Rideshare Drivers Picking up Passengers Who May Have Opportunities To Offer!



This article explores the unique encounters Rideshare drivers have with riders, where unexpected opportunities and meaningful connections may arise during their journeys together. That being said, I want to start this short review by saying I love meeting new people and making new connections with them. Maybe that’s why I stayed a part of this Rideshare business for the past 6 plus years. I’m actually very excited to write this review on meeting passengers and the opportunities that surround them.

Having completed over 34,000 rides, I know I’ve personally had the pleasure of coming face to face with a few opportunities. Some offers were good opportunities while some others were bad. Either way they all presented an opportunity for me to learn something new. Now I’m ready to share my lessons and personal experiences with you.

Here at #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about sharing my story and my personal 6 plus years of experiences with you concerning Rideshare driving. I love talking about the companies that are involved in this type of pick up and drop off service. Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, or Sidecar just to name a few. By creating this website, my goal is to make the public (especially future rideshare drivers) aware of what we go through as Rideshare drivers and what goes on within the industry itself.

I want everyone to know what goes on on the road too. I want to provide some sort of assistance to future rideshare drivers, by reviewing and sharing the things that RideShare companies don’t want to tell you or want to talk about. You are not alone when you visit my #1RideShareDoc website! Let me help guide, support and prepare you for what’s ahead of you and for what’s going to be behind you literally lol!

Like with previously written reviews, this review will also be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

Meeting exciting passengers/opening that door
Meeting non-exciting passengers/closing that door
Once a passenger knows you, they can grow you
Making new life changing connections
My professional conclusion for passengers and opportunities

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Meeting exciting passengers/Opening that door

When driving for rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, or Sidecar for example, you run into all sorts of people. Some riders might be a little funky, mean, rude, antisocial, self-centered, and may function like the world revolves around them. So you should too, by driving them up a tree, if they tell you to. Yeah right! But on the flip side, you’ll run into passengers that are clean, genuine, professional, very happy, very polite, considerate and most importantly, exciting and full of positive energy.

So it’s nothing like running into an exciting passenger who’s full of strong, positive energy. There is no energy like it! So what do I mean by “exciting passengers”, you ask? When I say exciting passengers, I’m describing passengers that are not only full of positive energy, but also full of positive things to say. Point blank, end of the discussion. No I’m kidding, of course I’ll continue lol. Picking up passengers with exciting and positive energy, can not only change a Rideshare driver’s day, but the passengers day as well. And depending on the positive conversation taking place, it can sometimes feel like a good’ole therapy session lol!

Or at least that’s what it can sometimes feel like for me lol. Especially if the day was already going bad. When I pick up passengers with positive energy, it always gives me the feeling of finally being able to relax and be myself. Sometimes it makes me feel like what I do for a living, isn’t so bad after all. Now I might feel like I can ask them about something besides how their day went. Same thing vice versa too. They can vent about something to me if they want or need to, or ask me about anything (for the most part lol!). You and your passenger can literally turn that positive energy into a learning experience, simply because both parties are reciprocating the same strong, positive energy.

But to sum up this “meeting exciting passengers” portion, I’ll just say this.. When a passenger gives off a positive vibe vs. a negative vibe, communicating back and forth before, during, and after the ride tends to go a lot smoother for both parties. No matter the circumstances!

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Meeting Non-exciting Passengers/Closing That Door

When meeting a non-exciting, low or negative energy passenger with nothing to say, a driver should expect the complete opposite of what I just explained concerning “exciting passengers”. As a matter of fact, talking even a little bit could be a bad thing depending on how much negative energy the driver or passenger brought to the table or car lol. Doors like these should remain closed before, during, and after the ride. Again, the complete opposite of an “exciting passenger”!

But you would be amazed to know that these types of passengers still have the possibility of offering drivers opportunities. Just a quiet, learning experience type of opportunity. You actually can sometimes learn more from non-exciting passengers, simply by listening (relaxing your mouth), watching and paying close attention, vs talking sharing ideas and relating to one other. It’s also less work you know, and less draining. When this type of opportunity presents itself, simply relax, turn the music up and enjoy the ride. Or at least that’s what your Rideshare doctor would do.

I felt the need to explain these two different types of passengers, so you guys can understand when it’s okay to converse back and forth with your passengers, and when it’s not okay to converse back and forth. Every passenger doesn’t bring with them a learning experience. Every passenger doesn’t have opportunities, positive energy or positive things to say. So watch who you decide to open your mouth to (passengers and drivers), when meeting these “closed minded” strangers.

