The Importance Of All Rideshare Drivers Utilizing Tint Windows!

With this review, I’ll be covering the importance of Rideshare drivers utilizing tint windows while picking up and dropping off passengers. Everyday as adults we find ourselves in situations where we stand the possibility of having to protect ourselves. It just comes with the territory of working around people you don’t know, if you were to ask me! Especially when deciding to step out into the public as a Rideshare driver. We willingly have to drive ourselves into dangerous neighborhoods to make our money which is one of the biggest reasons why our job is so dangerous!

So having protection in the form of dark windows if you will, definitely can make a difference in a driver’s safety. Especially since we’re not allowed to carry weapons. Or at least that’s what these Rideshare companies say! But it seems that these Rideshare companies can’t take all of our protection away. Especially since we’re talking about protecting ourselves with windows instead of using your everyday traditional weapons of choice! Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a big difference!

At #1RideShare Doc, my primary focus lies in sharing my story and authentic personal experiences with you concerning Rideshare driving. My goal is to raise awareness among drivers, passengers, and the general public concerning the realities of this dynamic Rideshare industry. I aim to ensure that everyone is well-informed about the positives, negatives, highs and lows that come with it. Let’s talk about the things that these Rideshare companies aren’t talking about! Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, and Sidecar just to name a few. Allow your Rideshare Doc to prepare you for what’s ahead of you and more importantly behind you! Let’s begin..

This short Rideshare review will be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

What Are Tint Windows?
What Is This Tint Material Made From?
What Are Tinted Windows For? What Are Some Benefits?

What Are Some Downfalls To Having Tint Windows?
Who Commonly Uses Tinted Windows?
How Do Tint Windows Hep Protect Rideshare Drivers?
What Percentage Tint Should A Rideshare Driver Use?
Do Rideshare Companies Allow Drivers To Drive With Tinted Windows?
How Much Does Tint Windows Cost On Average?
Can A Rideshare Driver Having Tint Windows Ever Be A Bad Thing?
My Professional Conclusion For Driver’s Using Tint Windows!

Tinted Car door glass

What Are Tinted Windows?

If you were to ask me, I would say that window tint or film is nothing more than a plastic shiny like covering which is usually installed on the inner side of car windows for on the road purposes. Tint film can also be installed on other popular interior or exterior window surfaces such as buildings, trailers, regular or mobile homes and boats. You may have seen tinted windows before or you may not have seen window tint before. If you’ve seen tinted windows before, you know that they come in all sorts of shades and styles for personal purposes, with each type serving a different purpose.

Some people like their window tint really light, while some others like their window tint really dark. I personally like my window tint to be slightly in the middle between light and dark. But a little more on the darker side. I don’t like to be seen, especially when I find myself in an extremely dangerous neighborhood or ghetto!

installing window tinting on car

What Is This Tinted Material Made From?

To try to describe the material used for making tint windows would also depend on the type of tint a driver has decided to get. You have “Metallized” film,
“Ceramic” film and “Dye” film. Now even though there are 3 different types of tint material for a Rideshare driver to choose from, I’ll only be focusing on one which is the more popular brand. Remember that this review is about how tint windows could be used to protect Rideshare drivers! That being said, let’s get to what this popular brand is made from. The “Dye” tint brands are crafted from a glossy polyester material that undergoes a coating process involving pigments, metallic elements and dye.

This popular brand again will be what this review will focus on! My choice of tint was made not only because this particular brand is popular, but also because it happens to be the exact brand I personally know and use on my 2018 Mazda 3. So I’d rather speak on what I know versus what I think which I’m pretty sure all of my readers would understand! This is a place where we’re supposed to be sharing our personal experiences concerning the Rideshare industry right? So with this review like with all of my other reviews, I plan on doing just that!

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What Are Tinted Windows Supposed To Be Made For? What Are Some Benefits?

