Rideshare Drivers Picking Up Passengers Who Have Bad Breath Or Bad Body Odors

In this review, I’ll be discussing the experiences of Rideshare drivers encountering passengers with unpleasant breath or body odors and how to effectively handle such situations. I think I speak for everyone when I say that there’re certain things we must deal with when associating ourselves with the general public. When associating ourselves with people or the general public whether it be your job, the market or hospital for example, you’ll notice that people have different ways of thinking, dressing, talking, walking, or handling situations. It’s what makes each and every one of us special. Even if you feel like you’re not!

When we interact with individuals from various backgrounds and professions, we often observe that people emit distinct odors from their breath or bodies. This review aims to delve into this aspect. Smells are supposed to be natural right? I mean every creature has a scent if I’m not mistaken. I’m not saying you should go and smell your pet iguana or dogs breath to see if I’m telling the truth either lol! Some sense or smells are pleasant, while others are terribly “special” or simply indescribable lol! In other words, BAD lol!!! Either way my point is no matter what you do in life, certain things can’t be avoided period! Especially when it comes to certain smells or body odors.

So in case you haven’t noticed already, I’m writing this review to discuss Rideshare drivers and passengers having bad body or breath odors and how to deal with them. Like with my other articles, this article will reflect my 35,000 rides and 6 years of personal experiences. Let me share my story with you. You know, everything I’ve had to encounter (good and/or bad) while working on the road. Why would I waste these valuable lessons? I feel like having this kind of experience makes me the perfect candidate for explaining these types of situations and how to handle them first hand. There will be no beating around the bush here!

Here at #1RideShareDoc, I’m all about discussing things that are normally not talked about when referring to Rideshare driving. I want everyone to feel like they have a place to vent or relate, when it comes to the Rideshare driving industry. I want to put in place what I feel like popular Rideshare companies like UberLyftVia, or Sidecar should have already had in place when they first went into business. I want to show the Rideshare community that someone does care about what’s on their minds no matter what it is! Let my experiences and lessons, become your blessings.

*****Warning, this review might upset some people. Please don’t take offense!!*****

That being said, this short rideshare review will be divided into the following sections, for better absorption and clearer understanding purposes:

What Do I Consider Bad Breath Or Body Odor?
Why Is It Easier To Smell Someone In A Car Versus In A Room?
Random Thoughts I Have Had While Picking Up Funky Passengers! Passengers Might Feel The Same..
Are There Big Signs Of A Driver Or Passenger Possibly Having Bad Breath Or Body Odor?
What Can Drivers Or Passengers Do Beforehand, To Avoid Bad Breath Or Body Odor?
What Can Drivers Or Passengers Do After Getting In, To Avoid Bad Breath Or Body Odor?
When A Driver Or Passenger Is Funky, When Might You Notice It?
How To Deal With Drivers/Passengers That Smoke!
Mistaken Identity Odors/left Behind!

Ways To Get Rid Of These Bad Odors From Your Car!
My Professional Conclusion For Drivers And Passengers Dealing With Bad Body And Breath Odors!

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What Do I Consider Bad Breath Or Bad Body Odor?

I think you guys already have an idea of what having bad breath or body odor is. But for me to give you my definition of what bad breath or bad body odor is, I have to talk about them separately. You know I like to make up my own definitions for these types of unwanted, funky circumstances. So without further ado, I would like to start with Rideshare drivers and passengers having bad funky breath lol!

Rideshare Drivers And Passengers With Bad Breath:

My definition for a person or passenger having bad breath would be described in my words as any person with a foul or disgusting odor, that typically reeks from the nose and/or mouth. No matter what they think or choose to believe, if I can smell it, you can smell it lol! That being said, this irritating stench can be smelled by others when that individual is simply inhaling or exhaling air that used to be fresh!

Next I would like to present to you my definition for Rideshare drivers and/or passengers having bad body odors!

Rideshare Drivers And Passengers With A Bad Body Odor:

My definition for having bad body odors would be described in my words as any bad or disgusting odor that typically comes from an individuals armpits or private areas, which can again be smelled by others when that certain individual is simply sitting, standing, running or walking past. Their bad body scent can also be smelled within the fabrics of their clothing, depending on that driver or passengers last shower! Again if I can smell it, they can smell it as well!

Young Asian woman hold her nose because of bad smell dirty in car

Why Is It Easier To Smell Someone In A Car Versus A Small Room?

