road and is willing to pay that toll or “convenience fee”, drivers and passengers have more choices. That being said, a toll road could possibly offer drivers and their passengers the chance or choice to drive past a place they needed to stop at, that the normal route may not have had available. You know, like a rest area with a bathroom (for the passenger!), convenience store, service station (for the driver!) and/or fast food restaurants for both the driver and passenger. More choices equals more satisfaction on both ends.

3.) Travel Times Become More Predictable: Toll roads or routes tend to offer passengers and drivers a more consistent flow of traffic. Especially during the crazy, busy, hectic, rush hour moments of the day. As a matter of fact, these moments of the day are when tolls present the most value! This of course would lead to a driver or passenger making better predictions and more accurate estimations when it involves a passengers pick up, travel and arrival times! Accurate time estimations equals a happier driver and passenger!

4.) Heightened Safety Precautions: Toll roads tend to exhibit elevated safety criteria and more stringent enforcement, in comparison to regular roads. This means more cameras and most definitely a faster time response when referring to law enforcement. That being said, arriving to your designated destination on time is almost a guarantee! Safer roads equal more guaranteed safety for drivers and passengers.

5.) Less Traffic Jams: Toll roads can be positively effective for both the driver and the passenger when combating traffic congestion on heavily traveled routes. Reduced traffic congestion equals having less reasons to stop. Reduced traffic congestion also equals less accidents. The fact that everything is always flowing makes last stopping and less accidents possible! But of course there’s no guarantees!

Queued cars waiting at point of toll checkpoint during rush hour at night

Can Using A Toll Ever Be A Bad Thing For A Driver Or Passenger?

When a driver chooses to take a toll route at a bad time, I believe the consequences would primarily affect the driver more than the passenger. Any potential consequences for the passenger would likely be related to congestion or an unexpected traffic jam. Naturally this wouldn’t pose any concerns or drawbacks for the driver, as driving is an inherent part of their role regardless of the specific road they take. Whether the passenger chooses one road or another, the primary responsibility of the driver’s job remains unchanged.

But if the driver had no intention of spending money or just so happened to have lacked funds altogether, then the driver would also encounter some losses. That being said, it’s important to acknowledge that using tolls Routes can sometimes be a bad thing!

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My Professional Conclusion For Drivers Using Tolls!

So in conclusion I would like to say that having options as a professional Rideshare driver is beneficial, particularly when driving around a passenger who’s running late! Each day can present varying levels of activity, with some days being slower in terms of pickups and others being busier. Certain occasions like holidays may necessitate driving on less congested roads. Considering these factors, it is advantageous to recognize that tolls can expedite the process of completing rides for drivers, regardless of whether pickups are occurring at a slower or faster pace.

That sums it up for this short review guy’s! Now that wasn’t so bad was it lol? Did you like what you’ve read or have anything to add that should have been mentioned? How about any agreements or disagreements to 1 of my benefits listed? If you do have something pleasant on your mind that you would like to say, please feel free to leave what’s on your mind at the bottom of this review and I will be more than happy to respond!

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