How To Avoid Becoming An Accessory To A Crime As A Rideshare Driver

In this review, we will be covering Rideshare drivers becoming accessories to crime, what an accessory is and how a driver can avoid these types of unfortunate circumstances! Now before I begin, I would first like to ask you guys a few questions. Who really believes it’s okay to be guilty by association? Especially when you’re not trying to do anything but make yourself some honest money and go home. I don’t think anyone would agree with that right? If you asked me, I would say that no one would willingly throw themselves into one of those types of circumstances, unless they had a gun to their head. No one would willingly put themselves into multiple guilty circumstances unless they absolutely had no choice!

Well that’s the type of situation many folks find themselves in today, when choosing to work and live the life of a Rideshare driver. Who else would willingly put themselves in a position where they would automatically be guilty if law enforcement were to show up? Who else, your neighborhood mechanic? How about your everyday fire fighter or chef? Nope, I don’t believe any of them would be able to take that type of heat! That’s a Rideshare drivers superpower and job! And I’m giving these types of extreme examples for two reasons. One, so you guys can understand where my mind is and two, so you guys can understand why I decided to write this review.

At #1RideShareDoc, my main focus basically revolves around me sharing my personal story and experiences that all relate to the Rideshare driving industry. With all the problems, confusion and misunderstandings coming about daily, surely there’s some space for some problem solving and understanding to take place. Please allow my platform to be your safe place to start. Stretch a little if you have to. Let’s relate about the things that these Rideshare companies aren’t talking about. Companies like UberLyftVia and Sidecar, just to name a few. Let’s start talking about the things that should have been talked about back when the Rideshare industry first came into existence. Let’s share our experiences so we can all grow together, starting now!!

This review will be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

What Exactly Is An Accessory?
What Types Of Situations Could Possibly Turn A Driver Into An Accessory?
What Can Happen When A Rideshare Driver Is Looked At As An Accessory To What A Passenger May Have Done?
What Can A Driver Do Once They Realize They Might Be An Accessory To A Crime?
My Professional Conclusion

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What Exactly Is An Accessory?

You know I’m gonna start this portion off by telling you my own personal definition of what I feel as though an “accessory” is. I believe that an “accessory” is simply someone who has allowed themselves to become a part of someone else’s situation or doing (good or bad, right or wrong!), whatever that may be! You don’t necessarily have to offer help or do anything in particular for you to carry this role of an “accessory”. The fact that you’re present is all that counts! The fact that you look like you know the perpetrator is all that matters! At least until all the details unfold, which a lot of times happens after everything in the situation settles. You know where my definition is going lol!

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What Types Of Situations Could Possibly Turn A Driver Into An Accessory?

Rideshare drivers willingly become an “accessory” multiple times a day, with each and every passenger they decide to allow into their vehicles. An accessory to any good that that passenger may have been involved with prior to getting in the car or an accessory to any wrong doing that the passenger may have been involved with. As a matter of fact, every time a driver decides to pick up a passenger, that driver is also deciding to become an accessory to whatever that passenger may have been doing prior to ordering their Uber or Lyft ride.You didn’t think about that did you?

Moving right along, if a driver pulls up and happens to notice anything negative or hostile taking place, the driver should get out immediately! That being said, I would now like to provide you guys with a few types situations you should look out for, which could help aid you in not becoming an accessory to anything that could possibly put your career in jeopardy. A professional Rideshare driver should always look out for:

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1.) Arguing/Fighting: Arguing or even worse fighting, can be a very good sign of a situation no professional driver would want to find themselves in. Not even to be a witness! Who really wants to be a witness to something they had nothing to do with? Who really likes talking to police officers? Situations like these can lead to a driver being held up for at least an hour. Situations like these can also lead to vandalism of a driver’s car, especially if the fight were to make it to the street!

Drug Activity

2.) Drug Activity: If you pull up to your pickup location and happen to notice your passengers smoking something white out of glass pipes or sniffing something from a twenty dollar bill, this may be a ride that you might want to avoid. You don’t know who’s been watching them the entire time they’ve been sitting there lighting up their rocks and sniffing up their baby powders! The same thing goes for when a passenger decides to make a stop.

If the passenger decides to make a stop and you notice them going into a crack house or walking up to the dope boys standing on the corner, use my “strong pull-off game” immediately and leave there tails! I say that because if those passengers were to get back in your vehicle and police just so happened to notice what they’ve just done, then you best believe your car is going to be torn apart and everyone is going to be detained until they figure something out..

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3.) People Running: If a Rideshare driver ever notices their passengers running towards them (especially in a panic!), this also may be a ride that you might want to avoid! Those passengers could have just finished robbing someone, fighting someone or worse! Don’t help them get away by putting them in your car and risking the chance of you being pulled over by law enforcement. Not alone being told to speed by the passengers if they really are in a hurry for whatever reason!

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4.) Gang Activity: If a driver pulls up to a passenger’s pickup location and happens to notice a bunch of guys standing out front wearing a bunch of blue, red and/or black bandanas, take that as an early sign to get the hell out of there. You see unlike normal people, gang bangers present a more likely chance of starting and/or being a part of something bad. Even if what they did or was a part of happened on a different day, you don’t know what problems those types of people could pose at that very moment. Whether it be drugs or guns, nothing is excluded when you’re dealing with a gang member.

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What Can Happen When A Rideshare Driver Is Looked At As An Accessory To What A Passenger May Have Done?

Well that question is most definitely easy to answer! When a Rideshare driver or “acquaintance” (from how the police would see it!) is looked at as an accessory to a crime that the passenger may have committed, law enforcement officers are going to treat the driver like they would treat any other criminal who may have broken the law. Keep in mind that the police won’t be thinking about the fact that you’re just a Rideshare driver. They’re not psychics remember!

So with that being said, the officers are more than likely gonna treat everyone in the car with the same treatment until they know exactly what’s what! This would mean being detained for an undetermined amount of time, as well as being searched and having your name ran thru their criminal system for warrants. Is Rideshare driving really worth being investigated? Is Rideshare driving really worth the risk?

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What Can A Driver Do Once They Realize They Might Be An Accessory To A Crime?

A driver should always be prepared to act when they happen to notice their passengers in the act of doing something wrong. Especially when it involves breaking the law! If a driver ever feels like they could potentially be an accessory to something the passenger may have done or committed, the driver should first of course cancel the ride and immediately leave the location. The driver should then reach out to Uber and law enforcement immediately afterwards to make a report. You want to do this so that particular passenger can’t put future drivers at risk. Being guilty by association is that serious!

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My Professional Conclusion:

So in conclusion I would like to say to every professional Rideshare driver to always be extra vigilant and on alert when arriving to every one of your passengers pickup locations. If something doesn’t look right, then nine times out of 10 something isn’t right. Pay attention to the signs a passenger may give off when something bad may have just taken place or when they’re literally in the midst of doing something they have no business doing. Especially when it involves breaking the law because those particular types of situations present the greatest chances of a Rideshare driver getting in trouble.

Bringing another short review to a close, would you guys happen to have anything to say concerning drivers becoming accessories to something that a passenger may have done previously before ordering the ride? Do you think that these types of circumstances make being a Rideshare driver more risky? Do you have any other situations to add to my short list of four, that could possibly turn a driver into an accessory to crime? If you do have anything you would like to add or something you would like to share, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.

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