Lack Of Space Interior Design Mistake. Sofa Furniture Does Not Fit

A Small Or Large Room:

I would like to start by first describing why it’s a little harder to smell (or at least it should be harder to smell!) an individual in a small or large room, compared to smelling an individual in your motor vehicle. I can sum up the reason why it’s hard to smell an individual who stinks in a small or large room, by using one word. That one word is SPACE. But I’ll give you an example to make my point more clearer. This example is going to involve a person farting or passing disgusting, life changing gas from their funky butts lol!

For this example, you ever found yourself sitting in a room full of people or family members and then all of a sudden someone smells a funky stench? If you can you recall someone recognizing that bad odor before someone else did? Maybe even three or four of them, before the other eight family members took notice? That’s because the smell had to travel first before making its presence known across the room. Or should I say, across the noses lol!

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A Car, Minivan, Van, Truck Or Bus:

Now the reason why it’s much easier to smell someone’s bad breath or body odor in a car versus a small or large room, can also be summed up by using one word. This is very needless to say right?  But regardless of that fact, that one word again is SPACE or lack of SPACE, to be more specific! That being said, the inside of your vehicle stretches a typical length of about 8 feet and a width of about 6 feet. The width and length of these motor vehicles can also be a lot larger of course, when referring to minivans, vans, trucks or buses.

From my research, your typical room size is an average size of about 14 × 16 ft long. That’s a big difference in space creating a shorter travel time for these nasty, stomach wrenching odors to reach you! That being said, my research is also showing that a Rideshare driver or passengers funky breath or booty will reach their victims nose a lot faster in a car. So don’t knock your driver or passenger for quickly becoming upset the moment you two begin sharing that small space.

vector illustration of angry fat man blaming at thin man…

Random Thoughts I Have Had While Picking Up Funky Passengers! Passengers Might Feel The Same..

Sometimes I take my passengers disgusting odors personally when picking them up and dropping them off. I know I’m wrong for feeling this way, which is why I’m creating this portion. I really need to vent to you guys by sharing these thoughts and experiences. I want to be honest! You drivers, future Rideshare drivers and passengers might be able to relate. If you can’t relate, these thoughts that I’m about to share are thoughts that people might possibly have. Not just me! So I guess you can look at these thoughts I’m about to share as me trying to make you aware of what some people might think when you stink lololololol!

My First Thought I Would Like To Share:

Sometimes I naturally take it personal when people stink like I mentioned at the beginning of this section. I feel like the passenger woke up tired and upset, thought about how they could get back at the world and decided to walk outside and step into my vehicle. Now you want to piss me off and make me upset because someone pissed you off and/or made you upset. This is when taking it personally naturally comes into place for me, which is why I try to maintain my second thought I’ve shared below..

My Second Thought I Would Like To Share:

When my passengers step into my vehicle smelling like they’ve been eating roadkill from the side of the road for a week, I sometimes naturally assume they possibly are homeless or on hard times. Sometimes I feel like this is a good way to think, especially since I don’t know the passenger personally. So maintaining this thought while respectfully holding my breath, forces me to unconsciously, respectfully keep my mouth shut and my windows down.

My Third Thought I Would Like To Share:

When a passenger steps into my vehicle, smelling like they’ve been eating feces and drinking toilet water to wash it down, I swear it feels like we’re sharing the same plate and glass of toilet water. In other words it feels like we’re sharing the same air and the same lungs, with every breath we both take.
We are literally breathing together even though we just met! Experiencing these types of moments feels more personal than you guys think or could probably understand.

That being said, I want all of my readers to continue being my readers by the end of this review. So enough with expressing my random, evil, non-humorous thoughts lol!

Curly young man in glasses holding fingers on nose Vector illustration.

Are There Big Signs Of A Driver Or Passenger Possibly Having Bad Breath Or Body Odor?

At the end of the day, we all can be a little funky sometimes right? Whether it be because you had a long day and fell asleep early, didn’t have enough time or you just simply forgot to soak and dissolve some of that dirt in some fresh water lol. Either way things happen. That being said, I now would like to talk about the biggest thing a passenger or driver might show you when something or someone smells bad. Whether it be the driver or the passenger, both reactions involve “rolling down the windows”..

Starting With The Driver, A Driver Might:

Already having their windows down-

Sometimes the driver knows their breath or their body is a little unsanitary. In cases like these the driver will sometimes already have their windows roll down for ventilation. Even if it’s 20° degrees outside. That being said, if you happen to notice all the drivers windows are down when he or she arrives at the pickup location, this could mean one of two things. Either the previous passenger had an unpleasant odor and the driver is attempting to eliminate it by airing out the vehicle, or it’s possible that the driver themselves had a slight odor and is taking steps to freshen up the car. Don’t ask me how I know this one lol, but it’s definitely a sign.