Depending on the individual and the situation that the individual is in, Tint windows can actually provide a driver with about 5 benefits. These benefits not only benefit Rideshare drivers, but also your everyday basic motorist as well. I’ll list all of the benefits of using tint windows first within this section. Then in one of the following sections I’ll speak on how tint windows can help protect Rideshare drivers. That being said, when any driver decides to darken or tint their car windows, they get to enjoy several benefits which includes:

1.) Confidentiality, Privacy, Secrecy: No matter which term you decide to use, dark “tint” or “film” can provide a nice case of confidentiality when you decide to apply them to your car windows. Having tinted windows can easily decrease the visibility into a driver’s vehicle, making it harder for outsiders to see the driver, the passengers and any personal possessions that may also be inside the vehicle. This particular benefit that tint windows provide drivers with is actually a Rideshare driver’s greatest benefit out of everything on this list. Especially when referring to safety! I’ll of course elaborate further in one of the following sections..

2.) Shatterproof: This particular benefit that tint film provides drivers with is actually another big deal that could aid in protecting Rideshare drivers during dangerous situations. Having “Tint” or “film” added to a driver’s windows can add more resistance against shattering on impact if something hard were to hit it. Especially if a bad accident where to take place or an angry passenger were to decide to throw something. These additional layers have the ability to help hold the broken glass together, minimizing the potential risk of injury. Flying glass fragments can be harmful, especially when they come into contact with your eyes and/or face!

3.) Reducing Glare: This particular benefit that tint film provides drivers with is actually yet another big deal that could aid in protecting Rideshare drivers when encountering dangerous situations. Who doesn’t want to have a better visual when trying to locate their passengers address or the passengers themselves? Suppose the passenger was carrying a visible or halfway visible weapon, wouldn’t you want to see it before they approach your car? Well that’s exactly what this tint film is capable of helping you with! It decreases the amount of bright light coming from direct sunlight, headlights from other motorists, street lights and bright reflections. Being able to see more can greatly improve not only the drivers comfortability and safety from being able to see, but also their passengers as well!

4.) Protects The Vehicle’s Interior: This particular benefit that tint film provides drivers with is actually yet another big deal that could aid in protecting not just the Rideshare driver, but the drivers rating as well. Constant exposure to direct sunlight or ultraviolet radiation (UV) can penetrate regular car windows, damaging not only the interior of a drivers vehicle, but the drivers skin as well (which would be another story lol!)! That being said, what Rideshare driver wouldn’t want to keep their dashboard, seats and rugs from fading and deteriorating?

Especially if you’re one of those drivers out there driving for long hours of the day and/or night like myself. What motorist wants the interior of their vehicle looking raggedy, faded or uncared-for? Yea I thought everyone would agree! Especially if you’re trying to maintain that good’ole 5 star rating. Don’t forget that some passengers do indeed care about whether or not their drivers vehicle is taken care of!

5.) Reducing Heat: The last thing that tint film can provide drivers with is actually the last benefit which could aid in protecting not just the Rideshare driver, but their rating as well. That being said, Tinted windows not only decrease the influx of UV rays into a driver’s vehicle, but it also contributes to a reduction in the amount of heat being emitted into the vehicle. Heat and UV rays are both one in the same! Now your hot passengers can cool off faster while the air conditioner takes care of the rest! Now can you guess who’s getting a five-star rating once this ride is completed?

Padua, Italy - October 5, 2022. Italian Police in Padua during security activity. Alfa Romeo "Giulietta" is the new Italian Police patrol car.

What Are Some Downfalls To Having Tint Windows?

