The Importance Of Rideshare Drivers Using Lyft Or Uber LED Amps!

In this review, I’ll be discussing the importance of Rideshare drivers having and utilizing Uber beacons and Lyft LED Amps. Now I have a few questions to ask you guys. If there was a way for you to make your job a whole lot easier, wouldn’t you want to know about it? I mean, who really likes working hard all the time or harder than they have to? You know what I’m talking about for my lazy folks lol! So now that we’re on the same page, I would like to make all of my professional drivers aware of a particular way to make your jobs a whole lot easier. Or at least when referring to picking up and dropping off your passengers. Some of you may already know about this, while some others may not. So it’s my job as your Rideshare doctor to even those odds within this large Rideshare industry! That’s what I aim to do now by writing with this review.Now I have another question for you guys. Actually a few more questions.

A pink Lyft Amp sitting on a driver's dashboard

Have you ever pulled up to a passengers pickup location and noticed a bunch of confused, uncertain, “lost faced” individuals standing around looking crazy lol? Have you ever noticed those same “lost faced” individuals checking out a bunch of license plate numbers, vehicle colors and vehicle makes and models as different cars approach them? All of this while still looking “lost faced” and crazy? You know that “lost faced”, crazy, confusing facial expression I’m talking about drivers lol! Almost every passenger makes that same “lost faced” facial expression all the way up until they locate their driver lol. Passengers usually make this “lost face” when there are a bunch of Rideshare vehicles pulling up and they can’t tell one car from the other.

A black and white Uber beacon

But what if you had a way to stand out. What if you had a very noticeable way of labeling your vehicle as an Uber or Lyft ride. What if you could label your vehicle in a way where your passenger could notice you a lot easier. Wouldn’t you want to know about it? Wouldn’t that make your job a whole lot easier, especially when referring to locating your passengers? I figured it would.. So instead of a passenger anxiously scanning each vehicle that pulls up trying to identify their Uber or Lyft ride, the vehicles would be clearly labeled with the respective service allowing passengers to easily spot their designated ride.

A Lyft amp showing new ride with a pink background

At #1RideShareDoc, my main focus is to share my story and provide you with firsthand insights into the world of Rideshare driving based on my real-life experiences. That’s mainly why I created this platform! My goal is to let the world know what we go through and experience as Rideshare drivers and passengers. I want everything that I’ve experienced within my 6 and a half years to be put to some kind of good use. Especially if you’ve never experienced some of the things that I’ve written about before. Let’s discuss the things that these Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, and Sidecar aren’t talking about. Allow my platform to be your venting  space! Shall we begin!!

This review will be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

What Is A Lyft Or Uber Amp?
Why Are Lyft And/Or Uber Amps Important For Drivers To Always Have?
Are There Any Qualifications Required By Uber Or Lyft Before Supplying Drivers With Amps?
How Is A Driver Supposed To Setup, Use Or Operate A Lyft Or Uber Amp?
What Are Some Advantages To Using Lyft And Uber Amp Electronic Devices?
What Are Some Disadvantages To Using Lyft Or Uber Amp Devices?
My Professional Conclusion For Using Lyft Or Uber Amps!

A Lyft amp

What Is A Lyft Or Uber Amp?

Pink Lyft Light Led from Amazon
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A Uber beacon or Lyft Amp (basically the same thing!) are small electronic devices that light up in 5-6 bright LED colors to help passengers distinguish and identify which ride is theirs and which ride isn’t.

The Lyft or Uber App shows the passengers directly after ordering their ride what color to look out for (as far as a drivers Amp is concerned) and they look for just that. Don’t forget to look for everything else too like your drivers plate number, color, make and model of their vehicle and more importantly, the drivers face!

Green Uber Light Led from Amazon
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Those Amp devices are typically mounted to a driver’s dashboard or front windshield for better visibility purposes! So those should be the areas of the vehicle your eyes should be focused on when scanning for your drivers vehicle.

A white car with a black and white Uber beacon in the front windshield

Why Are Lyft And/Or Uber Amps Important For Drivers To Always Have?

That’s an easy question to answer! It’s important for all Rideshare drivers to have a bright, lit up Lyft or Uber amp on their dashboard and/or windshield at all times just in case the passenger has a difficult time seeing or locating you. Who could really miss those bright pink, grey, orange, green or yellow LED, Stevie Wonder lol? The easier it is for your passengers to notice you, the faster you can make your money and the same thing goes vice versa! The harder it is for your passengers to locate you, the longer it’ll take for you to make a profit or reach your money goals for the day, week or month. Who doesn’t want to increase their earning potential? Yea I thought so..

A cartoon picture of a white guy driving a car with a uber sign on the front windshield

Are There Any Qualifications Required By Uber Or Lyft Before Supplying Drivers With Amps?

There are no qualifications that these Rideshare companies (Lyft!) require a driver to have to receive a Lyft Amp, other than having to have at least 1,000 rides below your belt before requesting for one. The same number of rides also apply when receiving a Lyft jacket. That’s if you drive for Lyft. I don’t know about Uber because I never stayed on their platform long enough to find out!

A driver wearing sunglasses placing his Lyft amp on his car's dashboard

How Is A Driver Supposed To Setup, Use Or Operate A Lyft Or Uber Amp?