Now With Passengers, A Passenger Might:

Ask to roll the windows down-

If the passenger has bad breath or body order and they are aware of it, they tend to take the initiative by rolling the windows down. Sometimes before sitting in my vehicle! Rideshare drivers should be aware of this as well so you’ll be prepared to roll your window down for more ventilation. Now if the passenger feels like the driver is funky or may have too much cologne on, then after stepping into your vehicle they may want to roll their window down.

I don’t know about you but I would take this as a sign to either use less fragrances or to simply remember next time to take a shower when I get home. It’s a real shame that I had to say that, as if a person can’t remember to wash their own dirty butt lol! Being in these smelly types of situations for the past 6 years has made me very self aware of not just myself and the way I smell, but passengers and the way they smell as well.

Emoticon holding his nose because of a bad smell

What Can Drivers Or Passengers Do Beforehand To Avoid Bad Breath Or Body Odor?

Damp underarms with an unpleasant odor.

For Body Odors:

What I’m about to say in response to this question can be applied to both the Rideshare driver and passenger. Believe it or not, it’s very simple what the driver or passenger can do before getting into the car. As far as your body is concerned, you can simply take a shower before leaving out the house. And this shower should involve soap and water every time!

Body and skin care. Healthy lifestyle. Cosmetology. After a shower, the girl uses cosmetics. Cartoon flat style. Can be used for collage.

Take A Shower Every Night Or Morning:

If you do this every night or morning before going into the public, there shouldn’t be any issues with the way your body smells. That’s unless the driver decided to eat something fishy, fart or belch in the car before the passenger got in or the passenger decided to fart or belch, as they were getting in the driver’s car. Noticeable or not, roll those windows down!

Man using mouth spray for fresh breathing or sore throat infection treatment in flat design on white background.

For Funky Breath:

What I’m about to say in response to this question can also be applied to drivers and passengers when stepping out into the world! Believe it or not, it’s also a very simple thing to do. A simple solution to address this issue would be to ensure you are practicing proper oral hygiene by thoroughly brushing your damn teeth. This includes brushing the top and bottom surfaces as well as your tongue. Be sure to use circular motions when brushing your teeth, to remove that funky, sticky plaque!!

asian woman open refrigerator in kitchen and there has bad smell from salad

Avoid Funky Foods:

If possible, try to refrain from eating funky, nasty, acidic foods like garlic, onions, dairy products, pickles, can tuna or horseradish just to name a few! Or at least when you’re working as a Lyft driver or getting in the driver’s vehicle as a passenger. Especially if your breath already stinks without eating any of these examples lol!

Also try to refrain from using a lot of fragrances or colognes. At least until you’re getting off from work as a Uber driver or getting out the car as a passenger. Rideshare drivers like me have allergies, asthma, bronchitis and a weak stomach lol. So let’s also keep in mind the well-being of both drivers and passengers, taking into consideration their individual health conditions. No one wants to be sick from the way you smell!

Bacterias and viruses around tooth. Dental hygiene medical concept. 3d illustration

See The Dentist:

Make sure you’re also seeing the dentist at least every 3 to 6 months to keep up on your oral hygiene. I don’t know if you guys knew this or ever thought about this, but having cavities can also make your breath stink. Especially if you have a bunch of cavities on top of some gingivitis! But just imagine if you went to the dentist on the regular. Taking care of cavities and gingivitis won’t be as hard or difficult as you think!

Little boy locked in funky car and is trying to get air from the open car window

What Can Drivers Or Passengers Do After Getting In, To Avoid Bad Breath Or Body Odor?

To be totally honest with you guys, after the driver has left his or her house stinking and decided to hit the road or the passenger has decided to hop in your car funky, sorry but it’s nothing you can do after that point. I’m sorry if I got your hopes up lol! That being said, if the driver didn’t decide to cancel the ride, the only option they would have is to roll the windows down like I mentioned earlier. And if the passenger didn’t decide to order a new ride, then they would also have to use those windows.

But other than that, all you would be able to do is take short breaths (for me anyways lol!) while counting down the minutes to the passengers drop off destination. That is unless the driver or the passenger wanted to make the other aware of them smelling a little bad by spraying some sort of cologne, air freshener or asking if they would like to have a tasty breath mint! But of course doing this would definitely alert either party of their particular scent not being so pleasant lol.

A headline that reads " Something Fishy !!!"

When A Driver Or Passenger Is Funky, When Might You Notice It?

It’s a few ways a driver or passenger could give off a bad odor that’s noticeable. But let’s start with the driver or passengers body being funky first, saving our funky breath segment for last lol. When a driver or passengers body stinks, a lot of times we don’t even realize it until we’re completely settled in the car. That is unless both parties smell extremely bad. If this is the case, the driver would probably smell the passenger as they are getting in the car. The passenger on the other hand would smell the driver as the driver moves around. If either side happens to smell the other beforehand, both parties definitely have the free option to cancel the ride.

