How Rideshare Drivers Can Keep Busy When There’s No Rides!

Have you ever thought about how a Rideshare driver would keep themselves busy when they’re not picking up or dropping off passengers? How about when it’s extremely slow and no rides are coming in at all? The thought of having nothing to do while being at work can make any person feel like they’re wasting valuable time. We could be doing something better with that wasted time, if we decided not to show up for work right? I know I would. Lord knows I have some ideas. With all that being said, that’s exactly what I plan on discussing within this short review!

Here at #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about sharing my story and my personal 6 years of experiences with you concerning the Rideshare industry. Now I know one of my readers might be asking themselves, “why in the hell would Mr.Hassan even think about sharing some of his horror stories”? Well, I feel as though there’s a lesson to be learned in everything that we do in life. That includes the bad things too! Sharing something bad with another individual could help them avoid making the same mistake you made.

Keeping that in mind, my goal here is to achieve precisely that with every article I publish! My intention is to impart these valuable lessons and experiences to all of you, sparing you the hardships I once had to endure and still do from time to time. Let’s discuss the things that these Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, and Sidecar don’t talk about. Let’s share ideas and trade experiences. We can go together this way! No Rideshare driver or passenger is alone when visiting this platform! Shall we begin..

For a better understanding of what I’ll be covering today, this review will be broken down into the following sections:

What Does “Busy” And “Slow” Mean In The Rideshare Driving World?
Why Is It Important For Drivers To Be Able To Recognize When Business Is Busy Or Slow?
What Would Be A Sign Of It Being Busy Or Slow?
What Plays A Big Role In Rideshare Business Being Slow Or Busy?
How Can A Bored Driver Keep Themselves Busy When It’s “Slow”?
Can A Rideshare Drivers Day Being “Slow” Sometimes Be A Good Thing?
My Professional Conclusion!

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What Does “Busy” And “Slow” Mean In The Rideshare Driving World?

A driver not knowing when business is “busy” or “slow” can significantly impact their ability to be a profitable Rideshare driver! Unless the drivers part-time or only driving to earn a few extra bucks. But for my new full-time Rideshare drivers looking to maximize their earnings, knowing when it’s “busy” or “slow” is a big deal. And for you to know when it’s “busy”, you would also have to know and understand what “busy” means in the Rideshare driving world. So let’s start there..

When referring to the term “busy”, “swamped” or “more”, these terms would mean (in my book!) the driver is consistently getting rides back to back without stopping. In other words the driver is continuously making money and receiving new ride requests back to back, which are normally being added to their queue. This is all happening while the driver’s still in the process of completing their current ride.

Now when referring to the term “slow”, “dead” or “less”, these terms basically would mean (in my book again lol!) the complete opposite of what I’ve just explained. The term “slow”,”dead” or “less” means that the driver isn’t getting many rides causing them to continuously have to stop. So for example when a driver gets a ride during a “slow” or “dead” hour, they won’t get any more pickups once that ride is completed.

Businessman driving in blue car with traffic jam, Businessman Vector illustration.

Why Is It Important For Drivers To Be Able To Recognize When Business Is Busy Or Slow?

When it pertains to your earnings, it’s always important for a driver to be able to recognize when it’s busy and/or when it’s slow. Especially when a driver has a particular goal set in mind for the week or a game plan that they’re trying to execute. So when drivers are able to differentiate between slow and busy hours, they can gain the knowledge needed to invest their precious time more wisely.

So instead of a driver earning $50 by driving for 2 hours during a slow time period, drivers would instead earn $75 by driving during a busy time period. Keep in mind that this is from driving within the same 2-hour timeframe. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s important for new Rideshare drivers working in the Rideshare industry to grasp this ability to recognize when it’s busy and when it’s not? I thought you would agree. Let’s move on to the signs of it being busy or slow..

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What Would Be A Sign Of It Being Busy Or Slow?

A Big Sign Of It Being Busy:

When it’s “busy”, all completed rides are followed by another ride. In other words, while the driver is completing their current ride, they’ll also have a second ride waiting for them when they’re finished with the first. When you have this happening back to back, this is what I would classify as a “busy” moment. And whether those rides are long or short, you should be completing no less than two to four rides per hour. That’s if it’s “busy”!