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Once A Person or Passenger Knows You, They Can Grow You. Same Thing Vice Versa!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, as far as explaining the differences between “exciting” and “non-exciting” passengers, let’s talk about passengers growing the person you are, and/or the person you want to be. I should have used the word “changing” instead of “growing”, but both terms actually sound applicable to this particular statement that I’m about to make. That statement is, once a person or passenger knows you, they can grow you. Same thing vice versa! And this is just one of my philosophies that I follow. Please allow me a moment to explain what my philosophy means.

I’ll use examples to help make my point. When you first encounter a stranger or passenger for example, they don’t know you right? They don’t have the slightest idea what interests you or what your world is about. That being said, with a stranger not having this knowledge prior to meeting you, they don’t know how to talk to you or how to treat you. They don’t know what you care about or what you don’t care about. But, this can all change simply by connecting energies (your energy and theirs). Bear with me, I know some of you might be lost now..

Now when I speak about connecting energies, I’m not speaking on the negative energies that you or your passenger might have brought to one another before, during, or after the ride was completed. Remember, we’re discussing positive energies and opportunities that passengers can bring to the driver (and vice versa!). Continuing on, when your positive energy and your riders positive energy connect, positive conversations are more likely to spark up. And once that conversation starts to catch fire, all types of experiences can be shared back and forth, of all sorts!

And sometimes that fire can burn out of control. Especially if a passenger is conversing back and forth with your Rideshare doctor lol! Whether it be relating to how the day has been, to relating about how crazy and dangerous the world is, there’s definitely going to be some type of relating, learning, opportunity grabbing and more going on in my vehicle. What I’m saying is experiences, ideas, personal beliefs, standards, or even morals for example, are definitely going to be shared once Pandora’s box has been opened. Again, once a stranger or passenger knows a little bit of you, they can grow you! Same thing vice versa!

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Making new life changing connections!

Now that you understand what an exciting passenger and a non-exciting passenger is, it’s time to move on and focus on what I like to call, making new life-changing connections! Now that the driver and passenger energies have connected, literally anything is possible from there. I’ll leave that up to your imagination lol. Just kidding. It all depends on who you are, what you’re feeling and what you’re looking for, that will determine the outcome of the conversation. I’ve probably had and made hundreds of temporary friendships thanks to my career in Rideshare driving. I’m not exaggerating either! In case you haven’t noticed, I do love to talk a lot lol..

But like I mentioned earlier, it really depends on who you are, what you’re feeling and what you are looking for (if anything!), that’ll determine the outcome of the conversation taking place in your motor vehicle. Let’s just say that I’m an open book, which means I’ve probably talked about any and everything that you can possibly imagine with my customers. When I’m sitting in my driver’s seat like I tell some of my passengers, I’m more than a Lyft or Uber driver!  

I become your venting source, motivator, comedian, psychiatrist, therapist (of all types lol), cooking, teacher, advisor and consoler, just the name of few of my extra titles lol. My passengers can all say the same thing about themselves when pertaining to conversing back and forth with me. I think that’s why I love my passengers so much. Wow, I can’t believe I just said that lol! 90% of them anyway! Now let’s talk about the types of connections you could possibly make while servicing your passengers. Again it depends on who you are, what you’re thinking, feeling and/or looking for. If the connection is strong, the following opportunities can be made:

New Business Partners- Would you happen to have a new business idea or venture, and just so happened to be looking for a potential business partner? Well whether you’re looking or not, you’re going to cross plenty of these types of riders as a Rideshare driver. You never know who might be able to relate to your business world until you ask right? Passengers who fit your wants, needs or demands can either join you on your quest for business or offer you business ideas that you might not have already known.

New Ideas or Potential Customers For Other Sources Of Income- Would you happen to have an idea or product that you’re trying to get the word out about or sell? Well look no further when you’re a Rideshare driver. You could literally share your ideas and/or products with your passengers using flyers, cards, q&r codes, sticky notes and so forth. Same thing vice versa if you’re a passenger!

New Mentors- Would you happen to be in need of some good mentorship? How about just some good old wisdom? Well if you’re in need of one or both, being a rideshare driver can and will most definitely aid you on your quest! In a profession like this, we pick up all age groups of people ranging between 18 and the oldest being 120 lol, with the majority of your pickups being over the age of 25. The older the passenger, the stronger the mentorship or wisdom.

This has to be one of my greatest gains from Rideshare driving, that has aided me in all of my knowledge that I present to you now within my #1RideShareDoc website. So on that wonderful note, let me be your example! Oh and I love older passengers because they share the wisest, personal experiences!

New Friendships or Relationships- Would you happen to be looking to start a new friendship or relationship? How about someone you can relate to? I feel like we all are in some way, shape or form. Everyone wants, needs or is looking to have some sort of relationship right? Needless to say, if you are looking for “some sort of relationship” or meaningful connection, you are most definitely putting yourself in the right seat by being a UberLyftVia, or Sidecar driver lol. Rideshare drivers pick up hundreds of lonely passengers and passengers ride with hundreds of lonely drivers everyday. I’m pretty sure one of them wouldn’t mind going out for a drink or spending some extra time with you.