Sticking with the subject of noticing a driver or passengers body having a bad odor, what I’m about to say to you next can be applied to the passenger as well when their bodies are really funky! If the funky driver or passenger gets out of the car for any reason, the driver or passenger will most definitely be able to smell the funky butt sweat left behind in the seats. You heard right! If their sweaty butt is hot enough, they’ll leave a “private area” odor in your back seats. Same thing goes for a funky driver. Now let’s talk about when you might notice your driver or passenger having bad breath!

It’s one primary way (for me anyway!) to notice when someone’s breath is on fire, whether it be the rideshare driver or passenger. And it all takes place inside of the vehicle, unless your breath is strong enough to smell outside while the wind is blowing. A lot of times you won’t notice a passengers spoiled breath, until they start talking! When this is the case, I do my best to keep all conversations to a minimum, limiting the amount of poisonous gases being released from the passenger’s mouth lol. The only time this doesn’t work is when the passenger receives an “important” phone call.

A close-up shot of smoke on a black background.

How To Deal With Drivers/Passengers That Smoke!

I don’t personally have a problem with people that smoke cigarettes or weed. Especially since I used to smoke both! The only problem I have is when passengers get into the driver’s car smelling like 20 pounds of marijuana. This is most definitely a serious issue because when that funky passenger exits the driver’s vehicle at the drop off destination, the smell from the 20 lb of weed doesn’t exit. And what happens next you ask? I’ll explain it in the following section below

Well the driver of course is gonna drive to their next pickup to complete another ride. The only problem is that when the passenger gets in the drivers vehicle and smells what they know they smell, they just might assume that it’s the driver..

Funny Kitten closed nose and opened mouth when see hand with gourmet food on Isolated Black Background

Mistaken Identity Odors That Are Left Behind!

Continuing on from the previous section, the driver of course is gonna drive to their next pickup location to complete another ride. The only problem is that when the next passenger gets in your vehicle and smells what they know they smell, they just might assume that it’s you. That being said, this is the reason why this section is titled “mistaken identity odors” meaning any smell or odor left behind by someone for another person to claim it or accept responsibility.

The same thing goes for when a person leaves their funky butt smell behind in the seats of your vehicle for the next passenger to smell. That passenger or driver might assume that it’s you smelling like that! When I find myself in situations like this, I tend to make the passenger aware of the smell they might be already picking up on, as they’re getting in my vehicle. And believe it or not, the passengers sometimes thank me for mentioning it because they did notice that particular funky smell. So saying something to your passenger could literally save you from getting anything less than a five-star rating.

Car detailing services. Cleaning the car interior. Cleaning of car seats

Ways To Get Rid Of These Bad Odors From Your Car!

Once the funky passenger has exited your vehicle, you should now use this time to immediately clean any odors left behind in the car or the car seats. Me personally, I like to use leather seat covers and rubber floor mats just in case the passenger really left a mess or really stunk up my back seats with their butt sweat. Imagine these strangers leaving these types of nasty memories behind in your actual seats or floor rugs. This would be a nightmare! That being said, keep products like Lysol, pine sol, wipes, napkins, hand sanitizers and soaps, amongst other cleaning products, deodorizers and sanitizers, at all times. You’ll thank me later!

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My Professional Conclusion For Drivers And Passengers Dealing With Bad Body And Breath Odors!

To make a long story short, practicing good hygiene is what you’ll need to focus on to avoid grossing your driver or passenger out. When participating in this humongous Rideshare industry, being a little mindful of others is another thing to keep in mind when putting yourself in front of the public. In other words, just think about how you would feel if someone stepped into your car funky or if you were the passenger and you had a funky driver. Feels a lot different right?

I would recommend that any Rideshare driver or passenger reflect back on this review, anytime they feel like they need to relate about drivers or passengers being funky. Especially if you guys need some tips and tricks on how to deal with certain funky situations like these. I promise you guys that you are not alone and that the majority of us drivers or passengers already feel the exact same way! Oh and remember if I can smell it, you can smell it lol!

Well, that sums it up for this smelly article guys. Hope I didn’t ramble you guys heads off, providing you with as much of my lessons and experiences as possible! Hopefully I didn’t miss anything. But if I did, I sure would like to know. That being said, do you guys have anything to add to this review or something on your mind that you would like to be heard? If so, I would love to hear it unless you’re shy. If you’re not, there’s a comment section below for you to use as you please. Thank you so much again for reading and as always, drive safe!

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