8 Benefits For Rideshare Drivers Operating In Areas They Know Well!

With this review, I plan on covering the benefits of Rideshare drivers only driving in places that they are familiar with! You ever found yourself doing something that you weren’t too familiar with, which might have caused you to take longer than what it should have taken you? Whatever that may have been? Now have you ever found yourself doing something that you were very familiar with, which allowed you to finish whatever that was like a pro lol? I believe it would be safe to say that we all have been in this type of predicament before. I also believe you may already know where I’m going with this discussion!

When Rideshare drivers decide to drive in areas they aren’t too familiar with, the process of locating the passenger, picking them up, navigating them to their destinations and dropping them off can really feel like hard work. Or at least that’s what it could feel like while you’re doing all of that unnecessary brainstorming. Who wants to keep worrying about which direction to head next or worrying about the GPS taking them the wrong way or taking them around the Marlboro bush lol? I don’t think I know anybody who enjoys working harder than they should! Now I have some questions for my drivers.

Have you ever found yourself driving in an area that you’re not too familiar with? Have you ever found yourself completely lost trying to find your way around an unfamiliar location? I know I have multiple times. Especially when I’m driving in DC, Maryland or Virginia (DMV). Even though we wish we could, you can’t always be familiar with where you are or where you’re going. Well, unless you have a built-in human navigation system like a G.P.S does! Then you have absolutely no excuses on why you can’t always know where you are or where you’re going. But Lord knows this isn’t the case..

At #1RideShareDoc, my focus lies in sharing my story, personal journeys and experiences within the challenging Rideshare industry. 6 plus years and 35,000 rides worth! I have a lot of good experiences to share with you guys as well as bad ones and I know you do too! Let’s talk about the things that these Rideshare companies aren’t talking about. Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, and Sidecar just to name a few. Allow my platform to become your venting space! Let’s share those experiences and grow one another together as one. Lets begin now!

For a better understanding of what I’ll be covering today, this review will be broken down into the following sections:

What Exactly Is A Familiar Area Or Location?
8 reasons Why It’s Important To Drive In Areas That You’re Familiar With?
Here Are 6 Big Reasons Why Driving In A Familiar Area Could Be A Bad Thing!
Do Rideshare Companies Allow Drivers To Drive In Familiar Areas/Unfamiliar Areas?
My Professional Conclusion For Drivers Driving In Familiar Areas!

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What Exactly Is A Familiar Area Or Location?

Now even though the answer to this question might seem quite obvious, I still have to explain things so everyone can be on the exact same page! When a Rideshare driver is driving in a “familiar area”, this would be considered a location that the driver knows very well. So there would be no need for any “late passenger” to assume the role of a “back seat driver“, nor would there be any need for your driver to ask questions! If the driver was blind, they could still get their passenger from point A to point B with no problems. Just don’t put that to the test lol! If the driver’s GPS started to malfunction, the driver would still be able to get to the passenger, as well as to their drop off destination with no issues.

The drivers location of choice might even be an area where they grew up in for example. Just imagine for a second already having a clear understanding of the traffic conditions which includes roads, highways, bridges, interstates, landmarks, tunnels, turnpikes, traffic signs and intersections. I don’t think I missed anything lol. That being said, when a driver chooses to drive in places there familiar with, they possess the ability to effectively anticipate and navigate through their chosen environment, on a more strategic, professional level. Adding this knowledge to a rookie driver’s “Game Plan” could literally turn them into a professional Uber driver overnight!

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Here Are 8 Big Reasons Why It’s Important To Drive In Areas That You’re Familiar With:

Driving in familiar areas can provide Rideshare drivers with a number of advantages. When you navigate through roads that you know very well, you experience a sense of confidence and relaxation. You basically know where everything is located. I’ll elaborate more on that one shortly! That being said, when a driver decides to drive in an area they’re familiar with, they get to enjoy several benefits which include:

1.) Enhanced Navigation Capabilities: When a driver chooses to drive in an area that they’re familiar with, the benefits that follow could directly play a part in everything else that’s going to be mentioned on this list! When you know the area that you’re driving in, this can greatly increase the navigation skills of the Rideshare driver. Since you’ll be working with a mental map instead of a physical one, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of relying on yourself only (or your passenger!) versus a navigation device or GPS.