But of course after the ride is completed! And depending on the time, month, week or day, the chances of this occurring can be more likely or less likely! When there’s a holiday, birthday or maybe even a special event, the possibilities of talking and/or relating to a passenger increases (in my opinion!), by at least 50%. Especially if there’s alcohol involved before, during, or after the ride is completed! Some people simply don’t want to be alone. Especially if it’s their birthday! Just my experience, don’t ask lol!

Learn Firsthand Lessons Pertaining To a Certain Profession, Career or Personality- Have you ever found yourself interested in a certain career, profession or personality, but wasn’t trying to go through second or third hand parties to learn more about it? Well let’s just say again if I haven’t already, that we pick up any and everything off the streets. This includes picking up all categories of city or state employees and all types of people including the homeless!

So no more worrying about what happens when you go to jail (if you were worried!) for example, because you will be doing rides servicing all people, including ex-inmates and correction officers. Now you can plan accordingly for when you go to jail lol! Just joking. And no more worrying about how to become a teacher or professor because you’ll be picking up experienced teachers and professors who could tell you all about it. The correctional officer or the teacher for example, might also be able to help you with getting hired or could offer you some hiring advice. Just not the homeless person or ex-inmate lol..

But the homeless person or ex-inmate still have first hand lessons and experiences they could speak on that you could learn from. Especially when referring back to learning from a stranger or passengers first-hand experiences. A homeless person can definitely share with you how it feels to be abandoned or hardcore hungry! The convict could definitely share with you what it’s like to be locked up (if you were ever interested in knowing lol!) or what it’s like to go through other tough situations while being incarcerated. Just remember that your positive energy and your passengers positive energy both have to match first. That way a comfortable, respectable, relatable, unbiased conversation can take place.

Especially since you’ll be talking to an ex-convict. You don’t know how many people the convict may have murdered to get incarcerated, nor do you know how he was able to get out so easy lol! But you could also ask him how he was acquitted of all charges lol. Again, these are just some quick examples of the different types of first-hand lessons and experiences you could run into and learn from. So if you enjoy learning from people like I do, you’re definitely in for a lesson. Lots of one on one lessons, free of charge lol!

Passengers Offering You Refreshments- How many of you ever found yourselves hungry while at work? How about while driving because I know I have. With that being said, it’s so nice when a passenger offers you some food, a treat or something refreshing. Depending on the vibe and positive energy being shared between you (the driver) and the passenger, passengers will actually go the extra mile for you. Especially if they enjoyed the trip and the conversation that was being held along the way.

I’ve had riders order me fast food or seafood dinners, donuts, chips and/or bottled water (which is the most popular handout!), amongst a few other things just to name a few. I’ve even had a customer give me a huge bottle of red wine because she couldn’t take it on the plane with her. And of course she enjoyed every minute of the ride with me! So I earned that bottle got damn it lol! Oh and I’ve also had customers give me non-consumables like a flower (don’t ask lol!), books, shirts, a vape pen, an extra phone charger, and an umbrella just to name a few. But remember all passengers don’t do this. Only the exciting, respectful, positive, strong energy type of customers do. Refer back to my section on “meeting exciting passengers”, if you need another rundown on this type of passenger.

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My Professional Conclusion For Passengers And Opportunities-

This is going to be short. Opportunities and learning experiences present themselves to drivers every time a new rider steps into their car. This is just a given right? Cool! But when it boils down to Rideshare driving and working for Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, or Sidecar the general process of meeting new, interesting people speeds up drastically! When the process of meeting people speeds up drastically, the different types of learning opportunities and experiences around the driver speeds up as well!

Just imagine with all of that being said, if every rideshare driver was aware of this fact. If they were, every driver would be driving around with a cap and gown on because every day they would be graduating from a new lesson or opportunity. I’ll leave you with that thought which concludes this review on passengers and the opportunities they offer!

Now that we’re nearing the end of this review, I can’t wait to hear what’s on my readers minds! Let me know what you think about my review on passengers and opportunities. If you have any comments or concerns, I would be happy to read them and respond back. Don’t be shy now! And if you like what you’ve read, please feel free to Subscribe to my post! Just be sure to enter a valid email address. Everytime I make a post, you’ll receive a notification. Check your spam folder if you didn’t receive a confirmation email.

Thank you guys for reading my short review lol, and I will see you on my next review. Take care out there my people and please drive safe!

If you’re not interested in driving strangers around in the backseat of your car, but interested in having a flexible lifestyle, you could always start a business working from home! If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to read my review on Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you so much again for reading..

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