A Big Sign Of It Being Slow:

When it’s “slow”, no completed ride is followed by another ride. In other words, while the drivers completing their current ride, they won’t have a second ride waiting for them when they’re finished. And whether these rides are long or short, your average ride count per hour would be anywhere between one and two pickups, which is horrible. A driver would really need those rides to be long to really make the ride count! But this is when my strategies to stay occupied come into play, which I’ll be discussing shortly!

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What Plays A Big Role In A Rideshare Drivers Day Being Slow Or Busy?

When referring to a driver’s daily earnings, there’s actually a few elements that play a humongous part in a Rideshare drivers day being “busy” or “slow”and they are:

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The Day And Time Of Day:

One of the elements that play a big role in the driver’s day being either “slow” or “busy”, is the day and the time of day it happens to be that the driver is working on. For a driver to be able to take this advice and put it into practice would depend on what city and state you live in because every state has different busy days and times. I know for the DMV where I reside, our busiest days are Friday Saturday and Sunday. Mondays through Thursdays are “busy” too, but more so during the early mornings, the rush hour evenings and late nights. But again, it would depend on where you live..

New Year Holidays and Christmas Party flat vector illustration.

The Time Of Year:

Another element that plays a big role in a driver’s day being “busy” or “slow”, is the time of year it is. I’m referring to holidays when I speak on the time of year by the way! That being said, holidays like halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s tend to bring the busiest moments of the year. This goes for all businesses, no matter where you live and no matter what day or what specific time it may be. Holidays are that serious guys! But again, it depends a little on where you live that will determine your ending results.

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Inclement Weather:

In really bad weather situations like extreme cold or heat, snow storms, thunderstorms and hurricanes, these types of weather conditions definitely play a major part in a person’s options and a driver having a busier day. Sometimes it could be the exact opposite. This is particularly true during snowy weather, as there tend to be fewer people outside. Especially in the early morning hours (1am-5am).

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Gatherings And Celebrations:

Another major element that plays a big role in a driver’s day being “busy” or “slow”, are local events and festivals. When I say local events or festivals I mean things like major picnic gatherings, live concerts, large marches, sports games and “conventional type” events. All of these factors have the potential to draw a substantial crowd of people in need of some sort of transportation type service. This in return could lead to it being “busier” than usual for drivers.   

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Rewards And/Or Marketing campaigns:

Sometimes Rideshare companies offer discounts, rewards and/or incentives to passengers through marketing campaigns, which could take place at any time. These particular incentives offer a strong possibility for more business when it comes to motivating passengers to order more rides. This could easily lead to a busier work day, week or month for Rideshare drivers. That being said, when you download your driver’s app to work for Uber or Lyft, be sure to also download the passengers app. Doing this will definitely enable you to stay up to date on the passengers’ incentives, which in return could help you in pin pointing when it’s going to be “busy”.

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How Can A Bored Driver Keep Themselves Busy When It’s “Slow”?

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Exercise More Often: If you enjoy exercising or lifting weights like I do, you could use your boredom when it’s “slow” to add on some extra muscle! One way you could start is by reclining your chair all the way back and doing some good’ole sit ups. You could also buy dumbbells from Modell’s Sporting Goods or one of your local sports stores and do bench presses while laying down (amongst other arm exercises!). Just be sure to be careful while moving those weights. 

You don’t want to accidentally break one of your car windows. Doing sit-ups with dumbbells works good too, if you’re trying to really rip that stomach lol! You could also use this boredom to stretch more, which would definitely help in keeping all of your muscles and ligaments loose! Just an idea I implement on a daily basis..

Young girl meditating at home during quarantine time. Woman is practicing yoga and thinking about time management. Concept illustration for yoga, meditation, relax, healthy lifestyle. Vector, flat.

Meditate More Often: There’s no better way for a Rideshare driver to maintain a peace of mind other than when meditating. Especially if they just had a bad, loud experience with a funky passenger lol. So if you enjoy taking breaks and meditating like I do, you could use your boredom or those “slow” moments of the day to add on more peace and quietness. Take advantage of those quiet moments by bringing that peace and tranquility back to your being!

Doing this constantly between rides due to it being “slow” could prepare you for a future bad experience, if you were to encounter one. You’ll be so relaxed from meditating that you don’t care and the least way, what the passengers are saying or screaming about lol! Merely another idea I consistently put into action on a daily basis.