When a driver knows where everything is located, it puts you ahead of every other driver working on the road. Hence the reason why I had to list a driver having improved navigation abilities first. Without this improvement, nothing else on this list would exist!

2.) Knowing Alternative Routes And Shortcuts: Knowing convenient shortcuts and convenient alternative routes would definitely be not only beneficial to you the driver, but your passenger as well. Putting this type of knowledge to good use could aid you and your passenger in avoiding blocked or closed off roads, as well as navigating away from congested or overcrowded traffic routes.

Rush hour can be something else at times too, causing unexpected time delays. But not when you know alternative routes and shortcuts. That being said, your passengers still gets where they have to go on time and you still get to make your money.

3.) Better Timing Abilities: When a Rideshare driver chooses to drive in an area that they’re familiar with,
telling a passenger how long it’ll be before you arrive to their pickup or drop off destination would be not only more accurate, but also more reassuring. Especially if the passengers are running behind schedule! You could literally provide your passengers with the quickest most efficient way to their destination.

4.) Knowing The Traffic Regulations Of Specific Roads: When a driver chooses to drive in an area that they’re familiar with, following the laws of the road can be a little easier. Just a little bit though lol! I say that because different locations present different traffic rules. But when you confine your work to areas you know very well, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to steer clear of parking and speeding violations, along with penalties for running red lights. Just don’t let this be your reason to start breaking the law when it comes to your “late passengers“.

5.) Less Worrying or Stressing: When a Rideshare driver chooses to drive in an area that they’re familiar with, knowing the roads and where everything is located could make you and your passengers on the road experience more easy and calming. Especially since you don’t have to worry about your electronic devices losing a signal or your GPS losing a connection. Knowing that alone is a huge stress reliever for me. The thought of that fact alone puts me in a serious relaxation mode lol!

6.) Decreased Likelihood Of Getting Lost: When a driver chooses to drive in an area that they’re familiar with, the chances of them getting lost decreases dramatically. These results could aid a driver in avoiding unnecessary driving, wasting time and unnecessary frustration! Wouldn’t this be a lot better than driving in a new or unfamiliar location and risking the chance of making a wrong turn? My point exactly!

7.) Comfort And Confidence: When a professional Rideshare driver chooses to drive in an area that they’re familiar with, you tend to feel more in control, relaxed, comfortable and at ease. This can lead to better thinking and navigating skills, stronger decision making abilities and a greater sense of security. Not just for you, but for your passenger as well! Passengers love confidence, especially when it involves them arriving to where they have to go in a very comfortable, relaxed, timely fashion!

8.) Knowing We’re Everything Is: When a driver chooses to drive in an area that they’re familiar with,  knowing where everything is located including amenities and landmarks is an absolute given. We’re talking about important places to know about like Court rooms, schools, chiropractor offices or hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, police stations, inspection stations, gas stations, emissions stations, fire stations and whatever other stations you may know of lol.

You’re actually putting yourself in a more useful position sorta speaking by choosing to drive in areas that you’re familiar with. Preferably where you live! This knowledge can prove valuable to both you and your passengers during emergency situations or when seeking specific services while traveling.

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Here Are 6 Big Reasons Why Driving In A Familiar Area Could Be A Bad Thing!

I understand that some of you may have thought about this question while others may not have had the chance to do so. That is precisely why I’m covering this particular topic! I want folks to have a full understanding of the benefits and disadvantages of driving in places you’re familiar. This Rideshare industry can be tricky! That being said, some disadvantages a driver might run into while driving in an area that they’re familiar could include:

#1.) Riding The Same Passenger: Out of all the reasons listed here, this first one would be my primary concern, dominating the 5 remaining reasons in terms of importance. When you choose to drive only in areas that you’re familiar with, the chances of you picking up the same passenger 2 or more times in the future becomes more likely! Now this can be a good and a bad thing and I’ll briefly explain why. This would be a good thing if you had a good experience with that passenger. Simple explanation right lol?

