A Guide To Managing And Dealing With Drunk Uber and Lyft Passengers!

With this review, I plan on covering how a Rideshare driver should go about managing and dealing with drunk Uber and Lyft passengers! When a Rideshare driver picks up a drunk passenger, it’s never out of the ordinary right? How many of my readers drink alcohol? All of us for the most part right? How many of you ever been to a party or a family gathering where alcohol was being served? Again, all of us for the most part right? All of us including mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers. Oh and don’t forget about the in-laws and folks who were married into the family! Yupp, all family members for the most part drink alcohol. But sometimes they get a little too tipsy. Sometimes they get a little drunk or should I say wasted! Either way, these “responsible adults” have to get home somehow right? And hopefully they won’t be driving, which is why I used the term “responsible adults” lol!

So this would be the part, where they pull out their phone and pull up their Rideshare apps. Popular rideshare driver apps like Lyft, Uber, SideCar or Via just to name a few. This is where the Rideshare drivers sadly come into play. With all of that being said, this review will be covering everything that deals with Rideshare drivers having to pick up riders who are drunk. The good and the bad. I’ve experienced so much within the past 6 years, which involves almost 34,000 completed rides (at the time this was written), that I feel like I’m the perfect candidate to explain these types of situations. So let me describe and explain to you how to manage these types of drunken situations.

Here at #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about sharing not only my story, but also my personal experiences with you concerning Rideshare driving. I want everyone to be aware of what goes on inside our vehicles, while we’re servicing the public. Or in this case the drunk public! I want to provide some sort of assistance to folks looking to become a Rideshare driver, and some sort of assistance for people who are interested in becoming passengers. I plan on doing this by reviewing and sharing the experiences that RideShare companies don’t want to make you aware of or want to talk about. Safety and all! Let me guide you! Let me prepare you for these crazy streets and for these crazy rideshare companies. Let my experiences be your stepping stone to greatness and your success on the road.

For a better understanding of what I’ll be covering, this review will be broken down into the following sections:

Calling A Ride Because You’re Too Drunk To Drive
What Is A Drunk Passenger?
How Can A Passenger Being Drunk Affect The Driver?
Knowing The Usual/Unusual Times Of Alcohol Consumption
Passengers Sharing Alcohol With Drivers
How Alcohol Changes Passengers (Good Parts)
How Alcohol Changes Passengers (Bad Parts)
How To Avoid Really Drunk Passengers
Looking For Easy Signs Of drunkenness
My Professional Conclusion

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Calling A Ride Because You’re Too Drunk To Drive

Now first I would like to say that it’s very responsible of you as an adult, to call a ride when you have been drinking. Especially if you’ve had more than two shots of something strong lol. So kudos to you for taking the first step in keeping the public, the environment and more importantly yourself safe! That’s one less vehicle now that police won’t have to pull over for erratic, road rage, unsafe driving! That’s also one less inmate coming through intake at one of your local Central bookings! Sorry but I just wanted to remind you of how much of a responsible adult you are by making the decision to order a ride and not drive home drunk.

What Is A Drunk Passenger/My Definition

Lord knows I feel like this is needless to say, but I’m going to say it anyway because it’s my definition of a drunk passenger lol! This might be a little offensive and far-fetch to some of my readers, but it’s just my opinion. A drunk or wasted passenger for me is someone who doesn’t have the ability to be normal while riding in the backseat of a stranger’s vehicle. Clean, cut and straight to the point lol! When I say having the ability to be normal, I referring to the passengers having the ability to be respectful, attentive, responsible, understandable or understanding what’s going on. Having the ability to be normal also means having good judgment skills, smells good, can talk, can walk, can see straight or see in general for that matter (which is extremely important), just to name a few more examples.

With an alcoholic rider not being able to display just one of these functions, could make the driver’s job a living hell! But trust me when I tell you it gets worse! That being said, one of the biggest signs of a drunk, wasted, discombobulated passenger, is when the passenger isn’t able to keep what they ate earlier, in their nasty stomach. We’re talking about adults, which means the throw-up is going to be very real. Real funky, real nasty, real messy, and over all really got damn disgusting. Sorry but this is my personal definition of a irresponsible, drunk, adult stranger or passenger, riding in the backseat of my vehicle. Yupp, a whole two paragraph definition for being drunk lol!

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How Can A Passenger Being Drunk Affect The Driver?