Now even though I’ve made it seem like tint windows could do absolutely no wrong, I now have to expose the 5 disadvantages of drivers utilizing tints. With every good thing comes a bad thing right? So for full disclosure purposes, please allow your Rideshare doctor to share with you the disadvantages of having tinted film applied to your car windows. These disadvantages include:

1.) Not Being Able To See At Night: Beingable to see during the day is never an issue when you have tint applied to your windows. But driving and navigating at night is a totally different ball game! Especially if it’s raining or snowy really heavy. Your eyes have to adjust to the darkness before actually being able to see what you’re looking at. Oh and if worst comes to worst, the driver has to roll the window down slightly to be able to get a better view. Especially when it comes to being able to locate other vehicles, important road signs and pedestrians. So it’s an easy fix when you can’t see good, but an inconvenience when your passengers and/or people of the public can see inside your vehicle.

2.) Communication Is Limited: Having tint windows can stop a driver’s ability to communicate with the outside public when necessary! This includes not only pedestrians and other vehicles, but law enforcement officers as well. Just imagine for a second a pedestrian or emergency vehicle not being able to see whether or not you noticed them as they’re coming your way. Situations like these make it easy for an accident to take place. See my point? But this all can be avoided like with the first disadvantage simply by the driver rolling their windows slightly down when necessary. Like I’ve said in a lot of my articles, preparation is key!

3.) Depreciation Of Car Value: This disadvantage is for people who plan on selling their vehicle. Now depending on where you take your vehicle to be sold, let’s just say that having tint windows could actually depreciate it’s value. Sometimes this could be because of personal reasons and other times legal reasons. Some people personally don’t prefer buying cars with tint windows. Then depending on the laws of that particular state, tint windows may not even be legal to have at all, which could cause the buyer to get pulled over and/or fined constantly! This takes us to our next disadvantage on the list, which is legal restrictions.

4.) Legal Restrictions: Laws and regulations regarding the allowed level of window tint on vehicles vary from state to state. So if a driver decides to not follow these limits, this can lead to fines and/or other legal repercussions. All drivers need to be in strict compliance with the tinting laws in their local area to avoid any potential repercussions or penalties.

5.) Emergency Vehicle Complications: In an emergency situation, let’s just say that it would be harder for an emergency vehicle to recognize you when you’re sitting inside your tinted vehicle. Emergency first responders could have a difficult time seeing you and assessing your emergency situation for the purpose of providing you with better assistance. Especially if you’ve been in an accident or fight with your passenger. Times like these require urgency with no delays or complications!

Who Commonly Uses Tinted Windows?

Patrol car driving along night city with flashing lights public order protection

To help make my point on how common and important it is to have tinted windows, I’ll have to make a short list of a few types of individuals that commonly use them. That being said, the people who commonly use tinted windows include:

1.) Very Important/Special People: We’ve all heard of high profile, special types of individuals like politicians, celebrities and public figures right? Well if you have, then you also know and understand the importance of them all having tint windows when they’re out in public. Reason being is because it’s always going to be that one die hard fan or die hard hater that doesn’t know how to control themselves. So with that being said, tinted windows can effectively protect these “special people” from these types of uncomfortable, dangerous situations. Situations that involve a lot of unwanted attention, which would make any person’s travel on the road a living hell.

2.) Commercial Vehicles: Many commercial vehicles are commonly used for transporting valuable items, goods, cash or a combination of all three. If you ask me, any commercial vehicle that’s transporting valuable items makes them an ideal candidates for tinted windows. Tinted windows have the ability to distract bystanders, making it difficult for potential thieves to quickly evaluate the contents of a vehicle and make a move.

3.) Police Officers/ Law Enforcement: Individuals who are in a position of authority often have their vehicles fitted with tinted windows. Particularly law enforcement officers which also includes the DEA and FBI agents. These tinted windows help aid these law enforcement officers in not only concealing themselves, but also concealing important evidence and/or simple valuable equipment. When the public isn’t able to see inside of a law enforcement officer’s vehicle, it not only makes it hard for them to assess the equipment and important evidence, but it also hides the number of officers occupying the vehicle.

By obstructing the public’s view of the number of officers inside a vehicle, tinted windows can also prevent them from observing any activities that are not meant to be seen. Do you understand now how important tint windows are when given the right circumstances? I knew you would..