Voice recording studio. Woman in headphones listening music and singing flat style concept. Girl records new song. Karaoke party. Flat vector illustration isolated on white background

Listen To More Music: If you really enjoy listening to music which is something else that I very much like to do, then you could also be using these “slow” moments on the road specifically just for that. Put on a lovely piece of music. Maybe some jazz or some hip hop and R&b. Maybe something you haven’t played before! Just make sure it’s something that brings you joy and provides a sense of eternal relaxation or contentment. You’ll feel so well prepared to welcome your next passenger that you won’t know what to do with yourself lol! Another idea I implement daily..

Woman is reading a book vector illustration

Listen To An Audiobook/Read More: Is there anyone reading this review who wouldn’t mind learning something new? Everyone for the most part right? I know I’m one of them. You could really sharpen up on an old or new skill easily when you don’t have any rides to pick up. There are plenty of resources online including tutorials and educational courses that could aid you in your area of interest or quest for knowledge.

That being said, if you really enjoy learning new things like I do, you could use your boredom to not only build your body, but also your mind! What have you always been interested in that you would like to learn more about? I’m pretty sure you could think of something. Once you have thought of something, take advantage of that boredom and fully dig in!

Young man sitting on toilet bowl and enjoy reading a book

Use The Bathroom: There’s no better time for a Rideshare driver to take care of themselves or handle their personal needs than when it’s “slow” on the road. Though it might sound like that was needless to say, it wouldn’t hurt to remind new Rideshare drivers of this fact. Sometimes I forget to relieve myself and end up not remembering until I get a really long ride. So reminding new drivers of this fact shouldn’t hurt. But forgetting to do it will!

For the record, I have no problem taking advantage of this one when business is slow..

Vector, Customer service, call center, hotline, customer support department staff concept.

Make A Phone Call: What better time is there to make a phone call other than when business is “slow”? Just don’t tell the person you’re calling that you’re calling them because you’re bored lol. You could also use this time to make important phone calls like scheduling appointments or calling a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. This is another idea that I consistently translate into action on a daily basis.

Young man happy holding smartphone and playing game. Flat vector illustration isolated on white background

Watch Something On Your Electronic Device: Watching something interesting on your electronic device can definitely make that good old boredom or “slow” moment of the day pass by fast! But be careful.. Depending on what you decide to watch during the “slow” moments of your work day, you just might put yourself to sleep or take yourself out of work mode! So be mindful of what you plan on watching, unless you were planning on going to sleep or not working for the rest of the day.

Mental stress, frustration, depression, fatigue, sleep concept. Young unhappy depressed stressful frustrated woman driver character sleeping on steering wheel. Annoyance about stucking in car traffic.

Sleeping Or Napping More Often: If you happen to be one of those drowsy drivers who’s always having a hard time sleeping at night, using these slow moments of your Rideshare day could be very useful. Even if it’s just a short cat nap, getting some sleep is better than getting no sleep at all. Especially if you couldn’t sleep because of an outside reason like maybe a baby crying or some other random distraction you may not have been able to avoid.

That being said, simply play something pleasant on your radio or your electronic device, recline your driver’s seat all the way back and snore away lol! Just be sure to set an alarm which should be connected or Bluetooth to your car’s stereo. You would then adjust the volume slightly higher or loud enough for you to wake up and you should be good to go! Snore away folks, snore away lol..

Woman feel hungry and eating noodles for lunch. Chinese noodle soup meal. Instant noodles with egg.

Eating Or Snaking On Something Tasty: If you enjoy eating or snacking on junk foods just as much as I do, you could now use your “slow” moments of your work day or night to really get it in lol. Would you happen to have a favorite food or snack that you always wanted to indulge in without someone needing you to share it with them?

You know like a roommate or family member? If you do (which I’m sure most of you do!), now would be the perfect time to really indulge in those delicious cravings. Just don’t blame me for any sort of weight gain that you might encounter while indulging in those unhealthy, tasty cravings. Moderation is key baby! That’s me saying that to myself lol. I’m fat!

Vector illustration design template with smart device and change your mindset text on its screen. Colorful web banner design with trendy decorations for corporate marketing or various vector illustrations.

Work On Self Improvement/Mindset: Are there any parts about yourself that you would like to change or improve? I don’t know about you guys but it’s always something I’m aiming towards improving when referring to myself as an example. One of them is the way I talk! Don’t tell anyone I said this lol, but when I’m bored inside my vehicle between rides, I find myself constantly talking to myself. Especially when I’m in the middle of writing! Thank God for tint windows!