There are instructions that every Rideshare drivers should follow when referring to how to use a Lyft Or Uber Amp. There are actually video tutorials too where they walk you through on how to set up and use your LED Amp. But just so we’re clear, the information I’m planning on providing you within this section only applies to the amps that Lyft provides their drivers with and not Uber! I didn’t work for Uber long enough to receive an Amp. I’m not even sure if Uber had Amps around the time I received my Lyft Amp. But now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, one of the first things you have to do when you receive your Amp is charge it up. Without power all you would have is a fancy black looking plastic object. So before you do anything, charging it up is a must!

Green Uber Light Led from Amazon

Once your device is charged up, your next job is to mount it to the dashboard of your motor vehicle, using the small sticky magnet that Lyft provided you with. Once the paper is peeled off and the mount is applied to the middle of your dashboard, this mount (which is also a magnet!) magnetizes itself to your amp which also has a magnet. This makes it easy for the driver to set up and take down when necessary. The next step is to connect the device to your Android, iPhone or whatever other electronic device you decided to work on. Once the device is connected you’re good to go! Now in the future when you accept a ride request, the amp will automatically display a specific color aiding your passengers in recognizing you being their driver.

When you begin to use your new amp, you’ll notice that your Lyft app keeps not only track of how much power you have in your amp for charging purposes, but also the stats on how often you use it. So the closer you are to being a 100% user of your amp, the closer you are to maximize your profits and the lower your battery power percentage is, the more urgent it becomes to charge your amp! So this is an all around great tool to have right? Not just for you, but for your “lost face” passengers as well lol!

A lyft sign in the front windshield of a car at night

What Are Some Advantages To Using Lyft And Uber Amp Electronic Devices?

There are more than a few advantages to a Rideshare driver utilizing a Lyft Amp LED which all Rideshare drivers should be aware of if you weren’t aware of them already. Some of the benefits are as follows:

-Enhances Safety: The Lyft Amp takes passenger safety and efficiency to unparalleled levels by enabling passengers to easily locate their driver and ensuring they board the correct vehicle with 100% confidence.

-Helps Driver Identify Passengers: When a driver decides to use a Lyft amp, it not only has the ability to aid passengers in locating their driver. It also helps the driver by displaying the passenger’s name in large text which is located on the backside of the Amp device. This particular feature allows drivers to be able to greet their passengers in a more timely fashion, without the driver having to remember the passenger’s name.

-Potential Increase In A Drivers Time: When drivers are continuously able to easily locate their passengers every single time they receive a ride, you can strategize your day and/or game plan more effectively! This also goes hand in hand with getting off exactly when you plan on getting off. It even goes hand in hand with arriving on time to each passenger, due to the fact that both parties are able to connect at a faster pace!

-Potential Increase In A Drivers Profits- When passengers are continuously able to easily locate their drivers every time they order a ride, that also goes hand in hand with a driver’s profits coming in at a more steady pace.

Pink, yellow and blue LED Uber beacons

What Are Some Disadvantages To Using Lyft Or Uber Amp Devices?

There’s only a few disadvantages to a Rideshare driver utilizing an Amp LED which all Rideshare drivers should be aware of if you weren’t aware of them already and they are as follows:

Attracting Potential Robbers: Now even though this LED amp light is supposed to be designed for a driver’s passenger to locate them easier, this could also work hand in hand with other people being able to locate you easier. You know, like a person who’s about that Grand theft Auto life! Especially when driving during the really early or really late hours of the day. So be careful when stopping for people who are flagging you down. Especially during those scary hours!

-Attracting The Wrong Passenger’s: Let’s just say that some passengers are just a little too slow! Especially if they’ve been drinking, using drugs or running late for something. What driver doesn’t hate a late passenger lol? Just kidding.. but what I do mean is that passengers will have all the details they need to locate their driver and still have an issue locating them for whatever reason. Maybe their phone died due to a lack of power. Maybe their brain died due to lack of memory lol. Maybe the passenger is on alcohol or drugs, I don’t know lol! I always try to give folks the benefit of the doubt..

But what I do know is that when a passenger isn’t too sure about their driver’s name or their other credentials, they’ll sometimes take that very noticeable Lyft or Uber amp as their indicator that the car that just pulled up is their ride. Especially if no other car pulled up or if they were already running late for something! Their logical way of thinking goes right out the window. I’ve actually had passengers flagged me down as if I’m there ride, when I already have my pickup sitting directly behind me! Does that help make my point?

Cartoon African American Doctor

My Professional Conclusion For Using Lyft Or Uber Amps!

So in conclusion I would like to say that you can never have enough help or work tools when it comes down to doing your job or making your job a lot easier. Especially when you’re a Rideshare drivers! Hopefully I got that point across with my “very short” introduction lol. The more help you have the better everything else goes for your day. The better your day starts, the better your day goes and the better you’ll feel when your day is finished, which is the most important! So the benefits of utilizing these LED amps far outweigh the disadvantages making this tool the perfect item to help drivers maximize their profits and passengers locate their drivers. So it’s a win-win, when your amp is in lol!

Nice slogan right lol? Now that we’re near the end of another great review, I want to know what you guys think about Rideshare drivers utilizing Lyft and Uber Amps. Do you agree that it would make a driver’s day on the road go a lot smoother? Do you think passengers would benefit from drivers having amps on the front of their vehicles, which I think you would agree? What are your thoughts concerning these Amp gadgets? If you have anything on your mind you would like to be heard or something nice you would like to share, please feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

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