We can all be a little outrageous sometimes, especially when drinking alcohol! Depending on how much alcohol you’ve consumed, it can go from zero to one-hundred really quickly. So how does a passenger being drunk affect the driver you ask? Well the biggest thing a passenger can affect is the drivers ability to concentrate on the road. And when a Lyft or Uber driver’s concentration is compromised, the safety of the entire ride (including other motorists!) is also compromised! I mean who can focus on other drivers and the road, and on a drunk stranger in they’re back seat at the same time? This is called, Distractive Driving.

This is when the drunk passengers are quiet lol! We haven’t gotten to passengers being drunk, loud, crazy and out of control. If your passengers are drunk, loud crazy and out of control, this could really cause the driver to have an accident. I know sometimes when I have loud and drunk passengers, it actually can make me drive a little bit faster unconsciously, which could also cause me to have an accident. I’m not thinking about speeding. Instead I’m subconsciously speeding because of the circumstances of me wanting to drop the passengers off as soon as possible and complete the ride.

A drunk passenger would also affect or inconvenience the driver, if the driver has arrived at the drop off destination, but can’t seem to locate the exact drop off spot. That being said, how can the passengers assist the driver when they can’t think, talk or see straight. And it gets worse if they’ve passed out into a drunken stupor. Now the driver has to act like the passenger’s drug and alcohol abuse counselor or parent, by doing the passengers thinking and decision making for them. This could affect the driver’s money, due to the extra time that it would take to pinpoint the passengers actual drop off location.

A drunk passenger can also affect the drivers money, if they throw up! You would literally be going from driving, picking up and dropping off passengers, to pulling over and having to detail every area where the passengers throw up landed. And depending on how much they threw up, that passenger could actually be your last ride! Rideshare companies try to compensate drivers by charging passengers a cleaning fee (usually no more than $250). But the money doesn’t get the car cleaned immediately, which would allow the driver to get back to work. A lot of times you have to plan another day for this type of situation, after a passenger has thrown up in your car. Especially if it happened after 5:00 p.m., seeing as though the average car detailing shop closes around that time.

All Rideshare companies basically charge the same damage and/or cleaning fees minus or plus a few bucks.

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Knowing The Usual/Unusual Times Of Alcohol Consumption

Knowing when people are drinking more or less, is very important! Especially if your picky and don’t like this type of crowd or alcohol for that matter. When you choose to work at certain times, you can actually expect to pick up a certain type of crowd. Like for example if you decide to work in the morning (starting around 7:00 a.m.), you’ll be picking up a lot of kids, even though we’re not supposed to be picking up minors. You’ll also be picking up a lot of 9:00 to 5:00’ers, which also guarantees you picking up less alcoholics or drinkers.

That being said, working in the a.m. will almost secure your chances of not picking up rider who may have been drinking too much. Working the evenings and afternoons would be a 50/50 chance of picking up a drunk rider. But working anytime after the 5:00 p.m hour will increase your chances of picking up someone who has consumed alcohol. You can’t avoid it. The later it gets into the night, the more drunk passenger pickups you’ll receive!

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Passengers Sharing Alcohol With Drivers

I’m always being tested by drunk passengers. Especially if they had a good night while out partying. Now they want me (the responsible adult) to join in on the fun, not realizing that you called a ride for a reason. Reason being you’ve been drinking too much, which means you can’t drive lol! You’ve probably been drinking all day and night. But for some reason, now you want the person who saved you from drunk driving to be the drunk driver? Doesn’t make any sense now does it? So passengers, please stop trying to get your drivers drunk. Drink responsibly!

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How Alcohol Changes Passengers (Good Parts)

Sometimes alcohol can change a passenger for the better lol! Rare but possible. Alcohol can make passengers more fun and exciting, but in a good way. I mean, who doesn’t like a happy drunk lol? I happen to love happy drunks for a few reasons. I love happy drunks because:

If I’m Having A Bad Day- When having a bad day, we all deserve a laugh or two right? Especially myself! They say that comedy is the remedy to tragedy right? Well let’s just say I love practicing that philosophy. That being said, the energy that happy drunks bring to a driver’s motor vehicle, is priceless! Or at least for me it is! Especially if they keep laughing and joking about silly stuff. It doesn’t matter if their jokes are corny or if their conversations are boring. Every little bit helps!

Drunks Can Be Very Talkative- When some happy passengers get drunk, they love to talk, talk, talk and talk! Again, even if their conversations are boring and their jokes are corny, this type of energy is sometimes needed to help cheer up the day. The way they keep going on and on and on, is the part that keeps me going. And they’ll listen to you too, even if they don’t care about or barely can understand what you’re talking about. Yep, drunks can be great listeners too lol! It’ll be a win-win for both parties, since the driver can vent what’s on their mind and the rider can forget you and what you’ve talked about later!