But this will be a bad thing if you had a bad experience with that passenger or if you recently canceled on that passenger and didn’t remember their name or their face. You know what I’m going with this one! If that passenger just so happen to remember you, be prepared for some potential consequences, ranging from receiving a low rating (if you’re lucky!), to encountering a very ghetto, troublesome situation. You’ve officially been warned!!!

2.) Limited Exposure To New Situations: When you choose to drive only in areas that you’re familiar with, you could miss out on gaining new experiences in different driving conditions like challenging weather, complex road systems, and/or unfamiliar routes. This could limit your ability to adapt to new environments if you happen to encounter them later.

3.) Self Satisfaction: When a driver is too familiar with the area that you’re choosing to work in daily, you may become less proactive and attentive in your driving. This can increase the risk of an accident taking place or mistakes in judgment.

4.) Lack Of Awareness: Being familiar with an area may cause a Rideshare driver to rely heavily on their memory or assumptions about the road conditions, potentially causing them to overlook changes or updates in traffic patterns, road construction, or other relevant information.

5.) Overconfidence: When a driver chooses to drive only in areas that they know, being familiar with the roads and surroundings might make them over confident in they’re driving and maneuvering abilities. This could potentially lead to them taking unnecessary risks or disregarding traffic rules, increasing the probability of an accident taking place.

6.) Boredom: When you choose to drive only in areas that you’re familiar with, driving in the same area repeatedly can become boring, leading to you paying less attention to the road. This can make you more vulnerable to interruptions or zoning out, which can be life-threatening to you, your passengers and everyone else on the road.

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Do Rideshare Companies Allow Drivers To Drive In Familiar Areas/Unfamiliar Areas?

Now I don’t know who “they” might be, but “they” do say that there’s no such thing as a dumb question. “They” also say that the only dumb questions are the ones you didn’t ask, which I understand fully. But in this case concerning this particular question, I seriously beg to differ! As a matter of fact, if a person were to decide to ask this crazy question, I would have to call that person insane! Asking this insane question is like asking do Rideshare companies love making money?

See my point? So if this is the case then why would a Rideshare company care what area their precious drivers decide to drive in? It could be an area where there’s a mass serial killer killing any and everything that breathes. Do you think the Rideshare company would care about their drivers then? It’s not like they’re the ones driving putting their lives on the line right? Yep, I thought you would agree!

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My Professional Conclusion For Drivers Driving In Familiar Areas:

So in conclusion I would like to say that it’s important that I emphasize that even when you’re driving in familiar areas, maintaining attentiveness, adhering to traffic rules and remaining aware of your surroundings is key. These practices contribute to a safe and pleasant driving experience not only for you and your passengers, but also for all other motorists as well. I would like to also say that it’s crucial for Rideshare drivers to not only drive in areas that they are familiar with, but also in areas that they aren’t so familiar with.

Since there are negatives and positives in doing both, it’s important for all drivers to find that balance starting with a solid “game plan“. You can also try starting with what I’m about to say next! Drive in familiar areas when you’re looking for comfort or less stress and drive in unfamiliar areas when you feel more up for an obstacle or for whatever comes your way. Find your comfort zone and move accordingly. That’s exactly what I do guys!

So now that I’m nearing the end of another great review, I really would like to know what you guys felt about this review. Do you guys have something to add to my list of benefits or disadvantages of driving in areas that you’re familiar with? Have you ever been in a position where you or lost driving in the area you weren’t too familiar with? If that’s the case, I would be thrilled to hear your story!Please feel free to leave those thoughts, comments and concerns at the bottom of this review and I will be sure to respond back to you as soon as possible!

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