That being said, if there’s a certain part of yourself that you’re trying to improve, now would be the perfect time to improve it. No one ever has to know about it which also means no one can judge you for the improvements that you’re trying to make for yourself. Only you and God will be the judge of that one!

Couple standing at the mountain viewpoint and taking pictures of landscape.
Fully editable vectors on layers.

Going Sightseeing: This is something else that I do when it’s not “busy” on the road and I’m feeling a little boredom starting to sink in. If I find myself in an area that I’m not familiar with or maybe in an area that I find to be very attractive, it’s time to get my binoculars and go sightseeing lol! I’m kidding about the binoculars though lol! If you’re the type of driver that also likes beautiful sceneries like maybe a huge body of water, farmland, mountains, mansions or just a simple beautiful neighborhood, going sightseeing while it’s slow might work for you as well.

Doing this could also help keep you focused and in love with being on the road. I know it does for me. I love being on the road! Doing this also helps in keeping me awake when I’m feeling sleepy. This is probably why I’m able to drive for such long periods of time whether business is coming in “slow” or “busy”! So take advantage of the areas you find yourself in guys..

Set of people with pencils and pens. Men and women write and draw. Journalists, copywriters, authors and editors. Designers and artists. Cartoon flat vector collection isolated on white background

Writing/Drawing/Crossword Puzzles: If you enjoy writing (like myself!), drawing, completing crossword puzzles (like myself again lol!) or anything else of this nature, now would be the perfect time to focus on it, indulge in it, make the best of it and become the best at it. When using myself for an example (which you know I love to do!), slow moments like these actually offer me the perfect opportunities to indulge in my amazing career as a writer.

I actually feel one with my writing career and my profession as a Rideshare driver when I’m writing while actually being out there driving. It feels like I’m nose diving into my passion for Rideshare driving. It feels like I’m nose diving 100% into my true self! I’m 100% practicing what I preach and preaching what I practice. So if you were to speak on being 100% passionate about who you are and what you do for a living, you would be literally describing your Rideshare Doctor Mr.Hassan lol.

So to end this list off right, I would like to tell my professional drivers to take advantage of these beautiful “slow” moments of your day. You just might discover something new about yourself that you should’ve noticed or discovered a long time ago, like I did. I can’t believe how passionate I am about writing and Rideshare driving!

Person driving a car slow.

Can A Rideshare Drivers Day Being “Slow” Sometimes Be A Good Thing?

Hell yeah being slow sometimes can be a good thing. As a matter of fact, experiencing a slow moment during a Rideshare driver’s work day could sometimes be a great thing! Especially if the driver had a whole bunch of things they had to take care of for that particular day. Drivers could literally use that down time of not having rides to make the stops that they may have needed to make.

It could be something simple as making a grocery or a liquor store run. You could make a quick stop to pick up your medicine, grab a book from the library or go see your dad for a hot second, which would all be describing myself lol. Either way being bored sometimes while working on the road can really be a good thing. Ok I think I’ve made my point now. Let’s conclude this review now!

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My Professional Conclusion!

So in conclusion, I would like to say whether a Rideshare driver is bored because it’s really “slow” or occupied because it’s really “busy”, it ultimately depends on a driver’s personal perspective and approach to the situation at the end of the day. I will say this though.. No driver should ever be bored, EVER! The key lies in being able to put your time to good use. The key also lies in a driver being resourceful, creative and being able to multitask. Understanding that there’s always time for something is also a key point that all professional Rideshare drivers should keep in mind.

You’re only truly wasting your valuable time when you consciously decide to let the passing moments slip by without taking any kind of action. Lyft and Uber aren’t actually telling drivers to do nothing when there’s no ride request to accept. Lyft and Uber aren’t also telling drivers to stay in boredom when there’s no ride request to accept. So with that being said, I guess it’s the driver that tells themselves these things! So now that you know that it’s you telling yourself that you’re bored from it being “slow” on the road, what are you prepared to do? Hopefully now you have an idea!

So now that I’m nearing the end of another great review, I would like to ask you guys some questions. And this question is more so for my Rideshare drivers. Would you guys happen to have any more suggestions of some things that a driver could do when there bored on the clock? Do you have anything you’d like to add that should have been mentioned within this review? Anything at all? Well if you do, please feel free to leave those thoughts, comments and concerns at the bottom of this review and I will be sure to respond back to you promptly!

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