They Tend To Want To Hear Music- Passengers who are drunk, tend to ask drivers if they have “Aux”, so they can play their music? They rarely even ask the driver if they even want to hear their music. They’ll simply ask about the driver having Aux, then expect them to play their tunes. Now sometimes this can come in handy because some of their music you just might like! That being said, I have tons of music on my playlist today, thanks to my passengers putting me down lol.

The Driver Can Relax More- Riders who have been drinking too much, tend to not care as much about what the driver is doing, how they are driving or what routes they take. Not saying that the driver can start making phone calls, stop and get something to eat or start speeding, blowing red lights and do what he wants to do either. But the driver can relax a little bit more, since the rider is slightly or overly impaired. Especially if they pass out into a drunken stupor. It’s just what alcohol does to people, that’s all..

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How Alcohol Changes Passengers (Bad Parts)

Sometimes alcohol can change passengers for the worse and sometimes it’s more common than we think or realize! As a matter of fact an angry, drunk passenger can be a Rideshare driver’s worst nightmare. If the passengers really wasted, things could get messy in your car as well! That being said, I dislike angry, drunk, wasted passengers due to the following:

My Bad Day Could Get Worse- If the driver is already having a bad day and they picked up an angry, drunk, wasted passenger, then all hell just might break loose! Just imagine having a disagreement with something or telling the passenger “no”, for example. Normally they would just cuss you out, slam your door as hard as they can and that would be the end of it. But since they’re drunk, they just might pour the rest of their drink in your car, spit in your face, and then slam your door as hard as they can. Maybe throw a rock to seal the deal! My point is that things tend to get pretty outrageous pretty fast, when the passenger is not in their right state of mind. So please be mindful!

Again, Drunks Can Be Very Talkative- Say if the Uber driver is in a really bad mood due to a previous completed ride and doesn’t feel like talking, but the passenger has been drinking. Let’s just say that the passenger might get canceled on, due to the driver not being able to concentrate on the road or for simply just being too irritated by the passengers talking, attitude, smell, dumbness, or maybe just their overall presence.

Wasted, Drunk Passengers Throwing Up- This has to be the worst of them all or at least it is for me it is! Whether a driver is having a good or bad day, having a drunk, wasted passenger throw up in your car could ruin your entire mood and/or work day. Especially if you work the evening or night shift! That being said, everything literally has to stop after a passenger throws up in your car. Everything meaning you driving of course, picking up and dropping off passengers, thinking straight and clearly, and staying calm and clear-headed. Now you have to get dirty by doing unnecessary work, just to get back to your normal work!

This is just a short description of what a Rideshare driver must endure, while dealing with a passenger’s spit or throw up. The little cleaning fee that these rideshare companies charge passengers, means absolutely nothing to the driver. Especially when you work evenings or nights because all the detail cleaning car washes are closed! So again, you now have to get dirty to get back to work! You would be lucky if the passenger isn’t too drunk to help you clean up their gut juices! Either way, make sure that you have plenty of disinfectant, antibacterial soap. This should definitely be a part of every Rideshare driver’s cleaning accessories!

Learn more about the symptoms and serious signs of Alcohol Addiction today!

How To Avoid Really Drunk Passengers

Sometimes you can’t avoid a drunk, disrespectful passenger who’s been drinking too much alcohol. Whether it be because you weren’t paying close enough attention to the signs of their drunkenness or because the pickup was on a dead end street where you couldn’t get away. I’ve been through it all so I know. That being said, there are little things you can do to avoid dealing with a very drunk passenger or passengers. Let me guide you thru this madness! One way to avoid them, is by using what I like to call, “a strong pull off game”! Getting out of there is what I’m basically telling you to do. I’ll explain further what I mean in the following section.

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Looking For Easy Signs Of Drunkenness

When you think you’ve spotted your rider and you realize that they’re wasted from a distance, try studying their body language. The signs of a drunk person aren’t hard to tell, especially if you were to follow this simple guide! See if you can recognize the signs of them being drunk or completely wasted. If you notice any of these signs listed below, then you need to exercise what I like to call, “a strong pull-off game”! And I mean exactly what I said. Pull off hard and as fast as you can is what I mean. With that being said, these are some signs you might notice from a distance without pulling up, getting out your car or even talking to the passenger:

Swaying, Staggering, Or Stumbling- If the Uber driver pulls up to a pickup location and notices the passenger not being able to walk straight or tripping over their own two feet, then that means this passenger is drunk or really wasted! I mean, what sober adult can’t keep their balance? Standing or walking straight using your two feet, is supposed to be an all natural action! So now would be a good time to exercise that “strong pull-off game” I was telling you about, and save yourself from a terrible experience.