4.) Rideshare Drivers: Individuals who decide to become Uber or Lyft drivers definitely need to be utilizing the benefits that come along with having tint windows. There’s a little bit of everything from both lists that could boost the protection of Rideshare drivers safety and peace of mind. But I’ll be summarizing everything up within the following section!

Uber sign is seen on a car in New York, U.S., April 12, 2019. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

How Do Tint Windows Hep Protect Rideshare Drivers?

Now before I begin this portion, I want to let you guys know that my focus will solely be on exploring the advantages of tinted windows for Rideshare drivers, specifically in terms of “privacy”. Now when it comes to reducing glare, shatter proofing, protecting the vehicles interior and reducing heat, I’ve already explained those benefits when it pertains to us Rideshare drivers. Now allow me to explain to you how having this privacy could help boost the protection for not just you, but all drivers as well. Oh, and my explanation is all going to be centered around a driver being extra vigilant! A dangerous job like this was never meant for the blind or for the careless!

So a driver’s first line of defense lies in what he or she sees or notices first when pulling up to a passengers pickup location. Once a driver has a clear visual of everything around the pickup location, it’s now time to visually separate everything that could possibly be safe, from everything that could possibly pose a threat. This is where the drivers tinted windows come into play. You don’t want the outside public noticing you scanning the canvas of their neighborhood like a damn law enforcement officer lol! When the passengers aren’t able to see you (especially while you’re doing your little spy work lol!), this actually could work in your favor for a few good reasons.

First of all, it gives you time to think and assess dangerous situations. It’s always important to be able to think before you act when it comes to professions like these. Things can go from 0 to 100 really quick! Second of all, dark tint or filmed windows give drivers time to make better choices on whether or not they want to pick up a particular passenger. Especially if they see that the adult passenger doesn’t have a child safety seat for their baby, they’re an underage passenger or it’s too many passengers! The list goes on. Third of all, tint windows make it harder on passengers when it comes to them being able to see what you are doing inside of your car.

This gives you more time to prepare for your passenger in whatever way you need to, if you know what I mean. Preparation is self-preservation! Nicely put right? Fourth of all, tint windows make it easier to leave a passenger who’s not following the rules of the platform. How could the passenger know for sure whether or not you actually saw them before exercising that strong pull-off game I taught you lol? I saw you coming out your door holding a small baby in your arms, but you couldn’t see me! See what I mean, literally lol? It’s so much better to be safe nowadays, than to be sorry or dead later!

Lastly, tinted windows can help hide Uber beacons and Lyft amps when the driver decides to clock out for the morning, day or night. Even though this really isn’t a safety measure thing, this can still be quite convenient versus having those stupid stickers stuck to your car. I don’t know about you guys but when I’m finished picking up a late passenger or dropping off my last passenger, I prefer outsiders not to know that I’m a Lyft driver. Only when I have a passenger in my vehicle should they know what I do for a living. You never know what passengers might be thinking when they see you out on your off day. So with that being said, I guess hiding your Lyft or Uber amp could be considered a safety measure after all lol!


What Percentage Tint Should A Rideshare Driver Use?

After making yourself aware of the laws in your city or state concerning tint windows, I would suggest you go for what makes you feel comfortable! Some states allow you to have as low as 50% tint (which is basically no tint at all!), while some others like my state allow you to have as low as 35% tint. That being said, if you decide to follow the law and only apply what your city or state allows, then by all means do just that and don’t deviate! But if you’re a driver who values having a peace of mind and prioritizes safety, I would recommend applying a darker film to your windows.

As a matter of fact, I would suggest purchasing a tint or film that’s dark enough to prevent any kind of visibility into your vehicle. Now tell me if that won’t naturally enhance your sense of security? I know it would for me! The darkness of your tinted windows not only prevents the public from seeing into my vehicle, but also contributes to the numerous other benefits that I’ve previously listed within this review.

Oct 10, 2019 Mountain View / CA / USA - Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicle offering rides for UBER and LYFT in San Francisco Bay Area

Do Rideshare Companies Allow Drivers To Drive With Tinted Windows?

Now I know for sure that some of you Rideshare drivers and passengers might be asking yourselves whether or not Rideshare companies allow drivers to drive with tinted windows on they’re vehicle? Even though drivers are considered private contractors, they don’t just allow drivers to do whatever they want to do with their own personal vehicles right? Sorry for saying this, but these questions really sound ridiculous. But to answer this question correctly I would have to say yes and no. Allow me to explain myself lol! I say yes because there are no stipulations that Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft put in place where they mention drivers not being allowed to have tint windows on their vehicles.

I also said no because all Rideshare companies require their drivers to get their vehicles inspected at least once a year to remain active. With that being said, everyone knows or should know that when you get a vehicle inspection done, you’re not allowed to have any tint or film on your windows other than the factory tint that your car may have came with. So adding any kind of additional tint to your car windows could cause you to fail your inspection. This is why I said that Rideshare companies don’t allow their drivers to drive with tint or film on their windows.

So instead of telling the driver that they’re not allowed to put tints on they’re windows, they instead tell their drivers to get their cars inspected every year. Now if you ask me, I would say that they do this so they don’t have to tell their drivers to take their tints off of their windows. They literally accomplish two objectives with one single action: ensuring the safety of every driver’s vehicle is the 1st objective, while ensuring that no driver has tinted windows is the 2nd.

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How Much Does Tint Windows Cost on Average?

Now even though tint windows aren’t cheap, they’re also not that expensive either! That being said, the cost for normal window tinting usually ranges from $5 to $19 per square foot of glass, resulting in an average expense of approximately $30 to $114 for a standard 6-square-foot window. These pricings can also vary depending on factors such as the provider, the type of tint, the size of the window and any additional services required. These costs cover the professional installation of the tint film which offers numerous benefits that I’ve already previously outlined within this review.

uber-syn-placement car with tint windows

Can A Rideshare Driver Having Tint Windows Ever Be A Bad Thing?

Now even though there’re a lot of bonuses to Rideshare drivers applying tint to their windows, there’s also some downfalls to Rideshare drivers having tint windows. I’ve actually already listed the downfalls of having tint windows which could easily be related to a Rideshare drivers downfall as well. You can find them in the “What are some downfalls to having tint windows” section”, which is right above the “Who commonly uses tint windows” section.

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My Professional Conclusion For Drivers Using Tint Windows:

In summary, I would like to say that it’s very important that all Rideshare drivers utilize tint film  not just for safety purposes, but also for peace of mind purposes. Window tint or film definitely does what it was designed to do, all the way down to the protection of your vehicle’s interior, provided that a driver decides to use it. Now I have a few questions for my rideshare drivers. Are you looking for a way to have a more peaceful work day, while also having more control over who you allow to get into your vehicle? Are you one of those drivers trying to avoid dangerous situations or having to pick up really aggressive drunk passengers, underage passenger or passengers with babies who don’t have a child safety seat etc.?

If you are then look no further because having tint windows will aid you in doing just that! Just remember that with every good thing comes a bad thing. So having tint windows wouldn’t be any different. Even though tint windows have the ability to provide an awesome amount of privacy, tint windows still present the possibility of not being able to see in certain conditions. But with a little preparation, this can all be avoided. It’s all about recognizing the circumstances and adjusting yourself accordingly. The more you do it, the better you’ll get!

Now that I’m bringing this review to a close, do you guys have anything that you would like to say or add concerning Rideshare drivers having tint windows that wasn’t mentioned within this review? Do you guys have a story to share that might relate to how tint windows benefit Rideshare drivers? Do you guys disagree with drivers having tent windows? Whether you do or you don’t, I would love to hear it! Please feel free to leave your thoughts at the bottom of this review and I will be sure to respond back to you as soon as possible!

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