Unable To Sit Straight- If the driver pulls up to a pickup location and notices the passenger sitting, but slumped over or sitting sideways, this most definitely could mean that your passenger is stupid drunk! So again, exercise that “strong pull-off game” and save yourself from a real life nightmare!

Bloodshot, Droopy, Glassy, Or Watery Eyes- If the Lyft driver pulls up to a pickup location where the passengers are not only unable to sit straight, but also have their eyes closed or open, but they fit the description of bloodshot, droopy, glassy, or watery eyes, simply drive off without question. It wouldn’t be like the passenger would be able to answer or communicate with the driver anyway right? “Strong pull-off game” people, “strong pull-off game”, lol!

Blank Stare Or Dazed Look- If the Uber driver pulls up to a pickup location, where the passenger looks like they’re staring into space at the ground, straightforward or at the sky without blinking once, this could also be a sign of major intoxication. It doesn’t have to be alcohol every time either. Consider this fact for the other tips as well. So if the driver notices these types of expressions in the passenger’s eyes, make like a tree and leave!

Flushed Face- This particular tip can only be used if the driver is driving during the day, or if the driver is picking up a rider at night in a well lit location. Proceeding forward, if the driver happens to notice the passenger’s face looking a little red, but they’re supposed to be African-American, this could be another clear telltale sign. Yep, they’re wasted! But you know what to do next right? If you don’t know, I would be happy to remind you. Exercise that “strong pull-off game” technique that I taught you earlier and save yourself from a terrible, flushed face, drunken experience lol!

Calling The Drunk Passenger When You See Them- When you think you’ve spotted your passenger and you realize that they’re wasted from a distance, try giving them a call. When you call them and they answer, try listening in to the way they communicate with you, all the way down to the way they respond to what you’re saying. If they sound really loud or slurred when they talk or if they keep asking you to repeat yourself as if they’re not understanding the words that are coming out of your mouth lol, this could all be telltale signs of your rider being super duper drunk! If this is the case, exercising that “mighty pull off game” is next! At the end of the day, it’s not worth your safety or peace of mind!

Planning Escape Routes When Arriving To Pick Up Locations- This helpful tip could come in handy even if you’re not picking up a drunk, wasted, disrespectful rider. Instead you could be picking up someone who’s simply crazy, angry or just plain evil. So for future references, anytime you are pulling up to a pickup location, make sure your looking at your navigation map to see if the street you are picking up the passenger on is a “Dead End“. If the street you are picking up on has a dead end (meaning the end of the road), be sure to turn your vehicle around before the passenger comes outside or gets to your vehicle, if possible.

That’s what you most definitely have to make sure of when trying to exercise that “strong pull off game” I keep telling you about. What nightmare would it be, if you pulled off hard on the passenger only to realize that you have to turn around and drive past them to leave? That type of situation is most definitely going to turn ugly! The passenger could try to vandalize your car or worse. Next, you want to check and see if there are any other streets or alleys around you that you could use to leave the location in a safe manner. Once you have the pickup location laid out (which takes about 30 seconds), you should be good to go.

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My Professional Conclusion

First, I would like to say that it’s absolutely okay to pick up a person or rider that has been drinking alcohol! As a matter of fact, most of the drunk passengers you’ll be picking up will be nothing more than regular, hard working folks trying to make it home safe. They just had a really long, hard week that’s all or a really good week and might be celebrating making it through. That being said, it’s okay to let loose sometimes. It’s just hard to tell if this is the case when you’re working as a full-time Rideshare driver picking up and dropping off any and all people.

So if you notice your rider seeming heavily intoxicated or out of it, don’t hesitate to employ a “strong pull-off game” on their butts. Use what I taught you got damn it lol! It’s good to be safe now then to be cleaning up green gut juices later! It’s better to be safe now than to be cleaning up spilled alcohol later too! A really drunk passenger can really change a Rideshare driver’s day. Especially if you’re a graveyard (night shift) driver like myself. I hope I was able to make that very clear by putting together this simple guide..

Now that we’re nearing the end of another great review, I can’t wait to hear what’s on my beautiful readers minds! Let me know your thoughts concerning my review on “Passengers that are drunk”. If you have anything on your mind, I would love to hear it. Maybe you have something to add on that I didn’t mention! If you do, please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts, comments, or concerns down in the comment section below.

And if you like what you read, please feel free to subscribe to my post. Just be sure to enter a valid email address. Everytime I make a post, you’ll receive a notification. Check your spam folder if you don’t get a confirmation email from me. Thank you guys for reading my really short review lol, and I’ll see you on my next review. Take care out there my people and as always, please drive safe!

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